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After install it, my WordPress dashboard got non-secured page warning (mixed-content). It looks some url on your plugin using http and not https.

I hope you can fix it on next release.

Thank you.

We try to do our best with making sure we check http and https in the plugin. Is there a particular warning that you’re seeing often so we can look into that issue?


Just mixed content warning on Dashboard and padlock icon for https on got broken with exclamation park.

We would love to get this fixed. Please submit a support ticket or private message so we can pick up the conversation within support. Thanks!

Do you have any videos about this plugins i want use in my site few templates i tried i could’t get the result as seen on demo vodeo.

here is link to test

If you see stuff you like on any shortcode demo page on, go to the bottom of the page (above the shortcode list) and click to open the collapsible/accordion and you’ll see all the code used to create the page. If you are looking to duplicate anything in particular and you can’f find examples, let us know and we’ll send some example code to you and try to get you going.


Can I use it on every wordpress site or do I need Visual Composer? And can I use it parallel to Shortcodes Ultimate?

Hello! Intense can be used on any site. You do not need to have Visual Composer, Intense works well with Visual Composer if you want to use it that way. Intense has it’s own tool for creating the shortcodes. Envato purchases are limited to one site per purchase.

Intense will work fine along with Shortcodes Ultimate.

If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

Sorry for the long delay in responding.


This plugin is compatible or can work with Divi builder?

Best Regards

Hello! Currently Intense is not very compatible with Divi. There are ways to use it, but it doesn’t work as easily as we would like.


The shortcodes for this plugin isn’t working for me anymore. Any shortcode I’ve added in the past is still working fine on the site but it won’t allow me to add new shortcodes. The window to add shortcodes appears but when I click insert code button nothing happens. Is there an update that fixes that?


Hello! It sounds like there is an error on the page. This could be caused by some sort of conflict and may not even be related to Intense. Can you send us login credentials in a private message so we can take a look at your site? Thanks!

P.S. We noticed your support has expired. Please renew for future plugin support.

Lovely plugin – I’m assuming you can not have the social media icons? 0 in the shortcode, right – show_social_sharing=”0” – thanks.


Thank you for your interest in Intense. The social sharing icons are typically only for different post shortcodes. You are correct, social media icons can be turned off for shortcodes that include them. If you have any other questions or comments, please let us know.



larane Purchased

Hi guys,

I just bought you plugin. Could you guide me in the direction how to align the text for the hover effect chico. I tried CSS but nothing works. Thanks!

Hello! Thank you for purchasing Intense.

You’re right about using CSS, but you might have to add ”!important” to the CSS styles you’re applying. Here’s an example aligning the text to the left:

.intense.subtle-effect figure.effect-chico h2 {
    text-align: left !important;

If that doesn’t work, could you send a link to an example page so we can have a look and try to track down the CSS that needs to be applied? If you don’t want to send a link on here, you can send us a message from our profile page.


OK, i got this plugin in the hope of easily being able to add some simple pie charts to my site and make some icon lists.

This plug in has (as far as I can see) no info on how to use each short code. I figured out the icon lists but I have absolutely no idea how to make a pie chart.

The documentation is useless and the link in the plug in to documentation takes you to some estate agent site that is obviously wrong, so has this plugin been hacked or what?

Unless there is some good documentation on how to use this I will be asking for a refund. I don’t have time to waste trying to figure this out.

Sorry things aren’t going as easily as expected. The best resources for information are the plugin site and the documentation:

On the example pages for the shortcodes, you can see the shortcodes used for the page using the “View shortcodes used to create this page” link. These examples are often enough to get you past the learning curve. We are also happy to help guide you through any issues.

There were some issues with the server the documentation is hosted on and we believe you were reaching another site hosted on the same server. We saw the refund request and will repost this content there as well. Thanks!


luigire Purchased

hi, is there a way to find broken links on shortcodes?

We don’t have an easy way to find broken links through Intense. The simplest solution would probably be to find a plugin that allows you to search across posts/pages. You would need to know he broken links in order to find and fix them. Sorry, I’m not really sure of a better way.

If you need anything else with Intense, please let us know.



vic_e Purchased

Hi – the background image for my parallax shortcode isn’t coming through anymore. The image is there, I’ve updated to the latest version of Intense and I’ve tried creating a brand new shortcode using a different image but they don’t show up. The rest of the shortcode code and content is there – just the background image is missing.

Thank you for contacting us. Please send us a private message with a URL to the page having issues and we will look into the problem. It sounds like there might be some theme or plugin CSS conflicting with the shortcode. Thanks!

Hello! Does Intense work with Jahhan or Sahifa theme/ Tielab builder?

Hello! We haven’t tested Intense with those themes/builders. If there is a generic text area you can use to add content, it will likely work to some degree. We would be happy if you wanted to try and if it doesn’t work, we will provide a refund. Let us know if you have any additional questions. Thanks!

Ок. I’ll try it. Thank you for answer.

Support for this item is not very good, I purchased on Aug 29th and immediately ran into install problems with CSS permissions, support is dead, ticket unanswered and forum post unanswered, what gives?

Did you see our response in the forum? If not, we provided a fix that will also be in our next release. Let us know if you have questions. Thanks!

Yeh I did the fix does not work, causes server error, I replied in forum

We have responded on the forum. Thanks!

What about Gutenberg support?


We are working on a plugin that is geared towards Gutenberg. Once that is complete we will circle around to see what it will take to integrate Intense with Gutenberg. Thank you for your interest and question.

Plugin is not going to work with my wordpress site, it neither activate nor work with my site, i want full refund please, also sent you message through your site,

Thanks for reaching out to us. We will look into your support request and provide a response there. Refund requests can be made through CodeCanyon. Please see the following:

It is one of the poorest plugin i have ever purchased, once i click activate plugin, i see “Time out” message, extremely poor experience, send me refund please, it irritated me.

Thank you for the feedback. There has been a change with Envato’s API that is causing the issue with activation. We are working through the problem. It is also affecting registrations on our website. We expect to have this resolved quickly. In the meantime, support requests can be sent to us through private messages.


knt2018 Purchased

Trying to add header text with Parallax Scene short code. No matter what I try, text doesn’t show up on front end. This is the only reason I bought the Intense Shortcode Plugin and if it doesn’t work, I’ll be very disappointed. Thanks!