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How do i create a role for agency to view record and transactions only

Hi, can you rephrase the question. I did not understand?

I meant that can clients register by themselves if so how?

No, clients can registe themselves, they are added.

I added a new client and I notice when I login as that client, I can view all the other policies from other customers?

That was a bug that has been fixed. The update is waiting a approval. Send me your email to I send you the new files.

Works great Thank You :)

twilio gateway not work

Hi, send what error are you getting? send me a link to

How to add another gateway ?

Edit the sms-create.php and cron.php files


Can I know the changes and additions of the new version which was released Today ?

Best Regards,

Fixing some bugs

please tell us the files effected as we have done some changes in the system.


all the files, there is a script that was added to all the files.

hi, you have date of update for translate lang ??

not yet, sorry!

How can i change the currency? Always maintained ”$” i need change

Can you send me the fix bug for added new client and can’t view another policies? Thanks

For currency, you can edit global-top-scripts.php in the includes folder. For the bug issue, have you installed the latest update?

Hello, I repeated 2x the download, I still can not find the file /app/files/settings-profile.php

Hi, I have noticed the file is missing on the latest upload. Please send me your email to I send you the file.


alaaodeh Purchased


the profile settings not working please kindly advise ?


alaaodeh Purchased

after uploaded the file provided but still white screen

Please resend the link to we check it for you

the link you provided was not accessible


alaaodeh Purchased


why the clients can’t see the attachment files?


Because the attachments are for official use. You can still customize it and allow clients to see them.


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how we can add another language variables please ?

You can translate word after word for now. We next update will will be multi-lingual

Hello. I have multiple questions:

1. I want to integrate my own SMS Gateway and not Twilio. How to do that?

2. Why isn’t there a create policy link.

3. Why do admins have no option to what privileges the staff gets. For example i want some staff to only see policy and clients, some other to only see leads, and others to only see SMS and EMail how to do this?

4. profile settings not working

5. Where do i know which version is the code i installed. This will help me know if the one installed and the one you released are same.

If there is anything you want to email please email to also if you can email the latest files, for large files us this can send up to 2gb files for free.



1. SMS are sent by the file `sms-create.php` edit that file and add your sms gateway

2. create policy link is on clients list or profile. click on the options icon in the list and you will get the link. You will get the link on clients profile as well. 3. So far we don’t have staff privileges settings. we will consider on next update. 4. I will send you the file on email. 5. You are using the latest version

Thank you.


2. Profile setting does not work, page doesn’t exist. Also I still can’t find the “Create Policy” Button. Can you send me a screenshot. My email is Thanks.


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hello how ican send sms arabic language

what happens is you create your sms in arabic?


nrodrz Purchased

Hi I just downloaded your script, looks very good but some of the buttons did not works. I enter to Agency and click on any icon and nothing happens on clients, policies, staff


nrodrz Purchased

Hi Any updates?

I have sent you an email


nrodrz Purchased


Hi, demo account doesnt work. Can you please reset so I can check your script?


Hi, Sorry for the inconvinience, you can check now

We have installed but it is not working.

Kindly check and let us know.

your .htaccess might be missing. Check if it is there


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I can not find the file profile.php and therefore clicking on profile settings appears “page not found”, can you please send me the file or (even better) add it to the final version to download? thank you

Please send me your email to

Can you make this as a plugin for wordpress?

Wow! that is a good idea, I guess alot of buyers would be interested. Thank you


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When the multi language will be available?

In around 2 weeks


nrodrz Purchased

Hi Team Could you add calendar feature at some moment, it is very important for followup appoinments and events.