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I do not find this:”Ability for users to mark as read, delete” Where can I find this feature? I can not find the demo! :-( Where is it?

Well you might be testing it wrong or seems old build is there. No worries, please raise a ticket on our helpdesk at envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk and our team will send you a demo details on Monday to test it out as our technical team is at end of the work day.

Ionic View Id: 19bcb91d Okay, I’m waiting for the new ID. Thanks

Thanks CarlaFeldens, Our technical team will be back on Monday and will provide you the best possible solution.

Hi I am looking at this app, with courses could it be coded so that there a find out more button for a course type that would allow a URL to our booking portal?

Also could we contract you to make modifications eg add equipment register eg buys a Defib, defib needs to be inspected monthly so a reminder push notification is sent, and also integrate with woo commerce for online sales?

Hello SiConsultants,

We will create mobile app for you.Please share your store URL and list of plugin you have installed on woo-commerce so that we will check complete and share time and cost required for mobile app. Please send your detail on following email id- products@envisionecommerce.com


your support is terrible, they are not helping at all

Hello Aaron, you have raised a support email. The support has more tickets too address and All the emails are addressed on first come first server basis. Please wait for at least 48 hours before coming to any conclusion about support not helping.

Hi. I purchache the app but i dont see any docs or app ionic only cdeingnitor. Can you help?

1. File apk download for avaliation in android? 2. Print Notifications, Contact in app for view?

Hello renatokeuller36,

1. You can check App in Ionic view.

Ionic View Id:

Theme One :: A920FDCB Theme Two :: 26C33303 Theme Three :: 5C0A6A58 Theme One :: c143b6a1

2. What do you mean by Print Notification?

3. We have a contact us form in App so that user can send his queries which will be logged in Database and Admin can review them in backend.

support RTL?


Hi, please can you send me link to Admin, and ionic view code, the ones here are not working. really want to purchase this app. emydrive@yahoo.com

i have waited for your reply for 4 days now. i am asking for a refund. thank you

hello the file is not complete

the app source code and documentation is not included, kindly send link to download to my email emydrive@yahoo.com. i don’t know how to raise support ticket please.

Good afternoon, I just bought the app but I can not find any documentation to use it with ionic.

I would like to know if you can help me. Thank you

I have not found the ionic source code, could you send it to me? Thank you

i have waited for your reply for 4 days now. i am asking for a refund. thank you

hello i want to buy this application , but need to check demo please if you can send me apk , also how to ignore sub cources ? and can i add Arabic text instead of English ? please email me osama.alani@gmail.com


also please how to reskin it , do you give reskin instructions ?

After 15 days, I still have no answers, I have requested the return of the money. Thank you