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great job. Can have zoom?

Awesome! I like it very much!

How can I enlarge the globe a bit? Increasing radius= works, but the edges are cut of.

Thanks & regards

That’s a great looking globe. However, my client told me it didn’t work in his firefox browser and he’s afraid other visitors may encounter the same problem. Would it be possible to acquire a flash version of this animation for fallback in browsers that don’t support WebGL?

Hi there, and thanks for this animation !

I’m a noob, and I don’t understand how to change the POI, I would like to set tree leaves… Can you help me please ?? I didn’t find how to do in the help pdf.

Thanks a lot !

Hello, is anybody here ???? Can you help us please i’m waiting and it becomes really urgent !

Support = 0

Impressive work. Congrats on a beautiful fine.

After a marker is clicked, i need to have earth start rotating again (no button). Can this be done?

I meant “beautiful file”, great job

If you support Zoom, i will buy.

Hi there. In your preview, the labels for the markers appear a long way away from the marker. Is this able to be fixed? Also, can the markers have links added to them so that they trigger javascript functions?

Hi, i need to create this:

https://stripe.com/atlas —scroll down the page.

Basically, I need 3 points, (South Africa, Thailand and the UK), globe rotates to those points on button click

is this possible with this plugin