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When shall we expect the reply from your end.

Your query is already replied.

Hi, from the demo where can I check student attendance? as a teacher to submit daily attendance and as a parent where I can check my child attendance?

Go to Student -> Attendance to see the report. If logged in user has permission to mark attendance then you can mark attendance from the same page. The student can check his/her attendance on the same page and parent can also check all their ward attendance.

Is mobile application available for this?

Can you developed customised app?

Sorry, not this moment.

In your script, where to generate report card ?

Yes, you can generate report cards easily. Check the demo.

Maybe you don’t understand my question. I want to know in which menu we can generate Report Card. I hesitate to purchase because I try almost every menu but I don’t find it.

Go to Exam from sidebar menu, and click on the report card. That’s it.

Is it possible to add monthly fees for students? Is it also possible to generate alerts to know which students are pending payment? It is also possible to generate reports to allow the admission of a student if he is up to date with his payments.

Yes, the fee module is very flexible and you can add monthly fee installments. There is fee due report which you can use to send SMS. There is fee summary report which you can use to know the students who have paid all the fee. Let me know if you have any more queries.

It’d be super cool if this was extended to offer full LMS functionality, allowing users to actually complete courses online.

Right now no such feature is planned. We will let you know if anytime it is in our future planning.

I am evaluating your software for a school. I am not able to see certain features like promotion and termination working properly in the demo. For example, I am not able to reject a student registration or terminate a student.

I remember student registration working few days back but not now.

Also is it possible to add caste and community in the transfer certificate template, as those are mandated by CBSE in India. It is not practical to enter these values for every student, rather take from the student details.

Another question is why Mother phone number cannot be imported. Grade 1 student contact number is not relevant as such a young kid will not a phone. Can Mother phone number be part of the import as it is difficult to update every record individually.

I would request you to raise a pre sale ticket at Its not feasible to answer all your queries here.

Presale question: Do you have identity card printing feature

No. You can submit your feature request at

can we use with localhost ? ( institution never want to share data online)

Yes you can

Sending SMS for late attendance / fees payment / homework / events… other activities. Where to assign (attendance / homework / events / fees payment…any activity ) features in demo site ?

No. if you wish to have those features, you can request for customization at

Android app is in near future are already in place? any way to integrate the finger print attendance system?

u have mentioned payu in the payment gateway in demo its not available

Mobile app is not in our list right now. No bio metric system is integrated. Can you please reply where you have seen payu payment gateway in the demo?

Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definitely be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment. Thanks for sharing.

University Management System

We are in holiday right now, will be back on 8th April 2019

android app available ?

can you add payu and paytm

Not right now, you can submit your customization request at and it will be processed in the month of May


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Hello, No responds from your end regarding my Ticket

Your ticket is already replied.

Hello Dear, we are interested in your system, actually we looking for LMS that has below features…may i know if its available in your system, and if not, can you arrange for your next update? -ADVANCED QUIZZING ? creating smart quizzes and assignment ?

-LESSON TIMERS ? minimum time requirement to watch the course video to be assume its watched.

-COURSE POINTS? unlock courses after finishing the previous one

-CERTIFICATES & BADGES? automation certificate generator

Looking forward for your kind replay.

Regards, Gabriel

Unfortunately, all these features are not available and they are not in our future plan list

Hi there Is it supporting Arabic language?

Yes, you can translate into any language you want.

its multi school or single school

It is for Single School

Can I record student attendances by subject? Can I setup student fee depend on which subject students learn?

Attendance by subject is not yet available but it can be customized for sure. You can create different batches and then collect fee accordingly. Let me know if you have any other query.

Everytime I try to install, it cancels the install at the part 4. And when I try to click install again it says the database is not empty. All it installs in the database is the migrations table :S pls help me.

Please raise a ticket at

can the students register on their own and make payment from front end ?

and is raorpay or instamojo payment gateway supported ?