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Hi – pre-purchase question. I’d like to use flip boxes inside an accordion, but be able to filter flip boxes by category too. Is there a way to apply categories to flip boxes? Thanks

Hello! Thank you for the interest in Intense.

Flip Boxes will work in accordions (collapsibles). Using the filter capability by category will prove to be a bit more tricky. Although it isn’t possible right out of the box, a template could be created that uses the flip box, that would use categories.

For instance, we allow templates to be created for all of the included custom post types, as well as normal posts. A template could be created that would use the flip box shortcode for showing of posts (or custom posts). This would include the categories and with the use of one of the post shortcodes, you could include the filter capability.

If you do purchase and need some help, we will help however we can.

Have a great weekend!

Do you know if Intense Shortcodes works with Toolset. There are hundreds of thousands of users of their plugin – I’m guessing that someone must have tried this. It would be a great combination.


Intense will work fine with Toolset. If you are planning to create custom post types with Toolset and want to use the Intense shortcodes (Custom Post Type shortcode for example) to display those posts, you may have to create custom templates in Intense. If the posts do not have custom fields that you want to display, using the Custom Post Type shortcode would work fine.

If you do purchase and come across any issues or need help, we’ll be available to help. If you have any further questions, or our explanation above didn’t clear up your question, please let us know.


I cant install it. I go to my themes and upload the .zip file ( I only get a message with “Please try again.”

Next question: I am using a affiliate theme, so its not possible to use both?


Thank you for purchasing Intense.

Intense is a plugin, so you’ll want to go to “Plugins” and install Intense from there.

Intense should have no problem working with your affiliate theme.

If you need any help, please let us know.


Presale question: I really like the demo on the top of the following page and am wondering if the hover scroll effect can be used in all 3 devices and not just the tablet?

Thank you, Paul

Paul, thanks for asking. The hover scroll can be used in all of the devices. The content within the devices is pretty flexible. Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks!

Hi pre buy question, does this integrate with the visual composer UI or do i have to map each shortcode? Do i have to manually code all the shortcodes?


Thank you for the interest in Intense.

Intense does integrate with Visual Composer’s UI. You will not need to manually map the shortcodes.

If you have any troubles, please let us know.


The contents in the Intense content box overrides the contents in the Yoast SEO plugin excerpts of blog summaries. Is there a fix?

Please disregard – I figured out the issue.

Okay, great. Thank you for letting us know. Was it an issue with Intense?

If you need anything, let us know.

Hey your Plugin looks awesome! I’ve two pre-sale questions:

1. Do you already have a shortcode for Gauge Charts or do you plan to add this in the future?

2. Is it possible to give the y-axis of the line Chart a label?

Thanks for your help!


Thank you for the interest in Intense.

1. We have considered gauge charts. We will look into it further to see what all we can do to add them. We will do some research to see what all it will take. I’m sure it will take some time to put together, but it would be a nice addition to our current list of charts.

2. At this time, we don’t have a way to label the y-axis of the line chart. We can look into this as well. We use tools to help build the charts, so there may be some options that we haven’t explored yet with those tools. It’s another great suggestion.

We’ll try to look more into these over this weekend and try to determine what they will take to complete.


1. Ok that would be awesome! Great for BMI-Calculations etc :)

2. Ok. It would be amazing if you could add something like that! Also it would be nice to have a popover box by hovering the line chart :)

One last question. Does your Plugin affect the Page load time? Are all Shortcodes loaded on each page visit?

We have tested and tuned Intense for performance. Even though there are a lot of shortcodes, only the ones that are used on the page will be loaded. Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks!

I need to know how many of my own sites, can I use this plugin on, if I purchase

Hello, and thank you for the interest in Intense.

You can have a look here to check out the licenses. Purchasing a license gives you the right to use the item in one end product, typically one domain. An extended license is still intended for one end product, but it is for those that make money from their site (membership/subscription site as an example) or are going to include the item in something that is being sold (a WordPress theme for example). The one exception is if you are running a multi-site setup. You can install Intense at the network level and use it throughout the sites in that network.

I hope that helps. If you need anything else or have further questions, please let us know.


Does this play well with other shortcode plugins, maybe nesting them inside these ones?

