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Great job! nice work

Thank you.

please help how to change the links in the map for every state thank-you

Hi, the purchased files included a detailed documentation about customization of the map and how to change the link, colors, and hover information for each state. please check it and email me if you need any help. Regards

Than-you got it

Oh i just come across 3D On-Demand Custom Interactive Map from where i can buy it can’t see it on codecanyon thank-you

Hi, That’s a private custom freelance work, you can send us your requirements to discuss and create the map for you, please email me for more details. Regards

Hi sorry about that i didn’t know thank-you so much for all the help

No problem, I hope you can rate our work. Regards

Is this plugin cacheable? I currently use “Interactive USA Map” by Fla-Shop.com. My website takes about 4 seconds on average to load, and I’m told 1.5 of those seconds is due to my Interactive USA Map, because it is not cacheable. I’m looking for another option that is cacheable.

I think caching files is related to either the server (host) or to the browser.

However, If you are looking for a fast loading map, I can tell you that we draw our maps anchor by anchor to get highest quality maps with smallest file size, we also use our new technique of overlapped shapes to keep the final file size at its minimum. Regards

hi, Is there a callback allowing a popup on click? I need to be able to display data in a popup on click. The data will be retrieved via ajax.

Hello, The popup designed to appear on hover and link opens when a user clicks a state.

my map is showing all black when loaded. i need the states to shows the colors i indicate. What is wrong and how can i fix this? thank you. here is the url: https://www.lymedisease.org/members/a-map-duplicate/

Hi, It seems that you purchased the Interactive US Map WordPress Plugin and posted your question here by mistake, I replied to your question there and sent you a reply to your email. Regards

Hi, can this be used in Drupal? And can the map links be seperated into territories, so Southwest, Northeast, etc?

Hi, Thanks for your message.
We don’t have much information about Drupal and we can’t guarantee the compatibility of the map with it.
In general, you need to have full access to the page code to embed the HTML code of the map, and upload the map supporting files (JS, CSS) to your server and link them to the map.
Merging or grouping states to form one clickable area is possible but requires editing the map graphics and adjustments of the map script, we offer that as a customization service, if you are interested, please contact us.

I recently purchase this US Interactive map , follow the instruction thoroughly. I copy & paste the Index html code above the </head> and save it. Error message says ( Error parsing XML, line 743, column 3: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup) Please help, thanks in advance.

Hi, Thanks for your message.
Please send me the link through the contact form here, and we will be more than happy to check it and get back to you. Regard