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version 3 includes collage?

check out demo app


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Money back!

All ready mention in description

https://codecanyon.net/item/instasquare-photo-editor/16387379 Discussion on InstaSquare Photo Editor

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Hi i asking your support on this issue please advise and i need the width and height for the RatioLayout and image to be similar to my card ratio, my card is 640 width * 480 height

i’m loading custom card images from the drawable folder

i see that the height and width for the Ratio layout would be same 1080 on my case i’ve try to change the heightRatio on RatioRelativeLayout to .75 but the loaded image wouldn’t fit exactly on it

please help how can i accomplish this

try with change layout in activity main , we are not giving that kind of support which you want, because its different coding part,

Can I customize the stickers? Take out those in the app and put mine?

yes you can add your own sticker