Sure, you can nest other shortcodes inside of the Intense shortcodes. There are some shortcodes that only allow text, but the majority allow for any content, including other shortcodes. As an example, Intense works well with Visual Composer. Embedding Visual Composer shortcodes inside of Intense shortcodes works and vice versa.

If you do purchase, and you have questions or need help, please let us know.


4.75 Rating! Guys i think its a record. Thanks for awesome work!

Thank you! We’re trying to keep up the high quality. It’s clients like yourself that keep us motivated. So, for that, we thank you!

Cuanto cobra por el arreglo de mi tema y donde yo desee el efecto

What effect are you looking for, and on what page? If you can show me what you’re wanting by sending a link to an example, I can possibly put something together.


Hi! I was trying to submit a ticket on your forum but I cannot post there, I get redirected to submission form error page. I am writing the ticket’s content here:

Despite Visual Composer does not work 100% correctly when using the device mockups (e.g. when you view the code and then switch to the editor mode, you loose all the image settings), and facing problems with the image quality, I managed to find a proper size to display a more clear image into iMac and iPad. Without a size option, the image is always blurry. If I define the size as ‘portraitLarge’, then it looks ok.

I haven’t managed so far to find a proper image size for iPhone.

The problem is that the images are linked as thumbnails instead of the original uploaded images. Since I use the image ID only, if I don’t define any size at all, shouldn’t the link be straight onto the original image since I refer to its ID instead of it’s thumbnail?

Link: ​

If you use a code inspector and remove the thumbnail dimensions from the linked image, you will see that the image is clean!

Thank you in advance,


Please also note that when I am using the text mode, when I click to add a shortcode, the Device Mockup shortcode is not there. And switching back to the editor mode makes the whole job I have done to disappear.

Thanks, Natasa

Natasa, sorry for the problem with the forum. We prefer to not handle support requests in the comments. This helps us be the most efficient at handling your request in a timely manner.

We had server issues the other day but they seem to be resolved. Please try to post again or send us a support request from the following page:

If you continue to have issues, you may also send us a private message and we will respond. Thank you for understanding.

Upgrading to php 7 still getting one error in redux core



30 | ERROR | preg_replace() – /e modifier is deprecated since PHP 5.5 and removed since PHP 7.0

Burt, thank you for reporting this issue. We are using Intense on all of our sites with PHP 7.1 and haven’t run into this problem. Which version of Intense are you using and is there a particular behavior that is causing this to show up? Thanks!


Vaillant Purchased

Hello, A few days ago i bought the newest plugin and i can not install it. It gives me a ‘failed installation’. I already have the older version on my website (came with the Ultimatum theme) and try to upgrade it. No succes. I deactivated the old plugin and tried the new one. No succes. I have filled in every field on the update page (of the plugin) i don’t get automatic updates. On top of that i don’t get a response from you. Please let me know what you think it is.

Thanks Ton


Hello! Sorry we haven’t responded to your support ticket, we only received it earlier today. We get to them as quickly as we can.

Have you not only deactivated, but also deleted the Intense plugin that was included with Ultimatum? The installation will fail because there can’t be two of the same plugins installed, regardless of whether or not the plugin is activated or not. If you still have trouble, we may need temporary access to your site to track down what is going on.

Please let me know if you need more help.


Pre Purchase Question: I’m currently using GT Shortcodes but I’m considering switching to another shortcodes plugins because I recently changed to an https url and the GT shortcodes plugin still pulls unsecured images. Would something similar happen with Intense?

Additionally, how does Intense performance compares with GT Shortcodes? GT hasn’t updated in almost two years, so currently, some if its CSS delivery is not optimal. I’m hoping this one is better with its CSS/bootstrap/JS structure/delivery?

Hello and thank you for the interest in Intense.

We’ve done a lot of work to make Intense work with SSL/HTTPS. We use Intense on our SSL sites, and haven’t had any troubles. As for CSS delivery, we only deliver what is needed for the shortcodes on the page, rather than delivering all the CSS. We also cache a CSS file that includes the default styles, this way only one file is needed for the default styles. We really try to make things work as smoothly as possible. If you do purchase and notice any inefficiencies, we are always open to suggestions.

