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Where is United States map buddy?

Hey how can I add other locations that are like the capital?

Thanks for the response I am going to just take ye old stab at the code. Great script btw.

Thanks for your comment, please don’t forget to rate my work :)

Hi again,
We recently updated the map to add/remove pins so now you can add unlimited number of clickable pins anywhere on the map. Please check the demo here.

How can I get the code to display only certain provinces? IE: BC & AL?

Hi zarbrook,

You can deactivate any province simply by changing the value in the javascript file to “false” but if you want to hide or remove some provinces, that would requires customization of the html code. please email me if you need any help.

What is the difference between this plugin and your other one (the interactive world map)? They are the same price. Is it that you can define the provinces and information about that on this one and you cannot do that on the world version?

Also, can you have more than one map on a site (One English and one French?)


Hi hyperhyper,
  • This is a detailed map of Canada with interactive provinces. while my other Interactive World Maps is a bundle of different maps but it doesn’t have interactive regions, yet you can add interactive points of interest.
  • It won’t be easy to put more than one map in a page, but you can use iframe to use two or more maps in a page.
Thank you

Another question, does your documentation provide detail on how to set it up for a wordpress installation?

Hi hyperhyper,
This is not a plugin, but you can simply integrate it into your WordPress site using iframe plugin. The documentation has more details about this.
Thank you

Kindly be informed that we recently updated the map functionality and documentation, and it has a step by step installation guide for both standard and WordPress websites.

How can I adjust the distance between the cursor and the province name? The name is appearing really far from my cursor. See image:


trying code again: <span class="tip" id="tip" />

That span closes – it just didn’t paste properly above. Thanks.

I need to check the link to give you an accurate guide. Once you are ready please email me the link.
Please don’t post the link in the public comments.
Thank you

Why are the individual US and Canada maps $11 each, but on the combined interactive map they are $89? This really doesn’t make much sense seeing as I can just get each one individually for $22.

Hi newrkv,
Thanks for asking.
We understand that, the combined US-Canada map is useful for clients whom have a business in both US and Canada which is low percent if compared with the individual US or Canada so we had to set a higher price, also to cover the secure payment processing fees. Regards

Can we use this in wordpress site?

Hi step2,
The map can be embedded in a WordPress site using an HTML Snippet plugin.
For more information please email me. Regards

Hi, I have purchased the separate maps for US and Canada but you have mentioned in one of the SUPPORT comments that after download there is MORE documentation “how to integrate it” with Wordpress. Unfortunately, there isn’t any….all it says “Install either iframe or HTML Snippet plugin and follow the steps” Not really informative. What steps? Do you have any more instructive material for Wordpress integration? If you do, can you please share it? Thanks /eric

Hi Eric,
I’m sorry for delayed response, I missed your comment.
You can re-download the map from your downloads page and you will find a step by step installation guide for WordPress integration. feel free to email me if you need any help. Regards

Support! Support! Support! I’m probably like most of customers – I expect valuable product for relatively affordable price, but once I purchase it – I very rarely write a review of the product. This time is different. I really like the product, but the support I have received from the author was second to none! Extraordinary! The support is unbelievably good and so far was THE BEST customer service I have ever received for any digital product I have purchased. Thank you.

Wow! Thanks very much for your amazing feedback :)

Don’t often leave comments , but was extremely impressed by the clarity of the map as well as the authors support and helpfulness. 5 stars!!

Thanks very much for the rating and for your wonderful feedback :)

I have purchased both the Canada map and the US map from Art101… Both are very professionally built and look great on my websites. More importantly (and the reason that I am leaving feedback!) the support that I recently received from Art101 was exceptional, both in the speed of reply and also in fixing my issue….. No run around, no excuses, no million questions about my system etc… just very quickly getting to the part of the code that was causing the issue and making changes that fixed it. And all in 2-3 emails and just a couple of hours. Great products and even greater support!! Really highly recommended!

Thank you very much for your amazing feedback, actually you sent me clear information and it was my pleasure to communicate with you :)

Hi there How difficult is it to add a click functionality to allow text to come up on the side or under the map when a province is clicked/selected?

Hi, That’s possible but requires special customization of the script, We can do that for you as a customization service, please email me for more details.

Replied, Regards

I love the map – it’s saved me hours of coding! But, for some reason when I place my mouse over a clickable point (basically in all locations) the map jumps around like mad. How to stop this from jumping erratically?

Hi, Thanks for your nice comment :)
1. Most probably that jumping effect is due to missing CSS file, please make sure that the link to the map-style.css file is correct and it’s loaded properly.
2. It’s great to know that you find another installation method thanks for sharing, but I can’t recommend it to other customers and I think our default installation method is very easy and we tested it. Regards

Thanks for the fast reply – it was the css file. I added an SSL to the domain and needed to change http to https to the css file link

That’s great! Thanks for your feedback :)

I have problem when i put on my site page as you guide in help its disturbed my other website function for example my photo slider stop working and same some othe function not load can you please advise how i can fix this please

Hello, please email me the following information and I’ll be more than happy to assist you:
1. The link to your website to check it.
2. If you make any changes to the map script, please mention them.