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Nice plugin. Good luck with sales :)


Will be purchasing this one some point very soon

Nice work

The plugins features are pretty good. However for companies that do business on multiple continents there is one feature missing. The ability to use multiple maps.

The other issue is a javascript error: value is undefined.

if(document.form1.mapData.value==”“){ alert(“Please upload map data in excel (.xls, .xlsx) format.”); document.form1.mapData.focus(); return false; }

Hi, Thanks for the constructive feedback. I do like the idea of multiple maps, this is something I want to work on for the very near future. I’ll look at the JavaScript error and update today, sorry about this. p.s. Thanks for the first sale, a true visionary :p Cheers, LAM

I have already purchased your UK Sales Map plugin (for $14) and this is now no longer available/supported on Codecanyon. Can I upgrade to the new improved/supported version rather than have to pay the full price for what is to all intents functionally the same product?

Regards Pastie

Hi Pastie, can you send me your details via the contact from on Codecanyon on my profile and ill send you a copy. cheers :)

Thanks a lot. Will do


I wonder if the support regions of Brazil cities

Hi, you can add any maps you want I have included tutorial in the documentation to add map and poly coordinated. I am currently working on adding more interactivity to include multiple maps, this should be up in the next week.

Hi, great idea!

If you make it responsive and add the other maps i will buy a copy – thx.


Thanks, update will be coming soon to add multiple map instances, expand the current maps and make responsive, along with a few other bits. watch this space…. :)


Great plugin, looks fantastic. I’m currently searching for one plugin that can do what yours do, but I need the map for Latin America (from Mexico all the way to Argentina, including the Caribbean).

Is it easy to customize?
Is it easy to add a map?
Would you add that map?

Thanks in advance and congrats for this great plugin!

Hi Darisostar, I have added comprehensive instructions on how to add a new map. space on the back end to upload map image and upload co-ords in csv or Xls, Xlsx format. Its simple to do but if you get stuck give us a shout and ill point you in the rite direction.

Is there a standalone version of this? Also can you add markers to particular areas of the map? Instead of being generalized by region?

NO standalone sorry and no to markers also.

I think it’s better if you purpose a lot of maps from america, europe etc….. Good luck !

Thanks, will look to make more in the near future.

Hi. I’m looking for a sales rep finder solution and this tool seems to come close. In the description it says “Select up to 2 people / data sets per location (primary and secondary)”. Would it be possible to assign more than 2 people? Thanks.

Sorry only 2 people. The problem is space, gets overcrowded with more than 2.

Do you have a version that doesn’t use wordpress?

Not at the minute sorry, No plans in the near future.

This would be perfect if it could take more than 2 people per location. The space issue hardly justifies restructuring our business to match the sales map ;) I’m sure a bit of CSS would allow us to fit additional reps per location without seeming overcrowded. If we bought a copy, would you be interested in making a custom change to the code to allow unlimited reps per location?

What’s the password to view your example?

live preview not working