One thing you can do for the time being, is to use a plugin to force SSL. Really Simple SSL is a plugin I’ve used in the past to help with those annoying HTTPS URLs. It’s kind of a band-aid, but it might get you by until you decide what route you want to take.

Let us know if you have any other questions or if you need anything.


Thank you! I’ve made the purchase but I’m having an issue installing it. I tried installing as I always do via the plugins page, but the .zip never loads. So after a few tries I tired installing it via FTP, and while it did, it appears the installation didn’t go through properly as there’s a CSS file that apparently doesn’t load properly. Maybe that’s why I can’t install it the usual way? Any help with this issue?

Sorry you’re starting off with troubles.

This is probably a permissions issue on the uploads folder. Intense tries to create a CSS file in the uploads directory. We take all of the default settings in Intense, and create a single CSS file from those defaults. If you change the default styles (skins) for shortcodes, or turn on or off shortcodes, the CSS file is regenerated. This helps to keep just one main file for the shortcodes. If you continue to have troubles, please send us a support message (either from our support page or through our profile page) with temporary login information and we’ll have a look.


Pre-purchase question if I may. For the Hover Effects and in particular the Revolving Door is it possible to have a url link (button) which can take the visitor to another page or is that only possible with the Hover Box.


It is possible to add whatever you want into the flip boxes. You can have an image that flips to content with a button, or any other HTML content. If you have any other questions, please let us know.


Thanks for the reply but in the meantime I found another plugin from a different author and I’ve made the purchase there. It was far cheaper and not restricted to one site which makes your plugin rather expensive. I appreciate this may not be what you want to hear but it’s the reason I am not purchasing and others may feel the same.


We completely understand. You have to do what is going to work best for you.

We choose to sell exclusively on Envato primarily because of the exposure we get. In doing so, we are limited by the license rules that Envato has. We have considered making a lite version of Intense to sell on our own (at a discounted price with less restrictions), we simply haven’t been able to get it done.

Best of luck on your project and thank you for checking out Intense.

Pre-sale question. I’m interested in buying a WP theme from this site and I’ve never purchased codes before. Will it easily work within a theme I get without conflict of the codes that comes with a theme? Thanks.


We make sure our shortcodes are unique names so that they will not conflict with shortcodes from another plugin or theme.

If you have any other questions or need further help, please let us know.


Is it possible to create something like this blog has done with the “Continents Visited” and “Countries Visited” counter 1/4 down the page? Specifically using the Counter functionality.

Is it easily implemented? Easily put at the location where desired?


You can easily use the counter shortcode to accomplish the counters you’re looking at. If you look at the counter demo page, the code used for each counter is visible when you click to expand the “View shortcodes used to create this page” collapsible.

If you have any issues, or need additional help, please let us know.



kimash Purchased

Hi… Pre Purchase Question, Can i nest Tabs inside of Accordions?


kimash Purchased

I mean Tabs within FAQs (Accordions) in the question above.


Sorry it has taken us a little while to respond.

Nesting tabs inside of collapsibles (accordions) will work fine with Intense. Here’s a link to a screenshot of two tabs nested inside of a collapsible.

If you have any problems or need help, please let us know.


hi, o got a question: what is the best theme compatible with vc and this plugin?


Typically, there are no issues with compatibility. If you have a few themes in mind that you want to use, let us know and we can give you more information.

Our theme, Intensity, does include Intense, Visual Composer, Layer Slider, and Slider Revolution.

Of course, if you do have problems, we are more than willing to take a look and help work through any issues that arise.



dathugo Purchased

Hello, please check my ticket : id:353387057. Thanks alot !

Hello! We just sent a message to you that includes the shortcode that we’re using for the testimonies page. Here is the shortcode for you.

[intense_testimonials post_type=”intense_testimonials” taxonomy=”intense_testimonials_category” template=”text” show_filter=”0” categories=”landing-page” is_masonry=”1” gutter=”10” masonry_width=”33%” masonry_sticky_width=”100%” posts_per_page=”3” post_count=”3”]



dathugo Purchased

Hello, thanks you ! i have another question, please check ticket updated …

I responded to your latest message. Thanks!