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LOL thats cool, good luck with sales :)


Cool work!


LOL … it is a good way to reduce bounce rate… too funny. Great idea.


I Like it, is there a end point where you `win`? I got to the botom right

Yes, the bottom right corner is considered the exit.

I think what aaranmcquire is getting at is that there is no notification when you get to the exit. I too expected something to happen upon reaching the bottom right corner.

Nice job overall. Very clever.

What happens when you win? It looks like nothing form the comment above. Can you set it so something does happen?

Yes, you can set something to happen at the very end of maze.js. Right after the comment: // If player has won

Hi there – love it.

Can I customize the colour theme from red to any other colour?

How about to change the little guy in another icon?

Is this responsive for use in mobile devices?

Thank you!

Yes, you can change the color to whatever you want. The little guy is just an image file that can easily be replaced with whatever you want.

The maze will show in mobile devices, but viewers with mobile devices won’t be able to solve the maze themselves since they don’t have arrow keys.

Thank you!

Great stuff – works like a charm.

One question – can you customize the script for me?

I like to have 3-4 little guys running around at the same time – like from each corner starts one and all of them try to get to the middle of the screen.

If it can be done let me know how much and how to pay you for this customization.

Thank you

Glad it works for you!

Unfortunately, this cannot be done with how the AI works while exploring the maze. Also, the maze exploring algorithm is still a bit of a mystery to me. I only got it to work through hours of trial & error.

Thank you for the swift reply.

In case you are (one fine day) borred and have another few hours of trial & error… let me know if you worked it out.

I buy it right away respectively pay you for the vustomization.

Thank you!

I’ll buy if you can tell me how to display a big “You Did It!” message when the little guy finishes.

Great idea!

If you buy it, send me a message at and I’ll send you an altered file that does that.

Lol, funny, reached the bottom right corner. I know that you said it’s possible to alert something to the winner, but you should totally add that in the demo file. ;) Great work.

This is a funny thingy

eh, i like the idea but was SUPER BUMMED out when nothing happened at the end. I was like YEAHH !! and then AWWW ….

How do I add a small “S” (start) and “F” (finish) in the top left hand corner and bottom right hand corner respectively?

Be it text or image (maybe even a flag), doesn’t matter, think it would make it much clearer for anyone who doesn’t quite get it. It would also need to stay when scrolling the page!

Great script btw!

Thanks! I would probably try using CSS to position them there. Something like: position:absolute; left:1px; top:1px would put something in the upper left corner.

I’m interested in buying this, though I don’t want it to be full screen and I don’t want it to automatically start. So, can I just use this in a div like a normal game?


It will auto-start no matter what. If it’s just a regular game that you want, you should wait since the next thing I’m working on is a game version of this script that supports 2 players and that sort of thing.


Boy I loved that, could you send me a version with the wolfdogg – “You did it version plus the S and E in the CSS and could you delete (coment) the lines that make the upper page comes first in order to I could place it in an iframe and use it as a regular game. I am willing to buy it but I fear my knowledge of JS isn’t good to start… Thanks,


Hi – just bought this – it’s great. How do I fit the maze into an area like 100% (window) X 550px – I want it only as part of a page, and not the whole thing. Is that possible? Also, can the maze load right away and not after instructions? Thanks, great work!

The easiest way would be to put the page with maze in it in an iframe. If you understand javascript, you could probably mod it to get rid of the instructions. Thanks!

Hi, I bought it and I took away the instruction but I didn’t get any mesage to work in the end after //If player has won like any alert(‘you win!’); besides I used the idea of iframe and it works great but I didn’t find how to bring the maze in front putting away the curl end (0) and the instr. button (0). Can you help as I intend to use as a simple game as it is very nice, thanks.

Oh, I don’t need any score mechanims to write in the server just plain game without the light look of the over page and with a win message and a button to restart, thanks…

check the very bottom of maze.js. There is a statement for if a player has won. You should be able to bring the maze to the front by changing the z-index with CSS.

Thanks, I get in use of some other variables and It will help, thanks again, very nice work!

Hi melancton,

Do you have this maze like a game??


At the moment, I do not, sorry! But if you remove the foreground it’s pretty much the same thing.

Hey man, just bought this and its great, however like everyone even from 2 years ago im looking to have it load a special webpage when i finish, im not that good at coding and am wondering how i would make it load a website when complete?

hello , i need some modifications please

i need to put a logo at the bottom right of the map where the final destination of the man, i need it to be about 250 px width and the maze square to be finished before it so when the guy reaches the end something happens in the logo

i need to put button in the main box box to start the maze i don’t want to use the x or tilt option at the top right

need to change the color of the maze

Send an email to and I can send you an estimate for this job.