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Hi, I can’t find the ‘social link’ for Instagram. Can it be available?

And, is it possible to have diferent paragraphs on the ‘description’ field? (perhaps some html?)


thanks for your effort! concerning diferent paragraphs, perhaps you could solve it just having multiple ‘description fields’ defined… not sure about it

concerning instagram icon, are you going to incorporate it on the next version? in this case, is this version planned soon? (otherwise, please provide me with your email to give you ftp access)

don’t worry about html

I don’t plan to release new version at the moment, so please send a PM from the profile page. I’ll get that as an email sent by you.

Dear Sir,

thank you for this great module. Because the admin demo login isn’t working I purchased the module to look by myself. Everything works very well. But for Germany I really have to disable the newsletter subscribe function because of the privacy protection laws. Our (exaggerated) privacy laws demanding an double opt-in for newsletters and other subscriptions. I would really appreciate if you could tell me what is possible (how to disable) regarding my problem.

Thank you & best regards

Hi, Well if you want to disable the best and easiest i think if you remove the html code from the .tpl file. If you want to keep the functionality, than you can add a checkbox and you can check it with JS to see if accepted or not.

If you want i can help you. Also if there are such rules in some countries i think i’m going to do an upgrade and add the checkbox functionality. Can you describe what do you need exactly? For example a legal notice which the subscribers can read, or just a simple checkbox, etc.

Sadly the backend demo dies all the time because some users mess things up all the time.

Thanks for the info!

ps: please send your requirements via a PM, its better.


We’ve a little problem with instauro module, today We need to activate the maintenance mode at our prestashop (http://singularshirts.com) and the page that we can see is the regular of prestashop instead the instauro page…

We’re using Instauro 1.3.4 and Prestashop

Can you help us?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards

Alberto Gombáu

Hi, Prestashop cant handle the class loader well, probably thats the problem. The instuaro module uses an override to change the default maintenance page, so you have to delete the class_index.php file from the cache folder. This should resolve your problem. If not let me know and i’ll check it.

Regards, Antal

Thanks for your module!

Nevertheless I thought I could use html in the description but It seems to possible. The most important fro me would be to put just an http link in the description. Is there any way to do that? And after that to use <p></p> ?

Other point: I disabled the countdown timer. But it’s still using vertical space so that my description doesn’t seem verticaly centered and I don’t see well the timeline link.

Last: My facebook timeline show my last posts as 46 years old?

Thanks Tom

Not sure how can i help you, if you want i can add the text/html into the file directly, just provide me an FTP via a PM.

Also i can align vertically for you.

For the timeline i have no idea, can you also provide database and back office access?

Thanks. About html and alignment if the lone solution is to modify the file directly, I’ll try to do it on my own. About the timeline, could it be due the fact that my facebook is in french?


Not sure, dates are transformed ( strtotime($post->created_time) ), also i don’t think you get different date format from Facebook.

Theres a table called “instauro_timeline”, can you clear it and check the date issue again? Maybe was a one time thing.

Otherwise try to debug the facebook data, in the FrontController override theres a function called “updateFacebookPostsInDatabase”, try to print out the posts received from Facebook and check the date.

Still can help you if you provides FTP, back office access and a facebook link via a PM.

Hello minicstudio i am planning to have the module but i have problem in my prestashop in the maintenance page it works fine but if i add my IP all the visitor can see the website this module will fix it another question Can i disable the counter ? My prestashop thanks

Hello Minicstudio i have the same problem when i add my IP the website is available for all


Please send via a PM a back office access and an FTP access. The module code should be fine, so something else went wrong there.

Also doesn’t make sense that you add any IP and the site becomes available for everyone.

awesome! I can remove name and last name field from newsletter subs? ty!

Hi, yes you can enable / disable the fields on the configuration page.


I am very interested before purchase let me know how your integrated plugin? on my site? example index.php

thank you


Sorry but i don’t understand. The module is for Prestashop, and cant be used in other systems.

Regards, A

i really am not happy right now with this module,template things its not installing…..paid for it as it is advertised on the site it says nothing of these installation extra problems, delete this, do that ex…it’s crazy why sell something if it is such a mission to install…cant blame presta all the other things i bought installs fine…

is it a module or a theme html now?


You need to keep in mind that i can be on the other part of the world and the time difference can be huge. Its morning here and just arrived into the office, when you wrote i was asleep.

In most of the cases the installation is working fine, you probably have a modified Prestashop or a conflict with other modules.

Can you please provide more details about the problem you have in a PM? I might need a backend and an FTP access as well.

Regards, A

hi wasn’t referring to you…more to envatomarket for not having a proper support system with a live chat… Don’t expect a developer to be on standby….24/7 but envato market can have a support system that works 24/7 like the other places selling modules and template add ons, would have been nice… but any case…

I am running prestashop with a template from template monster…. want to install this module but doesn’t want to seem to install if the problem is from template monster side i can get them to assist, but because i bought it from envatomarket then you guys are the first channel to check to assist. if you could provide me with a e-mail where i can send you the details for access and so forth…

Thanks.. Tjaart


Indeed Envato should improve few things …

Go to my profile page ( http://codecanyon.net/user/minicstudio ) and send a PM ( right sidebar ), you also can see my email address there.

Regards, A


We’ve a little problem with instauro module, today We need to activate the maintenance mode at our prestashop (http://stylenza.re) and the page that we can see is the regular of prestashop instead the instauro page…

We’re using Instauro 1.3.4 and Prestashop

Can you help us?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards

Belinda Dupart


tiker1 Purchased

Hi man.

I need change the color of the header-red.png

I renamed header-green.png for header-red.png but it It doesn’t work

Which css file do I have to modify?


Hello, The png is fallback for IE browsers, what is displayed on IE8 and lower. if you would like to change the color of the header, you need to change the color of the SVG fill attribute.

Now the color is fill=”#e74c3c” – this is the red background of the front board.


Hi, I have problem. Problem1 When I activate timeline Twitter work, Facebook dont work And the following message is written on the page : Notice : Trying to get property of non-object in Frontcontroller.php on line 253 Warning : invalid argument supplied for foreach() in Froncontroller.php on line 253. Problem 2 I change color header-red and Background. In phone there is not change. I emptied the cache phone Problem 3 Timeline Twitter in English buton open and date. How change in French ? Problem 4 Buton subscribe, how to change color background , now is green

Version PrestaShop


The your last three problem is solvable easily, but we don`t get error from the Facebook. Could you send me a private message to check that thing in your site?

Hello. I have sent you a private message with the link from my website and you have never replied. I sent here and private message so you can see my message in both place and reply. Here, I am still sent to the two places. Have you seen the site link I sent privately. Did you see my email that I sent privately? What web site information do you need? What access do you want me to give you? The access to prestashop or the ftp of my website? You do not specify anything in your message. Also it is not possible to explain what to do to solve the mulitple problems that I meet. Thank you for your help

I send you private message. Thanks

Hello, does this module support latest prestashop (1.7.x)?

Hello, this module does not support the 1.7 PrestaShop.

muac muac muuuaaaaccc, thanks.