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hi so how can i delete unwanted quotes???

Hi, it’s easy, just access your CK Dashboard, search for the unwanted Post to reove in the list panel on the left side (in the Default Zone), select it and just hit the trash button, like this: https://s24.postimg.org/ah9mz69rp/Screen+Shot+2016-04-14+at+13.03.39.png

thank u good theme. how can display amount of likes each post? & the like button stays same after liked, i unlike posts by accident maybe update in future?

Hi, that would require lot of custom code, we have no plans to add such features at the present, mostly no time to do so

I have about 4 of your templates, and it seems to be a lot of copy & paste jobs with UI elements changed. With that being said my PhotoFeed still has Recipes code on various pages. So this is obviously something that doesnt require “a lot of code” im seeing this pattern where a few little bugs you are charging x20 the price on fixing or helping. Not cool, ill update these myslef and paste the code to help others, as this is obviously going to be asked a lot.

If you’re able to customize apps on your own, please do it, you can’t pretend to know how much we charge for customization jobs nor you know the needed time to build them, the resources used and the taxes we pay over each income we get (yes, we are a company and pay taxes :)

To all the buyers:

Thanks for purchasing this template, don’t forget to rate it on your Downloads page, we will greatly appreciate your support!

are you have android version like this?

not yet, although we don’t know when we’ll build it, hopefully on next year.

Hi I like this app however theres one thing I really need in order for me to purchase … how easy would it be to integrate follow and unfollow or either categories. Currently with the app the quotes are open to everyone and it would be good to build something which allows you to filter who sees what.


It won’t be easy if you’re not an experienced developer, and we’re sorry but are not available for freelance work at the present, alternatively you may check Photofeed out, it has a Follow system.

I had a look at photofeed … it has the follow and unfollow but I want the quote feature when you add a new post. Where you write something and select a colour. Can that be implemented from this app in to photofeed?Please can this be done so I can buy.


We’ll leave this app as it is, and are currently not available for freelance work, sorry.

We’re going on vacation for the whole month of August 2016.
We are not available for freelance works, nor we can assure to reply to comments/messages promptly.
Happy summer!

Hi, tank you for the great app, is there any documentation for beginners ? is user have to create an account after installing the app ? is there a quote categories ? thank you

Sorry, your question is not clear to us… give us an example, thanks.

Can I store data “quotes” in Plist file and call them using local notification ?

Maybe, but we have no time to think about a solution like that, it’ll be also pretty complex and we’re too busy updating all our apps to Xcode 8, it’ll take a long time due to Apple’s big mistakes on XCode 8 and iOS 10 (very buggy, both of them, this time they did the worst job ever :(

any version for android ???

hopefully on next year

is there a follow system?

not in this app, you can like a quote from a user, then you’ll find it into Me screen and you can tap on the user’s avatar to see all his/her quotes.

HI, Is there a “login with facebook” option?

No, because it doesn’t work properly with Parse SDK yet.

thanks for your quick reply. So do the the users have to be login in order to post? and what informations are collected for login ?

yea, user must sign up/login to post quotes and send comments. Sign up inserting an email (which will be your username), a password and a full name

Waiting for android version! I’ve got a question though, Will users be able to comment on posts?

yes, comments are enabled in this app

Hi, I bought you product, congratulation, good app, good code and good user guide!!! I have 2 questions: - possible to share on instagram ? - When you get push notification, there is a badge on the app icon, which is good. But when you consult the notification, the badge and the number stays on the app icon…

That menu is the TabBar, if you move the ad banners below the Tab Bar you won’t see them. So do you want to remove banners?

Hi , the serch fonction do not work fine, it finds some words and do not find some other….

it works with one word only, the first one. for example, if a quote is “There’s no better place than home” and you typed “home” or another word included in that quote, the app will find it, otherwise if you typed “quote home”, the search will not find that quote because the first word is “quote”. Anyway we’ll update this app to store an array of lowercase keywords while posting a quote and edit the search function accordingly to fetch all quotes that contain the typed words in the searchBar

Hi, the app crash when a user want to upload an avatar (edit profil picture), can you help please?

that’s because the query methods do not have query.orderByDescending() instance, so just copy one if those lines you’ve edited and paste it in both query calles in Me.swift, right above query.findObjectsInBackground

the misspelling error is here: “cteatedAt”
Change it into “createdAt”

Hello (again), you are so kind replying to me quick, so I do not hesitate! I have 2 questions:

1/ when you share a quote on facebook or instagram, it says “A nice quote by… on #appname”. How can I replace that with a link to the app in the appstore?

2/By default, you can share on FB, how can I also make the instagram sharing on by default?

Thanks ( great App)

you would have to use UIDocumentInteractionController and some custom code with an extra button to access Instagram share. We’re currently not available for freelance work so we can’t help you with that, you may try to contact us by our profile’s contact form in a couple of weeks and ask for that customization

I do not want an extra button for intagram. I just want instagram to be a choice when you click on the share button ( which is an IOS basic sharing)

ok, so it’s the same as above, just ignore the extra button thing, the custom code will need to be included in the share button. This may help you: http://stackoverflow.com/a/33110582/3724800

Hi, I don’t want share to facebook and twitter, can you help for share on wechat ?

sorry, we’re not experienced with WeChat api

Hi, one more question… can you confirm it is possible to share on facebook, both quote and link to the app? I think it is possible. Could you please help me that.?

have you tried to share on Twitter? The Facebook sheet API has a bug (from Apple, not from us), so the sharing message doesn’t work only on Facebook

no problem on twitter. My problem is on facebook… you told me it was ok…

sorry, i had misunderstood your first question, the problem is that the Facebook ios api has that bug that only Apple can fix, we can’t :(

App is clean. I am facing two problems 1) no notification alerts when someone comment on post or no comments numbers counter are shown on it. 2) push notification is not working for me I followed instructions properly and uploaded certificates too. It pushed successfully but don’t delivered.

We already checked it out and just replied to you by email.

Thanks for quick support and I wrote you back.

Yes, we get all your emails ;)

For new buyers Beware that Two very basic features are missing from this app as like button doesn’t work as normal and notification doesn’t lead to exact post. I have been asked for additional charges by this app seller and I have been told this current version for beginners and I need to pay as it includes in extra for customization job to enable these features. I Do not agree with this and it’s unfair to pay extra for something which does not work properly. I wish I can return this product and get refund. Disappointed. Beware before buying it, this app for learners.

hi, not yet, we’re pretty busy with urgent projects to get done, besides the fact that we’re off of work until Monday.

Any update on implementation and testing of like button solution ?

not yet, sorry