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Simple, but brilliant. #Bookmarked for a purchase.

Hi. Can I revoke/disable access from the site with the original media library? If not, do you plan to adress that feature? I’d like som make access to a global gallery for my customers but I need to be able to revoke access without login to their sites. Interesting plugin! / ola

Hi blyerts! Yes, when you create a site link the two sites will exchange authorisation codes, deleting the site link from the original site will make the second site unable to access its media library anymore. Note that they will still be able to see the site link for the moment, it just won’t load. I’ve updated the description of the plugin with some more information and limitations. Thanks!

Does this plugin work with WP Featured images and other instances that launch the Select Media Modal (Like ACF add image) instead of the Insert Media Modal view? Also, how does this plugin handle image urls when selecting or inserting images from Site B, into Site C?

Hi there! At this time the insert media modal does not support Intermedia. Though this is planned for a future release, the only places Intermedia work are the media library pane for viewing remote media, and while creating/editing a post/page.

Currently it directly inserts a URL to the remote site when handling media, but we’re actively developing an option to mirror media locally.

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales ;)

Hello, i wish you happy new year. GLWS. Is possible assign any user role / group to images who can see? I want share site1.com images on site2.com and site3.com users but if users is group of members. Another question. site2.com or site3.com users able insert images to their post from site1.com?

Hi ersinese,

Currently it’s a ready only link between sites, without user role support (coming soon!).

Thanks! ^PM

Powerfull! Let me know is your solution work with front end editors like beaverbuilder?

Without answer since 14 day, I’ve just buy the plugin to have answer by myself..Hoever i have a js error ”$scope.links.watch is not a function ->intermedia-overview.js”

If have commented the error line in the js file.With my patch it ‘works’ but doesn’t work with Beaver builder. Can I have e refund please?

Hi Nocodweb, I’ve been looking into the issue described. I’ll approve a refund request of course, but could you send me your Wordpress version, browser version, and please ensure you’ve turned off plugins such as disconnect and privacy badger so I can diagnose the issue for yourself and future users. Thanks!