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[ASK] , i post photo using instaposter at 5.30 pm , but in instagram my photos new entry 6 hours later. Why ?

Make sure to set the correct timezone
Settings -> profile

your code is on my next buying.. if you guys integrate the proxy setting for the accounts :)

When adding an instagram account I get an error message that reads, “checkpoint_required”. What does this mean?

Problem solved. You have to log in to the Instagram account that you are adding via your desktop or whatever you are using to access the script. Instagram will then send you a notification via your browser that you must confirm.

Yes exactly because you are already loggedin on instagram and you logged on deffirent device / deffirent location again so you need to access the instagram via web or mobile to approve the new login.

i couldn’t see any installing documents?

Check your email

What is the correct format required for the script to post the image to instagram?

What is the file size upload limit?

the upload is not limited and it depends on your server configuration. the image size should be less then 1MB


amigo, meu server não localiza o /nomedapasta/install

Make sure you uploaded the .htaccess file and mod_rewrite is enabled on your sever.
PM me with your details so i can check that.https://codecanyon.net/item/instaposter-instragram-multi-posts-accounts-scheduler-php-script/18949774/support/contact

Any chance of adding video posts in near future?

Is there a billing option for users?

bro do you provide the ability to delete the posted images on schedule?


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I have had the same issue with the check_point when adding my instagram account. I have had the account open on my desktop and confirmed the ‘log-in’ but this has not been successful – I still can not see the account I am trying to add. What am I doing wrong?


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Hi there icodix, Please see the steps that I have taken (1) add instagram account name/password and get the checkpoint message (2) in instagram I then confirm the ‘log-in’ (3) I go back to instaposter and see the same window with the checkpoint msg. I now re-enter the credentials – i get the same message. so I close the ‘add-account’ window and go back to instagram and confirm again (4) I try to log out and back in on both instagram and instaposter and I am still getting the same results. Is there a step-by-step of what I have to do to get the account installed? because I can not see a video that outlines this topic on your help pages.


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any news icodix? What am I doing wrong?


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hey please help, your script for instagram post is not working

i postusing insta post but error (Error : Invalid Parameters) & ( Error : Uploaded image isn’t in the right format )and cannot post in instagram .

i hope you help me using teamviewer

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can you add analytics for posts? (like, viewed, comments etc)