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Hello , i am interested in your App , but i want to Ask about 2 things 1- Arabic fonts can i add Arabic fonts to the App 2- i want to add remove ads button.

You can easily remove button u can add any font

Hi, i want to buy this code but i read it’s only for android studio, i read in some forum it’s easy to convert it to eclipse , if you can do it i will buy it . and i think it will increase your sales

not convert in eclipse

Hello, i want to remove gift native ad please help me

Hello, i want to remove gift native ad please help me

Hello, i want to remove gift native ad please help me

remove ad id from string. xml file content

” android.os.FileUriExposedException: file:///storage/emulated/0/1509749394632.jpg exposed beyond app through ClipData.Item.getUri()” Error.

error regarding storage file check with different device its work or not

a pre-purchase question: it support rtl ?

Hello … I have a problem with your application, native ads for android discontinued … and you lose that space in the app … could you tell me how to insert advertising in that space ?. Thank you so much.

you can use advertising demo id in app, after you can check it

yes … but in my admob account I can not generate code for native ads and I want to put a banner in that space.

How to add more than 64 stickers in each sticker folders

you can easily add, add sticker in folder , find out sticker counting file and add number of sticker in code line


Yousfiy Purchased

hello dude can i know how can i change the folder name when i save photo

I want to reduce the distance between Effects And Steckers. Contact Me In Email. I need Your help

Bro i asked many times, its not working in android 6 or 7…. pic not showing in editor page… i think permission problem…. why you r not replying…... pls fixed it…

Hello, in the gift announcement never appears anything always goes blank, how can I post ad there?

support dead for this item. Native ads are down you should update the code and interface :)