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The plugin create list with emails for every product?

hi Fantasy. We will update this function in future :)


Where I can find users that press on “notify me” button?



Hi Jcagarciadelcanto, I have upload new version fix In stock auto send email and I hope it can approve today. For list subscribers who click Notify button. I will upload tomorrow.

Your function to count how many users press “Notify Me” button is good. But I think a list will be better :D

I think you are a good coder (y) I just checked your github. I trust you can make this plugin, why you need to buy it?

Hahaha thanks… I’m helping some friends to create his website and they want to have it as soon as possible … so I prefer to buy your plugin and don’t spend time on development.

About count function, is for a custom functionality that they need. They should to be able to show how many people wants this product that is out of stock on product page.

I’ll be alert to your plugin updates! ;)


PS: You could contact me on gitHub and i’ll be able to follow you.

Yeah. Maybe I will add count function in this plugin :D

I just fllowed you on GitHub. I don’t use it regularly. Our team is only small team and we work with local server.

P/s: Our team available to work on WP, PHP, Web UI/UX, Game Design… If you have any job please send me a message via contact form. I can give you a good quote ;)


I’ve found other incident maybe you want to solve…

I’m registered on the website, and I press on “Notify me” button… that’s inserts my email on “wp_woocommerce_stock” table and generate a cookie… If I remove all cookies from my browser, “Notify Me” button appears again… why it doesn’t check if you are logged and shows that you have pressed “Notify me” button before?


Hi Juan, I will check and let you know tomorrow. I’m on bed now.

Hi Juan, Can you buzz me via contact form. I will send you new version fix cookie for user. only apply cookie for visitor. Envato update take too long…


Do you mid showing a screenshot on how does the email notification looks like? Does the email includes a picture of the product in the body?

If the email list is long (for example > 20), will the plugin still work? Other plugin I used before can’t work when list is long and have to use an external mailing list plugin like Mailchimp to work.

Hi Phangmoh. Email content you can set in settings like this:

This version not auto insert product. Maybe in next version I will include this function.

Forn now you can insert Product Name + Product Link.

It’s can send many email. But you can use mailchimp it’s better

Please let me know if you have any questions,


I’ve just purchased your plugin and it seems to be perfect for my needs.

I have an Hebrew website (RTL) and it’s works fine.

I have few problems:

1. the button on the product page covers a little bbit the catogeries. what’s the best way to fix that? do I have to use css to fix it or there’s another method in your settings? 2. I see an option to edit the button text, how can I edit the text files of the popup?

3. I see that all the 3 fields of the popup are *required, how can I change it?

4.Can I change “last name” field to “Mobile”

many thanks! Aviram

Hi Aviram, About your questions

1. You can use CSS to fix it

2. You can go to WooCommerce > Settings > Notification Settings. You can change text and email content here

3. I will release this feature in next update

4. Sure. same for #2

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions :)

(I very like Israel people, they smart and there is startup country)

Hey Tommy! thanks for your fast replay!

2. I meant to edit the text fields (Name, Last name and Email) of the pupup – I want to translate it to Hebrew. I’ve looked for that on WooCommerce > Settings > Notification Settings. but I didn’t find it. That’s all I see:

4. same :)

(THANK YOU! It’s very nice to hear that! )


Hi Aviram, I will add Custom Form Options in future (when I get more purchase for this plugin). For now you can use PoEdit or Loco Translate plugin to do that. Check it here:

I hope it can help
Please let me know if you have any questions,


I bought this plugin and now we have a problem with CSS.

Can you help us?


Hi Sketchesfromheaven. Yes sure, please send us your FTP + admin access via my contact form and let me know what you want to change, then I will help you do it.

Pre-sale Q: What happens if the same email is entered twice in different browsers? Are duplicates added? I also just tried to sign up on one browser, and I understand a cookie keeps it alive. I then opened a second browser and signed up with the same email and again got a confirmation. If I unsubscribe from browser one and refresh browser two, it stays I am still signed up, but is my email still in the system?

