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It’s a very good idea :)

Thank you)

Hi! is there an advantage in front of Robokassa Interkassa?

I can say only what I know for sure about these two payment systems.

Robokassa is Russian payment system and gets about 5% fee from every transaction (buyer pays).

Interkassa is Ukrainian payment system and gets 3% fee and you may adjust exact percents between you (online shop) and buyer. For instance, buyer will pay zero fee but you will pay all 3%. Or you both will pay 50/50. Or…

Hi, can I take payments in euro or usd, or only on roubles, like in robokassa plugin?

So you asking about money enrollment procedure from interkassa to your bank account? I think, you can enroll your money to your bank account without dependency on what currency your interkassa account is. But to be 100% sure you’ll better ask this question to interkassa’s support team.

i’m asking about money convertation from default woocommerce currency(eur) to local bank currency(rub). My product is from Europe, and it will be better to inpu my price in euro, but in Russia i can pay only in Roubles for any product.

You can set up and use with Interkassa 2.0 Payment Gateway any currency frome the list: USD, EUR, UAH, RUB. The amounts of accepted payments in certain currency are stored in this currency in your account in So, yes! You can display your products prices in euros in your online store and you also will be payed in euros by customers.

Just a clarification, following your reply to sergio022: does Interkassa gateway accept other currencies in addition to USD, EUR, UAH and RUB? We already have implemented a full multi-currency solution, and orders would be passed to the gateway in any of the currencies I listed above, ideally also in GBP and CAD. Would this plugin handle them, or would it be better to stick to the four you indicated? Thanks for your help.

Hi! At the start you have to choose currency for your account from one of four: USD, EUR, UAH or RUB. Also you have to pass order in chosen currency to the Interkassa. But your client may pay with his bank card in any currency of the world. Sorry, as I know you can’t choose GBP and CAD for now.

You know, now I think it is better to consult with support about your question)

Will do, thanks for your prompt replies. :)

@mrpsiho by the way, I just noticed the licence you chose, kudos for the 100% GPL. I will add your plugin amongst the recommended ones for Interkassa in our products’ knowledge base, it should help bringing more clients. :)

Just one further question, if I may ask: does your plugin pass the order currency to Interkassa? Our multi-currency system allows WooCommerce to accept orders in multiple currencies (that’s why I asked about GBP and CAD), and each order has its own currency. We will check with Interkassa how they handle this condition, but it’s important that the correct currency is passed together with the order.

I don’t want to litter your product page with a long discussion about this, but feel free to drop me a line if you need any clarification.

Thanks again for your excellent support.

My plugin adds currency code received from ‘get_woocommerce_currency()’ function to payment form. So, user’s online store have to be set to one of four currencies that I mentioned before.

In such case, it will work out of the box. That’s perfect, great job! :)

I have installed this Interkassa Payment Gateway on my woocommerce store. While Checking out and the customer is transferring to interkassa payment page following message is shown up -

Application error! Parameter set “ik_ia_u” forbidden

Can you please tell why this message is shown and how to solve it.


Please, contact me via contact form on my profile page. Email me url of your website. Thank you!

Parameter “ik_ia_u” contains an url of endpoint of WooCommerce payment API and that url should be added automatically to the appropriate input field by my plugin. Please, contact me via a contact form on my profile page and I’ll help you to solve this error.

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You can contact me via contact form on my profile page. After that we can send emails each other, so you may use cyrillic if it is more convinient for you.

I have your plugin. But I can’t install it to my wordpress!!! Why??

But my plugin, saying figurally, can’t open the doors to malware. I am sure that the problem with your hosting or in your theme or with another plugin.

I understand you. Sorry that I’m bothering you. Do you know how to fix it? I can pay you for that.

Well, I can try. Please, contact me via contact form on my profile page.

Hello. I want to discuss with you some of the details of the goods. Interkassa 2.0 Payment

?????? ??????????! Parameter set “ik_ia_u” forbidden

I have requested some details from you. Waiting for response now.

Everything works fine thank you very much. Nicely.

What to write in the URL interaction settings Interkassa?

Chto pisat’ v URL vzaimodejstvija v nastrojkah Interkassy?

is this product up to date for latest wp version and woocommerce?

Guys are you ignoring or what?

Of course not.

There two pages are created on the plugin activation. The first one with slug ‘thank-you’ and the second with slug ‘payment-fail’. You don’t have to choose those pages, they are already created and their urls are added to the payment form.

Thanks, I’ll have i’ll check that and will get back to you


If my woo shop is in USD, should this plugin work? Currency auto convert?


Auto convert? No. Your clients will be charged in USD.

Hello, sent you an email, please check.

Tut net kirilici – napisal Vam cherez kontaknuju formu.

Is this still working ?

This have not been updated since april.

Yes, it works. If didn’t, you would have expected here a lot of complains))

kakaya jest’ ... servis ne podderjivaet rysskii :)

V obshem, ya hotel pointeresovat’sya, podderjivaet li Vash plagin WooCommerce 2.4.x? Est’ neobhodimost’ v Ykrainskih shlyzah oplati ..

So sad, I don’t understand you. Could you repeat in English, pls?

I wanted to ask, is compatible this plugin with WooCommerce 2.4.x ?

Yes, it is.

After trying to make payment it says: ???????? “ik_ia_u ” ?????????? ??? ?????

It looks like you have a mistake in your API key or added it incorrectly.

problem resolved on the side of interkassa

Hello! Is your plugin can change order status after successful payment? Or I should change all order statuses manually?


Yes, sure, it changes the order status after successful or unsuccessful payment automatically.

It changing statuses only at old versions of Woocommerce. What about v.2.5 ? Your plugin didn’t updated since April 2015. May be the time is come? Or you have abandoned support this product?


I don’t see a badge that you are my customer and support is provided only for buyers. You have to verify your purchase if you have a purchase code.

У плагина есть поддержка автоматического проведения и подтверждения платежа?

Так, звісно.

Но там нет таких настроек, которая требует платёжная система 1.URL успешной оплаты, 2.URL ожидания проведения платежа, 3.URL неуспешной оплаты: 4.URL взаимодействия (Iteraction URL) Как же плагин подтверждает оплату в магазине? Или после зачисления платежа в систему интеркассы администратор у себя в админке сам тыркает кнопкуперевода заказа в оплаченный? Благодарю за ответ.

М-м.. та точно автоматично. Вибачте, але це вже питання підтримки, проте я не бачу бейджика що ви мій покупець. Будь ласка, спершу напишіть мені через контактну форму у моєму профілі і надішліть ваш код придбання (purchase code). Дякую!