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aberit Purchased

Hello, your plugin works great :D but i have a question. On i have video background and video isn’t responsive at all. Can you help me with it? :D


aberit Purchased

Hey, here is an example And i have a few question about it. On MacOS Safari 10.1 Background video doesn’t work at all. Can you check it? And When you re-size window Text on video background isn’t responsive too. Check . Can you help me with it?


aberit Purchased

Hello! So How is it going?

Sorry for the delay. We tried your site using Safari 10.1 and the video worked fine. If you are having issues with the video automatically playing on mobile devices, we have a fix that will be in the next release. As for the text not being responsive, have you tried using the [intense_heading] shortcode with the responsive option enabled?

There is a conflict with intense shortcodes and the new woocommerce 3.0 if you have this intense activated and then try to add Attributes to a product, it gets stuck with a loading bar and never load so that you can add an attribute. if you deactivate intense shortcode then woocommece attributes works with no problem. is there a fix for this?


Do you have the latest version of Intense installed, version 2.8.8? We fixed some conflicts with WooCommerce 3.0 in the latest version. If you are still having issues with version 2.8.8, please let us know.


You were right! I looked and had version 2.8.7. I updated it to 2.8.8 and that fixed the problem. Thanks!

You’re welcome, glad it was an easy fix. If you come across anything else, please let us know.


Does your plugin has any checkout pages? How to add to buttons?

Thank you for the question! Our plugin includes shortcodes, custom post types, snippets, templates, and more. However, we don’t include a checkout page.

Are you using any particular plugin for your shop? You may be able to customize the shop’s templates to include the button shortcode on the checkout page. We can help direct you in the right direction if that is what you were wanting. Thanks!

Hello, in my site suddenly Intense is not working, even the Intense has been activited. I used it for a long time, suddently it happen. My site . I am looking your support


We’re sorry to hear that Intense is not working. Can you explain what isn’t working? Also, what version of Intense are you using? Any information you can give will help us to track down what is going on.


Can I add my own shortcodes to Intense?


We haven’t created a way for shortcodes to be added through Intense.

We did create a plugin that allows you to extend Intense by adding your own shortcodes. In order to do this, you would have to know PHP and be able to deal with the code. It was mainly created for others to be able to extend Intense (create an add-on).

Adding the ability to create shortcodes in Intense would be a great option.

With the use of Snippets, you can create your own content to be used on any page, then use the Snippet shortcode. Snippets are posts that you can create your content on, then use that on other pages or posts with a shortcode. It’s not as flexible as creating a shortcode, but it does allow for reusing of content.

If you need more information of have any ideas, please let us know.

Hi there We have just purchased Intense Shortcodes for us to use on a website we are building. We are using GeneratePress as a theme and we’re having trouble using Intense Shortcodes with their Sections editor.

We can use the codes when Sections are turned off but as soon as we enable it, make changes and save we lose our codes.

Could you please advise how we can have Intense Shortcodes on their Sections editor?


Ticket submitted. Thanks

Thank you for giving access. I was able to track down the issue. It appears that the GeneratePress Sections add-on adds a style to hide all buttons above the editor (then adds the “Add Media” button themselves). I go into more detail in the support ticket response. Let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you VERY much! Perfect!! :) We managed to alter the CSS for admin area to fix it.

Hey, 2 questions: by activating your plugin, the logo and main menu of my theme (“Samui”) disappear Is it possible that your Plugin is incompatible with certain themes?

Also I have the problem that the parallax effect enlarges and therefore blurrs the used image in any setting. Do you have any advice?

Looking forward to your reply, but no need to hurry ☺️ Best regards


We’re sorry to hear that you’re having issues with Intense. It could be possible that there are styling issues between Intense and your theme. Would it be possible for us to see the issue happening? If we could get temporary access to your site so we could test with Intense activated, it would be helpful. It would be much easier to see what is going on and track down the issue.

In regards to the parallax image, what size of image is being used? If you have an example link, again this would be helpful.

If you want to send us a message, you can do so from our support page or our profile page.

We look forward to hearing back from you.


