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Does this support more than one language option at a time?

Yes its support many languages option at a time. just add short code and keyboard will have languages drop down option

its support All Indian Languages? and its support for all mobiles?

yes its mostly all indian language , can add additionally also. and work for mobiles very well.

Nice!Best of luck :)

Thank you ThemeRox :)

Thank you Metro Themes :)

looks so good.. ill buy it

you shoul create a php standalone script.. not only dependent on wp… on wp is not really necessary, but for others systems ie. eCommerce is a must

Hi, yes you are right and I’m working on standalone script. very soon you will get it :):)


hi, korean is it possible? how to add other language?

yes its with corean, for adding more language need to customize more

I’m a PHP begginer. Can I do?

yes but you need to study about wp plugin development

I am in need of a virtual keyboard for use with OpenCart – you have anything in the works for that soon?

yes of-course very soon…

That would be great – I need it to work for the entire cart, not just login username and password. Does that sound possible? Do you have a timeline on “very soon”? Sorry to be a pest, but I need it like yesterday! LOL

you can catch me here : suthar_monu@yahoo.co.in

This plugin is great, works like a charm.

Only issue I have is that ALL the javascript code is displayed in the page source at the top of each page, which is bad for SEO.

Can this be re-done with the javascript as a linked .js file instead?

Hi, yes can re do with a single file

Where is the symbol on the keyboard? It's not on the main or alt views. We can't use this for entering email addresses on forms without the symbol.

Hello Ajumbra Thanks for buying this one. “at” symbol working fine. Can you please let me know proper issue?

As crazy as it sounds – could you point out where it is? Several people have reviewed and no one has found it. There are many empty keys on the alt view, but no “at” symbol. The “shift” isn’t working either.

Hi Ajumbra, This is working perfect, you can update your plugin

Could you please help me, keyword is not working, please see it under section SORTEOS



I purchased this plugin, and I installed the Spanish keyboard on my website, It is almost perfect except that I don’t know how to activate the caps lock and there is no downside question mark. I would appreciate some help.

Hello Thank you for purchasing It Can you inbox me URL where you have used it ?

Thank you

Hi, does the plugin support Hebrew?



Hi David thanks for looking forward about plugin. Yes it support Hebrew Thank you

Hi, I just installed the plugin, but the layout is not working proper. The text is not in but right next the button. Very strange and not useful in the moment Is this working with WP 4.4.1?

Hi Florian , sorry for late reply , this is working proper now , Please update plugin from setting. Thank you

such a nice plugin, dude you saved my many hours work, Keep it up. It works awesome Thank you

Thank you , always here with new solutions of problem :) Thank you

Hello, I have some pre-sale questions:

A) I’m using another plugins forms and user management (like UserPro) to register new users. Can your virtual keyboard appear only in each field desired by me (clicking in the icon)?

B ) Your live preview isn’t working, do you have another site for testing?

C) Are you still working on this plugin and updating with new wordpress versions?

Thank you very much!

Hi, Email Sent!

Done :) Please check your page.

Thank you very much! Fast and Awesome support!


iothman Purchased

Does work on wordpress and does it support Arabic? thanks

Hi iothman Thank you for checking out plugin. Yes it works in wordpress and it support all language Thank you


yawika Purchased

Hello! I am really impressed by your plugin. I’ve purchased it nad everything is ok, except of when I type in the fill in the blank fields, it seems like system doesn’t see that there is some typing…

here is the explanation videoscreen what I’ve meant. https://www.useloom.com/share/d6b645c050a9462993cc8838c7b74124

Hi yawika, sorry for late reply. Please let me know what exactly you are looking


yawika Purchased

Here is the video https://www.useloom.com/share/d6b645c050a9462993cc8838c7b74124 )

I don’t know but somehow fields can’t recognize virtual keyboard. It types, the characters are in the fields, but fields don’t recognize as there is something typed. When I type by real hebrew keyboard – everything is ok ..

So as I understand the main point is not in hebrew but in virtual keyboard ..

Hello! Did you see my video ? Can you help me with that or not ?

Hi is this still supported? Your preview doesn’t appear to work.

If you want to use it only one page somehwere in form and don’t want to use on next page form ( so you can do that )

Sounds good to me.

Let me know if you face anything after getting the plugin. You are just one message far from any kind of help. Thank you