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looks nice :) congratulations! :)

Thank you very much!

Can you integrate ths in a page, by adding it directly into your page template??

Can you please be more specific? If I understood you correctly you want to place plugin somewhere that you can’t edit from your wordpress backend so you have to edit template directly. Is that the case?

Yes that is the case. I want to be able to call it from anywhere I put it into a page template.

Yes, that can be done. Contact me for more through my profile.

Wow, surprised this is selling so slowly. Looking over your other financial plugins, this appears to integrate them all in respect of features.

We have looked at a number of financial plugins in the market, and we think yours is the most robust we have seen in respect of financial features for mortgage and loan calculations. Possibly it is the price that is the selling deterrent, which seems a touch high given that all the other ones we found have been free, so to move to $12 seems like quite a jump. However, we are giving serious thought to purchasing anyways as it is a nice product.

The ability to display the whole printout is nice, and so is the email touch (although of course, if one has screengrab or anything similar they won’t bother – they will just save a jpeg or pdf of it but at least it does provide the possibility for those attempting email harvesting in their marketing efforts).

Can the background color be changed at all? Our purpose is for a pure corporate site, and regretfully, your colors (which look sort of countryish to us) just don’t match up so well. We have seen some other financial caculators which have color pickers for the font and background so that one can match to ones theme – does this have that?


Thank you for the comments and the kind words.
You can change color background and styling by editing css file that is included.
I also hope more people will buy it so I can get some reward for my work. Either way I m still developing more mortgage/loan/cc calculators because I use them on my own personal website :D but afterward I upload them for everyone to use on CodeCanyon marketplace ;)
$12 may seem high but you can easily make that money back from your website since this niche is very profitable.
Let me know if you need anything else!

Hi, just to give you a heads up we purchased. Look forward to seeing your other products.

Once we start fiddling around with it we may zip out a question or two.

Thanks and Happy Holidays

Thank you!
Fell free post your question here or for a faster reply submit it through the contact form of codecanyon that can be found here.
You can check out my other worpdress plugin:
Mortgage and Loan Calculator
ps: more plugins are on the way!

Happy Xmas to all of ya :)

Hi Makis

Just came back for a visit to see what is up. I am still shocked at the low sales, but I expect to be working on a bunch of financial sites soon and so should at least be picking up more copies over the summer from you.

Did you ever develop any other financial plugins? Just inquiring.

Best Regards Websys Team James

Hello there! I have one more up for sale but I dont know if its worth putting it here and not being available to sell it elsewhere since as you notice revenue is too low for my plugin niche. I also had a custom plugin order from a user here that I delivered on time and 2 months after that guy reversed his pp payment and kept the plugin making me loose some night hours developing this plugin and talking to him via skype and/or email exchange.

Good job, but as I em my case … I live in Colombia and the currency is pesos

I can put the pesos sign for you.

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Please message me about this using codecanyon contact form.

Hi ask: 1 – What is the user buzco place the amount to be paid, interest (eg 1.2% hopefully this can alter the admin), years to pay and dispose of the monthly amount payable 2 – Values ??must be in Colombian pesos 3 – When I install the plugin and use it, throw me a message: Warning: Division by zero in / home / fights ….... 4 – Can be placed in a page? thanks

I ll try to reply.
1. I dont understand what are you talking about.
2. As I replied in one of your previous comments this can be edited, just email me so I can help you out.
3. Again I need you to email me because I could use more details than this.
4. It can be placed in a wordpress page since is a wordpress plugin, if you want to use on a html or php page then check this out:

give me your mail for a private message?

You can message me using my profile link or using this email: info@wpplug.com


What is the Est. Interest Savings calculation in the summary based on? What are you comparing to get that figure?

I’d like to have a nice UI developed for this including a slider for the number of interest only years. Are you able to do this or can you recommend a front end developer?

Thanks, Elise

Hi Elise and sorry for the late reply but I was on holiday ;) EIS is calculated using internal calculation based on related manuals. You can send me an email about your request so I can reply in private.

There is a bug in your code, if you select e.g. quarterly or annually payment frequency then the amortization table still displays it as being monthly payment…

Let me know when it is fixed, then I’ll buy a copy. Is it easy to extract the code from the WP plugin? I need it for at custom php site

Bug fixed. New version ready to be downloaded.


bm2 Purchased

Hi ! When i’m using this plugin in widget mode it doesnt work. It appears in sidebar, but there are no calculations.

Wordpress version: 3.4.2

Hi bm2 and thanks for trying Interest Only Loan/Mortgage Calculator.

Please send me details about your problem using the contact form here on CodeCanyon.

Hi, there. Had a quick query for you. I’d like to change the currency to India Rupee. Would that be possible to?


Hello! You can change it easily by editing php files or you can ask me to do it for you.

Just wondering if the plugin is actively maintained since the last post here is 9 months old

Of course it is, since its stable there is no need to fic or debug anything. If an issue comes along then I will take care of it.

I’m wondering if there is any way to disable certain fields (like Interest Only Period and Payment Type) for this plugin.

Hi there,

Thanks for the interest. The only way to externally remove fields is to hide them via CSS.

Regards, Mohsin

Hello WP_Shuttle,

I was going to ask the same question “otherorange” asked one year ago and see you already replied.

I have a concern about your answer – if we hide that field using css, will the plugin still work fine? Isn’t it wired to do the calculation using all the fields’ inputs?

I would also like to know if it is possible to use this plugin for only loan (and not mortgage) calculations. This way, the user can see how much he will be paying in total in the end, and how much he will be paying back monthly, leading up to that.

To be clearer, I want the user to see a highly simplified result than the extensive one currently showing now by default. Perhaps when they opt for the report to be emailed to them, then they can have the whole thing there.

One more thing – I’m hoping there is a way to change the currency symbol in the plugin settings?

Plugin not working neither the demo on oficial site: http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/interest-only-loanmortgage-calculator/full_screen_preview/134419?_ga=2.75781651.729177055.1514300405-331461667.1514300405

please help me. i already bought your plugin but when i installed it and click on calculate button does not work. Same happens in your demo on your oficial site