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Hi there,

Just purchased this , I don’t see any source code for the mobile app in there. Could you please send that ?

thanks . ycherry.purwanto@gmail.com

Thanks for your purchase, we will send you the download link via email.

i need a documentation on how to run the app

Please raise a support ticket on our helpdesk. Our team will assist you with it. http://envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/

can i put admob to this app?

another question after purchasing do i need to upload the project to android studio and generate the apk, Or Apks are generated automatically from your system and i will just edit Institute details from the admin panel? and is it okay to use a shared host?

Hi Macbethmanen,

You don’t have to upgrade the studio as IONIC does not use the studio to build apk please read the ionic documentation to generate the apk file Link-> http://docs.ionic.io/

Thanks Team Envision

Yes admob can be used in in this app tutorial -.> http://www.tutorialspoint.com/ionic/ionic_admob.htm

i want to buy this..

just let me know the difference between this and pro version…
also please let me know that what type of push notification you used in this.. did you use ionic push or just database message?

Please visit the page (https://www.envisionecommerce.com/store/institute-ionic-mobile-app.html) to see the features in Pro Version. You can also download and check to see the live app build on pro version (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.graduateamerica.graduateamerica). In this design were customized. We have used Database message for push notification.

Please include the ionic code in your update, it makes no sense to put an email request for the source ever time. Kindly send me the updates code. I have updated the ticket as well. Thank you

Thanks for your purchase. We have kept it so to our customers purchasing it so that we can help them with support as most of them ask for customization. We will send you dropbox link to download the same over our ticket system in sometime. Thanks

Thanks I am waiting for it .

It is sent.

Hi I Want to buy this app but before that I want to see your backend demo but your backend demo is not working

Hello Bimal,

We have a Pro version of the app (https://www.envisionecommerce.com/store/institute-ionic-mobile-app.html). You can see the demo of the app using ionic view Id: 19bcb91d. We will send you the backend demo link and access details tomorrow morning.

still waiting for backend demo. also provide me apk for the same so that i can test the app

Hello Bimal,

We apologize for the delay here, we were configuring the demo of the app for you.

Demo URL: https://www.askhoncho.com/demo/gymapp Username: admin102 Password: admin

You can see the demo of the app using ionic view Id: 19bcb91d.

Kindly provide us your email, so that we can send the apk file to you on the email.

Thanks Team Envision

Hi, For the courses, is there a way for users to pay for a course?

Hi evanomondi,

Currently there is no feature for the online payments in the app. But we can customize this feature for you.


pls send dummy apk or demo of application


You can check the demo through Ionic View.

Ionic Id’s of the app:

Theme One :: A920FDCB Theme Two :: 26C33303 Theme Three :: 5C0A6A58

If you need to check the backend section of the app then you can visit:

http://askhoncho.com/demo/instituteapp/ User :: demo Password :: admin

Thanks Envision Ecommerce

not working.


They are working fine at our end. Can you please try it again.


Could you please tell me how much would you charge to make a hybrid app for http://bit.ly/2dTZNxd. I do not have access to files, but I have access to sql database.

Please send us an email at info@envisionecommerce so that we can discuss this further over email.


abul09 Purchased

​Where to change version code in my institute app currently versioncode is 100018 but i have checked almost all the files but i dint get the version code to edit kindly help me out

Hi, We have replied you over ticket system.

Hi, can i’ll translate this app in another language?

Yes this is possible

I am trying to login to DEMO INSTITUTE ADMIN LOGIN but giving error: “Wrong user name or password”

the details are corect. Please raise a support ticket if you are still facing issue https://www.envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/

I don’t understand this is only the backend source code , and de pro version are both app and backend or this this i can get both but lees features than pro . ??

The major difference is that this version is using Codeignitor as backend and the pro version is using Laravel. Another difference is that there are some more additional features that this elite version doesn’t have.

Good morning, is it possible to translate this app to Spanish?

Yes we can translate this to Spanish. That will be a change request but possible to do.

android studio or eclipse ?

Its in Ionic Framework

hello can we translate backend?

The current version don’t have that but we can do that as a custom request.

Demo link Credentials are not working, pls check

Hi shrikant_talawar,

Sorry for this inconvenience caused here.

Please login the demo with following details: http://askhoncho.com/demo/instituteapp/

Username: ASKHoncho Password:

Thanks Team Envision

Hi, Please ignore previous credentials.

Use these details to check demo:


Username: demo Password: admin

Thanks Team Envision

Hi there,

Just purchased this , I don’t see any source code for the mobile app in there. Could you please send that ?

thanks . luis.fusim@gmail.com

the email is sent, apologies for the delay


luisfusim Purchased

thanks a lot, i got it :D

Great thanks

I havent Received reply yet from yoketu support person i Have even raised a tic


I Am not able to use the app I have extracted the download and their is no document present to make it start

Our team has replied to the ticket, Please raise your question there and they will respon you soonest