Hi Whereskarlo, If visitor entered same email twice in different browsers. it’s not duplicate because plugin have check it.

About your second question. If you login as a user. And you go to browser one subscribe or unsubscribe. both affect to browser two. If you unsubscribe email will auto remove in database

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Thanks! Do you have an example of the emails being sent? Are they using standard Woocommerce design and are product images included?

Hi Whereskarlo, No it’s just simple text email at the moment. I will add woo email format in future :)

Hello i ordered and use your product but when i clicked at notify button nothing happended! check that at ty

Hello patentapc, Thank for choosing our plugin. Please send your admin access and FTP via my contact form at then I will help you check it.


Hello it’s me again if i have options at the product the button does not work! What do i have to do and make it work correctly?

Hi patentapc, If you site work wrong I need your admin access and FTP to fix it (I test on my site and it’s worked fine). If you can’t provide I can’t fix it. Also we available answer up to 48 hours.


Tommy the site is works perfect.The problem is that if a product has variations the notify button is not appeared to get your script. If you go at a single product the button appeared and gets the script! So you need to load the script after button appeared! I ll be waiting for your reply. Thank you.


Hi patentapc, Sorry I just confirm with our developers. We don’t support product has variations at the moment. We will update it in next version.

Please let me know if you have any questions,


donsar Purchased

I use Woocommerce Product Page for Visual Composer (template driven)

When it is enabled The cart notify button does not show up.

My Purchase code is: 302c116e-6567-4bf5-a7c2-6aafc118aebb -

Can you tell me how to fix it? I really need to use the Woocommerce Product Page for Visual Compose,....

Hi donsar, I think it’s not compatible with Woocommerce Product Page for Visual Compose plugin. Please send your admin access and FTP via my contact form at and I will help you check it.



donsar Purchased

Hi Tommy,

Emailed admin access & ftp access

Thanks, Don

Hi there

Does your plugin allow to place a notify option (perhaps with popup/overlay) on the shop/archive/category page under the out of stock product?

Hi code-engine, only notification popup form in single page like this demo:



Does it work with: Woocommerce Variations to Table – Grid

Is it possible to test before purchase?



Does it work with variable products?

Hi Zisko, we don’t support Variations to Table – Grid plugin.


Is there a way to change the color of the button from green to something else? It is really in conflict with my theme…

Hi shopichigo, You can easy change it by edit CSS, or you can send your FTP to my email then I will happy to help you change it :)


1) User needs to provide the email address only when he is not logged in. After login he only needs to click the button and it’s done. Right?
2) Will each user have a frontend page with all product they added to wishlist. Like the way they added product to cart?

Hi JuliaAbraham, Thanks for your questions, let me answer it.

1. Right!

2. It’s not available at this time, user will receive an email when products is available.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Dear Ninja team

i want to purchase your plugin… Does the plugin supports the products with variables ????

Hi aristotelis, no at this time, but we have the plan to add it in next week.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Thank you Tommy, i wait email when it will be available.. i need this plugin :)

Hi aristotelis, sorry for this mistake, I just talk with my team and they say current version supported variation product.

You can buy and use it now :)

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Hi there, looks like a nice plugin.

In the backend, does it show an overview of how many times each product is requested? (Could you include a screenshot please?)

Hi TimVanGorp

You can check this screenshot:

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Doesn’t work on the new WP version :(. Please check and update plugin please!

Aah my support is already expired. Do I need to buy this again?

You don’t need buy plugin again, just buy support.


Hi, i’m interested in your plugin but i have two questions: Can make the button appear only when i have a product: in stock, zero quantity, allow backorders? Can i customize the button?

Hi Felixwebsimple,

The button only display when your you have an out-stock product. And you can custom the button by use CSS. Or submit a ticket and I will help you custom it.

Please let me know if you have any questions,