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Exllent product, its very useful! :)

Thanks diank123 :)

Not Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyane, Réunion ?

Hi Alexandre972,

Thanks for your notice, I added the 5 overseas regions (French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, and Réunion) to the map.

You can wait for the updates to be approved or you can email me and I’ll send you the updated map.

Kind regards


Hello, Does it work on any CMS; Wordpress … All the best, Alex

Hi Alex,

It’s not a WordPress plugin but it can be embedded in a WP page using html snippet plugin. You can email me for further details.


Great product. Is there a way to integrate the region name in the region directly (delete the hover region state) it will be really better for mobile


Thanks for your purchase and for your feedback.
Yes, we can integrate the region name to the map but that requires some customization, please email me for further details

Very nice product. Just one question, in joomla i get my region tootip very far away from map any hint about this?

Hi Tanaka,
Thanks for your purchase and for your comment.
Most probably, it’s a div related issue that pushes the hover popup away from where it should be, to fix it you need to cut the map-tip line of code and paste it either just after the <body> or in the footer section of the page.
For more help, please email me through the contact form here.

Thanks for your help ;) i fixed the problem.

Thanks for your feedback :)

Hello, I am very interested would it be possible to add the French departments how to do? as the site here

would it be possible to add a plugin to have the same effect as when you go on leboncoin the mouse on the map or on the departments you see the departments move I do not know this function

thank you

hi, message sent still no answer thank you

Hi I replied to your email that ends with please check your spam folder.

hi, sorry no spam messages thank you

Congratulations, the best map I’ve found so far. Do you update this map in the future? (Need for my next new project)

Because if you follow some news of France, you’ll know that the regions have officially changed (validated a few days ago by the government).

Here are the new map of the regions of France (13 regions) :


Thanks for your comment and for information. I think the changes will be effective late in this year, I would be very interested to update the map accordingly, please keep in touch to be informed.

Hi, We released an update, you can check it here. Regards

Hi, How can you buy the extended licence ? I have bought the regular one but no way to choose the extended one :-( Thxxx

Hi, Thanks for your purchase, we only offer the map under the regular licence but you can buy it more than once if you need to use it in more than one end product.
Please feel free to email me directly through the profile page for more details and offers. Regards

Hi, Very good scrip but i’ve a problem… point are not loaded in my page (even with pin-config.pjs example file). Can you help me ? page :

Hi, Thanks for your feedback :)
I checked the link and it seems that you deleted the configuration code for the overseas islands from the map-config file to make them inactive but that breaks the code.

I recommend keeping the default code and simply change the enable value to “false” to make those islands inactive, that also gives you an option to set the color you want for those islands.

Hi, nice plugin. Works very well.

Just two questions:

1/ can i tweak the circle or the rectangle pin to make it look like a standard map pin (as gmap)?

2/ can i pass some html data-xxx values to the pin config?


Hi, Thanks for your comment :)
1. The pins are created dynamically as SVG shapes and you can use either circle or rectangle.
2. I’m not sure what do you mean. but you can use html formatted text for the pins hover popup.

Hi, i try to integrate your map in wordpress, map is displayed but if she’s in conflit with Jquery’s Revolution Slider and Visual Composer… so i can displayed and activated your map, but all sliders and “Visual Composer” composing are not displayed…

if i change

<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>


<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>

it seems that resolve the conflict problem with Visual Composer, but not with revolution slider (even i’ve activated JS no conflict mode in my slider)

other thing, i’ve no tooltip, but it’s maybe provocaed by conflict problem

Hi, Please send me the link privately at my email and I’ll be glad to check it for you. Regards

Hi, how i can hidde French Dom-Tom on your map ? (not use and we doesn’t want diplay them)

Thx a lot :)

Hi, you have an option to set any region as inactive also you can change its color as you wish. If you check our demo, you will notice 2 islands has been deactivated.
If you want to completely remove them from the map, that requires some edits to the HTML/JS script, we can do that for you as a customization service. Feel free to email us for more details. Regards

Are you able to split the map up further? Nor example, we need Normandie split into Basse-Normandie and Haute-Normandie. And Norde-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie, we need as 2 seperate entries: Norde-Pas-de-Calais and Picardie. I’m having a look to see if I can edit the SVG before we purchase it, but its a bit out of my depth :(

Hi, Split / merge regions requires editing the map SVG and make customization of the script, we can do that for you as a customization service for little cost, if you are interested, please contact me.
However, the purchased files include 2 versions of the map; one with the new regions, and another version of the map with the old french regions as seen in the preview image here. regards


Is it possible to customize the content of each city by displaying the video instead of the image?


Thanks for your interest in our maps.
Yes, You can display a video instead of the image but I don’t recommend this because:
1. The popup works with hover so users will not be able control the video (pause/stop/volume/etc) however the video can be auto-played.
2. The popup designed to handle basic content (Text, images, etc) so a video in popup could be less convenient.

There are many other options/alternatives such making the popup work with click instead of hover Or having an info panel beside the map that display the video and other content beside the map, if you are interested please email for further details. Regards

We buy your card and it misses POLYNESIA and NEW CALEDONIA. Can you help us. It is very important for us. We can pay for this work. Thank you

Hello, thanks for your message.
Please note that this map is divided into 18 regions: 13 in metropolitan France and 5 in overseas France.
It doesn’t include Overseas collectivities including Polynesia.
Please contact us for more information about special customization. Regards