In-Stock Alert for WooCommerce

In-Stock Alert for WooCommerce

Don’t let stock-outs frustrate shoppers!
Don’t make them switch stores when they can’t find what they intend to buy!
Make your out-of-stocks more friendly to your customers with this small yet effective plugin.
By this way, your customers can always get updated when your products are now available.
And you can also keep their contacts for later promotions.

Couldn’t be greater! Buy now!

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07/17/2017: (version 1.5)
- Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce 3.x
- Fixed: Get notification button

07/12/2017: (version 1.4)
- Fixed: Other bug fixes and improvements

02/23/2016: (version 1.3)
- Added: Display subscribers list who hit on notify button

01/27/2016: (version 1.2)
- Fixed: Cookie for users and visitors

01/26/2016: (version 1.1)
- Fixed: Auto send email to subscribers when Stock status = In stock

01/18/2016: (version 1.0)
- Version 1.0 Initial Release