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good one bud. can’t we select more than one image for postcard? as thumbnails maybe?

I’m sorry, this feature is not available at the moment. Maybe in the future.

Ciao, perchè non dare la possibilità di cercare per utenti e hashtag, in modo da dare una lista di scelte, cercare un utente specifico è troppo restrittivo e spesso non da risultati se non conosci il reale nickname o nome.

sì, vero. Questo programma non si basa sulle api di Instagram, ma su Minibots PHP class, che al momento non ha la ricerca per hashtag. Se ne venderò un po’ magari aggiungerò questa funzione! ciao!

Ciao, rivedo questo messaggio adesso: da un po’ di mesi a ricerca per hashtag è disponibile!

Something’s not working right in your demo, none of the text shows up in the email.

Now it just sent me six more email… it’s not stopping LOL… ok this is not funny.

Thank you for the messages. I’ve fixed the problem and I’m re-uploading the package.

Cool, I like the script… I’ll check back. Thanks

Hi! I tried to add some custom message in a postcard, but when i got the card on my email there’s no my text included. Only Instagram title and tags. Is it normal or something wrong?)

Something wrong, I will fix it today. Thank you.


I have installed the app in my server (hostgator shared account), everything is working well except for email sending.

After selecting the image, typing a correct email address and clicking “Send” I get the message “Bad email.”

Would please let me know what might be the problem?



I think because it checks emails with the SMTP checker function in Minibots PHP class, but this check doesn’t work properly on many hostings because servers are blacklisted. I will add today a config parameter to don’t use SMTP check function.


Great script ! Easy to install … But I have the same error as @aroman : “Bad email”.

Hope you will fix it soon !



Thanks ! Just need to wait that codecanyon approve your update … Hope the approval process will be fast.

Works great now ! Will rate your script now … 5 stars of course !

Thank you!

Hi, would you please check the file that you have uploaded… I have just uploaded the new version however there is no CHECKSMTP settings field in config file.


Hi Gino,

I don’t know if I am doing something wrong, but I can’t find the new version on download area. I havejust downloaded again and still can’t find CHECKSMTP settings field in config file.

Does Codecanyon take some time to put available the new version for download or once you upload it is automatically available for download?



It’s in approvation: the version you’ve downloaded is the one fixed yesterday. This morning I’ve uploaded a new version but it is “pending” for approvation by CodeCanyon.

Ah, ok! Understand, thanks!!

Hello again! Thanks for fix the problem with a custom message in the postcard! I’ll buy this one today!) One more pre-sale question^. Is it possible integrate it on some Wordpress page? Maybe in documentation i’ll can find “how to do” it or you say me? thanks

At the moment it’s not possible, but it can coexist with WordPress. So you can install it in a directory and put WordPress in the root or in another dir. I hope you will buy it! ????


fox Purchased


Can you add a - “load more pictures” button ?

Cheers, fox

At the moment I have no plan to include more images.

It is possible to add a field to specify the email sender ?

No, this is not possibile at the moment. You have to modify the script by yourself..

Ok thanks for your answer. I do not have the knowledge to do it. Too bad.

This is not the same one I saw few weeks ago, why did you change it? I like the original.

thank you for purchase! I didn’t change nothing, what do you mean?

1. Possible to add sender name?
2. Does it collect emails?
3. Does it work on a tablet?

It works on a tablet, it doesn’t collect emails, you can config the sender in the config.php file but the user can’t specify their name and email at the moment.

Hello, I have installed the instaposcards but no photo is show up “Not found”.

Please advice, Thanks

Hi Ginoplusio, here is the url

Can you send me privately a temporary ftp access to check the problem?

Hi, It works now i changed the url.

Hashtag support needed!

If user can search by hashtags, it makes it more useful and engaging.

Yes. It’s in the queue of things to do, but I’ve not time for the moment.

Now it can search also hashtags.

Hi ..Three questions …Does it work with just Instagram or with all other sites such as pinterest, buzzfeed etc.

Second question is, would the script allow me to require a email signup/registration to use .

Third questions..when I try your demo, the card I receive indicates at the bottom that other scan us this Free tool…is it a free tool?

1) just Instagram. 2) no, no registration. 3) it’s free for the user who use it, but if you want it on your server you have to buy it.

Is it possible to search by tags? not username only

At this moment it’s not possible. Sorry.

Now it is possible!

Is there a way to make it show all of the images when searching by username? I entered mine and it’s showing the last 12 or so. Thanks!

Hi @Rileyk20 and thank you for purchase. The tool works with minibots.class.php which scrapes contentents directly from Instagram site without any api configuration. So it’s not possible to show more pictures. Sorry.

Thank you. I am getting the error “Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/greetinggram/public_html/ip-ajax.php on line 26” after installing it. Any ideas? Thanks!

EDIT: I noticed it only does it with hashtags.

Can you please send me a temporary ftp account to check it? my email is


I purchased your script and I was wondering if it supports SMTP? I wish to use an SMTP server, so the emails aren’t being sent directly from my server.


My script works with php mail command, so if you want to use an SMTP you should configure it in the php.ini file.

Nice script, but I need help, I want the subject of the email is actually the body email, so we can edit the subject. Thanks

I don’t understand. You want also the subject field so you can edit it?

please ignore this, I manage to move $text to subject

hi I got this warning when using hashtag,

Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/bandar1/public_html/insta/ip-ajax.php on line 26

hi @andreasedwin and thank you for purchase. I can’t see the problem on my installation, can you please tell me which hashtag you have used and which picture? Or does it happens with any hashtag and any picture?

it happens on any hashtag, second question can I email the instagram picture as an attachment not as a link?

I can’t reproduce the error, can you please send me privately at a temporary admin account so I can try to fix the problem on your server? Second question: to attach the image it’s a bit difficult, you should use some class to build the body of the email with the attached file.