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Hi there, Is this bootstrap compatible? Thanks!

That worked! Thank you!

I merged all the js files into one and it still works! Thanks for keeping the code clean.
<script src="/media/vqweb2.js"></script> 

You’re welcome, actualy Interaction Plus provides minified scripts in last version.

Best regards, swebdeveloper

Hi, how make autoload after 3 s?


If you want to show popup after 3s – you should add data-ao-popup-on=”init:3s” to the top element of your popup.

Best regards, swebdeveloper

I understand Best regards,analytic


I lost on how to use /interaction-plus-js-animated-popups-and-modals. Do I need to know how to code to make this work? I just see a lot of code in the documentation that I don’t understand because I don’t know how to code. Do you have any videos or documentation that someone who can’t code can use to set this up? I”m also not sure how to use puzzle. I watched the video, but since there is no voice explaining what’s going on I could not understand it.

What do you suggest I do?


Hi, you don’t need to code, everything can be changed in HTML.

I’ve added subtitles to the video. I’m planing to add more videos on weekends.

If you have problems with adding Interaction plus on your site please check ‘Quick installation’ section of documentation, if it doesn’t help or you need some help with popups, please contact me via email, you can do it from https://codecanyon.net/user/swebdeveloper#contact I’m always glad to help.

Best regards, swebdeveloper

Ok, I look forward to the new videos and will check out the puzzle one again. Thank you

Please give me an example with a popup and modal that shows a youtube video, thanks

Hi, I’ve sent you email with an example.

Best regards, swebdeveloper

How can we view, demo the 100 different pop ups in our script? Does puzzle have templates built in? All of this is designed for coders. It’s very confusing

Hi, at product folder you can find popup-*.html files that has all posible popups, you can check it by opening it in your browser. You can check how to add popup to your site in documentation Quick Instalation section or check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wDaNSUgNRg&index=2&list=PLayCnTwPT1kQIu-DV8pgc5ZlyRqbBdNIP

If you will have some questions or troubles with adding it to your site, please contact me.

Best regards, swebdeveloper

I am sorry to say that I will not be purchasing, and not due to any fault of yours. I had the item in my cart, then found that Envato wants a $2 fee to pay through my business PayPal account. In the years I’ve had my business and used PayPal as a payment gateway, I have never paid an extra charge to use it—and never will. I am sorry, I truly could use your product.


Thank you for your honest comment. I am glad that you like it and you have a desire to buy it. I hope you will find a way how to buy it without this extra fee. You could try to contact Envato support and ask for the solution or another way to pay.

If there is something I can help you with, just contact me :-)

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

I see you say this is not WP plugin. But will I be able to add this to a WP site if I add code to the correct files?

Hi, yes, if you have experience in WordPress developing, and please check the installation video https://youtu.be/-wDaNSUgNRg?list=PLayCnTwPT1kQIu-DV8pgc5ZlyRqbBdNIP to be sure you can add it to your WordPress manualy.

Best regards, swebdeveloper


fmosse Purchased

Hi, I can´t make the script work with open on load.


Can you please help me?

Thanks, Francisco

Hi, you should add data-ao-popup-on=”init” to the data-ao-template=”banner13” script element.

Best regards, swebdeveloper


fmosse Purchased


But it still doesn´t open on page load! What am I doing wrong?

You should add it on script element, not on div element, it should be like:
<script data-ao-template="banner13" type="text/x-tmpl" data-ao-popup-on="init">...

Best regards, swebdeveloper

How to make pop up open only once for each user? It has as control by ip, cookie, how the blocking works?

Hi, it is done via cookie.

Best regards, swebdeveloper

Is this compatible with bootstrap 4?

Hi, it will be compatible in next version.

Best regards, swebdeveloper