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Works fine but expected to find a .po file so I can translate it to other language.

Not listed in the description, sorry.

there is a bug in this plugin. If you close the ad, the sound of the video remains active and then it bothers you. Then another difect is that the “close” should be set to appear after 20 seconds. If you make these changes, the plugin is perfect.

What video player are you using?

Is this plugin compatible with caching plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Supercache?

Yes you should be good to go.

Can I choose to only load an ad on mobile devices?

Not at this time sorry.

Hi, before buying, is this plugin responsive out of the box and under every circumstances?

No sorry.

is this plugin responsive?

well you’ve lost a client.

The plugin is not responsive.

Unable to upload the plugin on wordpress 4.1

Please unzip the package and read the directions.

Presale question Can I filter ads in sidebar to be displayed by custom_field? E.g. if inside a page article has a custom_field Washington then display ad in sidebar assigned for Washington.

hope you understand what I mean. thanks

Sorry no, not at this time.


Pre-purchase question.

Instead of the text on the upper left hand side, can you add a logo to make it look more professional?

Not quite sure what you mean, are you talking about the ad page?


how to make this…

i want when the time finish (the ad will not close) it will show text (close the ad)


Sorry, this is not currently a feature of the script.

any plan to update the Plugin with some new requested features?

I am looking into it, there is a lot of updates on the plate.

Hi, How to add my own banner (INTERSTITIAL 320X480), i see URL only…

Hi , How can I setting ads showing for 1-2 time / day / visitor ? I am going to buy your item now.

installing failed , please help me to fix it

Can this interstitial app be used with adsense? it is the same thing as google’s own page-level ads?

Before I purchase this plugin, does it work even with “ad-blocker” on? Thanks

By the way, your “Live Preview” isn’t working and there’s no link to see it live in action.

Hi, just purchased and installed your plugin. The Ad Settings section on the Options Page is completely blank. Do you know what the problem could be?


Is there a demo admin panel? i need to test a url before buying. When i iframe it i get a blank page, if it works on your interstitial i will buy. Please pm me.

hey i am not able to add video url in the url field when i put the url nothing is shown please help me out

i am loading javascript in the interstitial and it does not show up. Not really liking this plugin. Do not recommend it

Hi, instead of rotating ads, can it be ordered ads? Like ad1 first, ad2 second, and so on?