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version 3 includes collage?

check out demo app


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Money back!

All ready mention in description

https://codecanyon.net/item/instasquare-photo-editor/16387379 Discussion on InstaSquare Photo Editor

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Hi i asking your support on this issue please advise and i need the width and height for the RatioLayout and image to be similar to my card ratio, my card is 640 width * 480 height

i’m loading custom card images from the drawable folder

i see that the height and width for the Ratio layout would be same 1080 on my case i’ve try to change the heightRatio on RatioRelativeLayout to .75 but the loaded image wouldn’t fit exactly on it

please help how can i accomplish this

try with change layout in activity main , we are not giving that kind of support which you want, because its different coding part,

Can I customize the stickers? Take out those in the app and put mine?

yes you can add your own sticker

is it possible to give only one option? Like I want my uses only to use the “Text on photo” function. And all other functions will be hidden. Is it possible?

its not possible for me

Hi there. What is the purpose of gift box on the top? It’s connected with admob? If I dont want to use it what can i do? Thank you. Best Regards.

Download demo app and chk it out.

i already checked it. It’s same there too.

send me screen shot in this email selfcoderlab@gmail.com

hi there , how can i change the max /min zoom when adding stickers ? tnx

you want to change sticker size ???

where i have to put native ads unit?

you want to change admob id replace in string xml

Can you solve these errors in a new version? V2.4

1- When you open tags disappears the image of the screen and you can not see that it is written 2- when you hide the keyboard the tag is mounted on top and half hidden 3-the square is not completely centered, as it generates a gray bar at the bottom when saving the magnet.

Look at the pictures, thank you.

Mail: marcossit@gmail.com http://imgur.com/a/rpEQc

ok i will send you email , updated code

Not working in android 7.0 send me update code to droidapptech@gmail.com

In android 6 also not working and not asking for run time permission

ok i will chk and update soon

Tell me where should I add code for this run time permission


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Hello,Im interesting to buy this product (similar to the other one but different stuff) but I have some questions first:

1-Can I add my own stickers? 2-I noticed there is a lot of categories in stickers, Can I add new categories? 3-Is it possible to remove the image at the middle and replace it by a native ads like the other app? 4-When Im done editing and the image is in share photo screen, there is no button to go back to the home screen. 5-Is it possible to remove the apps AD from the app.

Thank you


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Any answers ?

no any changes in app,


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When I press the “clear all button” the app crash, how to fix that ? And how to add new categories in the stickers section ?

\InstaSquare\app\src\main\assets this folder path u can remove emoji and update, also update in mainactivity

in MainActivity java … find this are

stickerArrayList.add(new Sticker(R.drawable.c4, 51)); and change it, 51 it means total sticker number


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So for new stickers all I need is to add for example: stickerArrayList.add(new Sticker(R.drawable.c17, 60));