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Hi, nice app. Quizzes are added within the app or is there any backend involved ?

Hey sir, thanks a lot =), they are added so easily within the app in the code . best regards.

Oh i see, that would be great if they can be added outside the app. As we dont need to update the app with more questions on the app store.

Dear Desk87,

we don’t have this option yet, but we can work on it if you would like =) sincerely trES2A

Thanks a lot _

Nice Work Man … But How Did You Get All The Informations About Topics, It Must Take You A Lot Of Time no ??

Dear SonicBossLtd ,

Firstly thanks a lot, you can add and costumize your own topics easily so you don’t have to stick to the topics in the screenshots. We also can help you with gathering content for any topic you would like to add as an extra service, if you are interested just message us

best regards sincerely trES2A

Thats kind easy for me cause im a dev but anyway thanks for the offer ill think about it

nop , you are alway welcome =).

Any one who’s trying to find the best idea to make money on play store or app store … u should defenitivly buy this item … i dupport this dude this app is going hard

Thanks a lot for your kind support SonicBossLtd =) we appreciate it -.

is it support arabic language as well ?

Thanks a lot for choosing our Template Sir Farid , this is my Skype “ak93.x.” and your Arabic version will be done by the end of this day ;).

I did not answer me on Skype

sorry Mr Farid, just give us an appointment so we can be both online at the same time. best regards

Can we have along with question text, images as well to open up as a popup box. Could be diagrams or photos … that would be really good.

to be honest , in this version you can’t do that , but it is coming in the next version for sure soon.

This is by far the best Interactive Quiz app on Codecanyon. It has great and fast developer support, he is very responsive and helpful.

Thanks a lot sir Farid , we are so glad to deal with you =). Best regards.

hi can i use your app icon on my app sir ?

Hello, of course you can use it but you have first to buy the app. Best regards.

Hello any plan for android version?

Dear Paingha,

hopefully soon there will be an android version ;)

do it has an android version

Dear shining 1989,

currently unfortunately there is no Android version , but soon there will be.

Hello, is it Xcode 8 project? How do I add the data? Plist? or what?

Dear afromtmi,

to be honest it is created using latest version of Xcode 7.

you can add the data easily from the ViewController file , which i wrote the instruction there clearly and easily .

Best regards trES2A

Yes, 2 months ago xcode 7.3.1 was latest, not any more. Are you planning to update to xcode 8?

yes actually it will be updated soon to Xcode8

Hi there,

I would buy this app, if:

- You have an admin panel (to add questions, track user’s questions) - You can add images to questions - You can respond with “correct answer” text - More…

hey there! first, i have tô say: i just loved ur app design! are you a girl? :)

só, about the app, i have some questiona:

1-) would u have these – or any other kind – of app for android? im new in development, só i just started learning android studio! if u have something just let me know, cuz im worried about going tô ios and get all confusing!

2-) if its just these, does it come with tutorial pdf or video?

3-) questions need server, php painel, or are they just storaged in a txt filé? and can i crêate categories?

4-) does it suport portuguese-brazilian? and admob?

5-if i get all 3 packages app that u have for sell here, wpuld u considerer making all 3 for 30usd? só i can start learning with these!

thanks a lot!

thanks for the quikly reply! how can i find u at skype só we can make the payment?

you are welcome. this is my Skype username : “ak93.x.”

thanks! i just added u there!


u-do-u Purchased

Is this compatible with Xcode 8 and swift 3. Also is it easy to remove the ads. Just want to play it with my kids

First of all Thanks a lot for you purchase. Second of all , can you give me your email so I can send you a screenshot of which lines you need to comment out? Best Regards.


u-do-u Purchased

Thank you for your quick replies. I’ve sent you my email address directly. I look forward to buying more of your apps in the future.

you are always welcome, Thanks a lot for your support ;) . btw I am sending you an email in few mins. Best regards.

Hi, I like the app and consider buying it. But what about some iin app purchases inside the app like remove ads or unlock another quizzes etc.? Thanks

Hello, first of all sorry for the late response. secondly for your question it is about removing the ads.

Best regards.

Hi plz how can i fix this problem

“Swift Language Version” (SWIFT_VERSION) is required to be configured correctly for targets which use Swift. Use the [Edit > Convert > To Current Swift Syntax…] menu to choose a Swift version or use the Build Settings editor to configure the build setting directly.

do you have an android version?