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isaac40 Purchased

can i use image of code there is no copyright ???

Yes u can use it, but its better to use own images because so many people purchase the item many have same design so i suggest to you use different one


braifen Purchased

Hello Can you make some changes for me i want to contact you

hello i would like to buy this cool code but while i trying APK i notes when import the pic to the app will lose high quality ?? answer me plz

good code need just qulity when take pic from camera we waiting Update thank you

i will update, thank you

Updated Version 2 resolved camera quality and new feature

how can i change the Emoji stickers to hight qualty with new size ?

replace with old sticker with new one ,For size and quality depends on you ,its change layout and change coding ,


tryone Purchased

Before buy i have some questions.. 1. its code in android studio or eclipse ? 2.Its in core or use any extra framework for add stickers?

in android studio, add sticker you want to just replace new sticker with old


johanve Purchased

hi sir 1. images as stickers, emoji and more can read on external server. 2. can eclipse support 3. good documentation 4. custom sdk or aviary 5. watermark on finish image is possible


ok sir,

can i know how can i change the colors


hi i want to buy, i have 2 question plz, watermark on finish image is possible? and how to add a new stickers? Thank you

Sir, there is no issue with code, work with fresh code again

ok thank you, can you check for the link of my app for rating on your code source? because i cant add the link of my app, just the id of my store right?

send me link on email


anedamy Purchased

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Hi, i wanna buy this application but i when i try to get a photo then i click save button it crush please fix this issues before i buy it thanks in advance

No any problem, in source code


dynemix Purchased


I got a warning from Admob regarding the interstitial ads placement, can you fix the ads placement? this one is from the Instasquare Version 2

I don’t really understand on how to change the ad placement

Here’s the email from admob that contains warning:


We are alerting you that your app is currently in violation of the AdMob program policies. Importantly, this will require action on your part to ensure no disruption in ad serving. Please read below for more information on the actions you need to take:

Current ad serving status: Active

Violation explanation

LAYOUT ENCOURAGES ACCIDENTAL CLICKS – INTERSTITIAL ADS: Publishers are not permitted to encourage users to click AdMob interstitial ads in any way. Please review how you’ve implemented interstitial ads and be mindful of the following non-compliant implementation(s):

Interstitial ads that load unexpectedly while a user is viewing the app’s content. For more information about our policies and tips for how to comply please read the following:

AdMob ad placement policy AdMob interstitial ad guidance AdMob preload instructions for Android and iOS

Action required: Please make changes immediately to your app to comply with AdMob program policies.


dynemix Purchased

Okay, i will send the link…. I will send it from this email address: dynemixs@yahoo.com


dynemix Purchased

I think the problem is stated here: Interstitial ads that load unexpectedly while a user is viewing the app’s content.

Just remove all ads contents and read ad-mob polices and put the ads, No any other option

help me plz Upload failed

You uploaded a debuggable APK. For security reasons you need to disable debugging before it can be published in Google Play

Upload Generate Signed Apk

Hi, Please add these two options to this app: 1- a collage maker 2- Some photo effects If you do you’ll get more sales, and I’m one of them. Thanks

when i generate signed APK i am getting following errors pls fix…..

Error:java.io.FileNotFoundException: G:\codecanyon-16387379-instasquare-photo-editor\InstaSquarev2\app\build\intermediates\res\merged\release\drawable-ldrtl-xxhdpi\abc_ic_menu_copy_mtrl_am_alpha.png (The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open)

short your local file path like this one G:\codecanyon-16387379-instasquare-photo-editor\InstaSquarev2 , edit with short name like, G:\insta\InstaSquarev2

hello please selfcodelab i know friend have purshase this app & get suspend in google play because DMCA emoji just question emoji inside app is have copyright or not or just icon app no use emoji in store & thanks

its free no any copyright martial, but better for you, replace new emoji for your safely

Hi selfcoderlab, i emailed you a few days ago regarding the problem i encounter in the app. When i insert emoticon into my adjusted photo, somehow the photo snap back to different position. Please let me know how to fix this. Thanks

You can’t add emoji in this position because its instasquare photo editor , edit with zoom out blur background , no any other option

Good afternoon, is there another way to download the .zip? The link they provide directly, when it reaches 50% download is reduced to 2 or 3KB / sg and after a while is canceled .. I have two days trying to download


Thanks, download now … my internet is slow …

I already run and I’m modifying …

How could you add an option to add effects to the photo?

you want to add extra library in android code, so its another coding part, so i cant help you more,


maarcosd Purchased

I am not able to download it would have another server? with the files already tested other downloads and this normal my internet.

Sir, you can download from only codecanyon site, plz chk aftwer some time


maarcosd Purchased

Sorry for the wrong app

its ok


anedamy Purchased


I have a BIG probleme.

Admod sent me warning because a use your application. This is the message :


Interstitial ads loaded at an inconvenient time while a user views the content of the application.

Please immediately make the necessary changes to your applications to comply with the AdMob policy.”

How can i fixe this probleme?

Thank you.

no any document, like ads placement becuase Admob policy change any time, follow this link. https://support.google.com/admob/answer/6128543?hl=en

Thank you for your reply… Plase juste tel how can i desable the first interstitiel.

send me apk on this email.. selfcoderlab@gmail.com , i will chk n let u know ,