Hi, i have a trouble , the social sharing on blog shortcake don’t appear, I try many formats and I try in a clean instal wp 4.7 and 4.7.5 and the. social sharing buttons don’t appear, I don’t have another plugin only Wordpress and intense, im using this in the shortcode show_social_sharing=”1” Can you help me Illl wait for your answer


Could you provide a link that shows the issue and also include the shortcode you’re using? The social sharing icons not showing could be due to the template being used. I’ll know more when I can look at your link.


tabs – using scrolling anchors

It would be really cool if you had a shortcode for creating tabs (like you do now), but instead of tabbing the content to a new tab, it would just scroll to an anchored text section. I think you can do this with the use of buttons, however, I like the fact that you have tabs, and you can choose an Active tab (which may NOT be the first tab in the row).. I have a reason I want my second tab to be the active tab, but I wish instead of new content areas appearing when you click a new tab, I wish instead it would just scroll down the page to an anchored text section lower on the page. The key is using an active tab which is not the first tab in the row, and still being able to scroll using anchors.


We’re looking into a new shorcode or possibly adding some options to the tabs shortcode to accomplish the effect you’re after. We’re trying to decide what is going to be the best route to take. Considering that the button shortcode already allows for smooth scroll, we might be able to just add a set of “active” options to the button shortcode so that once clicked (or initially set to “active”), the button would be the active colors. This may be the easier route to take.Let us know your thoughts.


Thank you for your speedy reply. No, that won’t necessarily work for my application.

I have been playing with different options to accomplish the goal. What I want to do is have a row of buttons for different anchor links, however have one button fire a collapsible which would open up a large content section positioned before the real estate listings for this page.

For visitor usability, they want to see the real estate listings, but for seo, search engines like to see content before real estate listings, I am trying to make search engines AND consumers happy at the same time with use of accordian and anchor link buttons.

I know I can use tabs and and active tab for real estate listngs to accomplish this, (which is what I do on every other real estate community page of this website, but this page I sent you is a test development page for a full width page with no sidebars redesign of the website.

I don’t want to use tabs anymore because I really feel people dont click the tabs in most cases…..I like anchor link approach better than tabs,,,,however that leads me to the issue of how do I get straight to the listings section for consumers, while delivering the content before the real estate listings for SEO purposes. Make sense?

Question about your extended license: I’m a WordPress developer. Does your Extended License allow me to install your plug-in on multiple custom WordPress websites (my product) that I create for my clients (only)?

This might work if you were to create your own child theme for Divi and include Intense in that child theme. Even this may not be safe by Envato’s license rules. I’ve looked over the licenses and the main hangup is “For other types of Item, an End Product is something that incorporates the Item as well as other things, so that it is larger in scope and different in nature than the Item.” If the child theme is intended just to house Intense as a plugin, it may not pass that rule. It’s something to think about. We’re not opposed to selling an extended license to Intense and allowing use, we just have to abide by the license rules set forth by Envato.

If you have further questions, let us know.

Does Envato not have any multi-site license options? If not, they should.

I do install, as a matter of course, a child theme on every Divi installation. Unless you advise otherwise, perhaps I should pursue this route. I have a few custom additions in that child theme already which differentiate it from a standard Divi install.

If I purchase the Extended license, does the installation code that come with that sale allow multiple site to get auto-updates?

Thanks again.

Envato doesn’t currently offer any sort of multi-site license. It would be great if they were to add it as an option.

When we sell the extended license for theme use, those theme authors are required to update the included plugins as updates are released. You might want to look at InfiniteWP. We use it for a number of our sites so that we can easily update all sites at one time. This would make it easy for you to update the Intense plugin, but also the Divi child theme if it is the same across all sites.

If you need anything else, let us know.

hi i get

The purchase code has already been activated. Please deactivate the purchase code or contact support.

on my active domain


Each purchase code can only be activated one time. I have deactivated the single purchase code that was activated. If you have any additional questions or need further help, please let us know.


Hi, i have a question. Is possible put offset in the blog posts?, I need to start with the second post Many thanks

Other question I can’t se the pagination in blog shortcode

Thanks for reaching out to us! One way to accomplish starting on the second post is to use the exclude_post_ids attribute to remove the first post from the list.

Beyond that, we see that your support has expired. Please consider extending your support and submitting a support ticket at for us to look at your pagination issue. Thanks!


I purchased your plugin but for numerous reasons will not be using it. It’s great for those who need for it to do what it’s intended for, so for those reading this, don’t shy away—this is a great plugin! I, however, won’t be needing it, and thus initiated a refund (I disabled/deleted the plugin entirely as I won’t be using it). Could you please look into my refund request?

I bought it less than 24 hours ago so i’m sure there will be no issue.