intAnim - Interactive Animated Background

intAnim - Interactive Animated Background

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Interactive animated background for your web application. Easy to use style generator included  :).

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HTML5 canvas interactive animated background.
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  • 19 premade styles
  • Infinite possible style combinations
  • Possibility to use your own images as shapes
  • Interactive background
  • Every click adds a new shape
  • Parallax triggered by mouse movement or device tilt
  • Perfect for holidays or special events (Easter,Christmas, Valentine’s day, Halloween, Anniversaries, etc…)
  • Cross browser, cross-device

If you want a specific shape/style to be included in the next version feel free to ask for that in the comment section  :).

If you have any trouble using this script contact us at .

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intAnim - Interactive Animated Background - 7 intAnim 1.3 (15 May 2013)
  • Auto-adjust number of shapes to keep FPS constant.
  • New feature: fading background
intAnim 1.2 (22 Februrary 2013)
  • Parallax option, even on mobile devices!
  • Improved generator interface.
  • Transparent background.
  • Bug fixes.
intAnim 1.1 (18 Februrary 2013)
  • Possibilty to add your own images as shapes.
  • Fix for mobile devices
  • Improved performance. 300% faster on mobile device and 100% faster on PC’s by not drawing behind content div.

If you have any bugs to report, send them at .