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Hi, Your app looks interesting but i can’t post in the demo. App crash

Can you fix it ?


What error you’re getting while posting in demo apk?

When i try to post something with an image nothing happen. “Uploading your post….” stay during 2min then the app crash

I’ll check it out. Thanks for informing me about this bug.


cinomt Purchased

how to setting up mysql ?

Just import the database on your MySQL server and it’s all done. Simple!

I’m interested in your app. But question before I purchase. I’m need to installing to my server on who and cpanel. Do you have video instructions on how to install it? Thanks hope to hear from you soon

You should use Virtual Private Server (VPS) to use this app and host it on. There’s no video feature in this app. Let me know if there’s anything else you want to know before purchase.

App crashed on my Galaxy Note 4 (error instaphoto stopped) , can you help me install the App if I buy it right now ? and I will need a video posting also (Users to be able to post short videos ( 48 self destructive)..I want to buy it now if you will give me your word on the requirements

Thanks for your honest reply, yeah I want backend support . please email me @kennedyjob@kenexpress.com

Ok Thanks I just replied your email

Does the notification system work?


I’m getting 404 error. all my other websites are under same location. they all works but your api code throws 404

Whenever you’ll try to access API and when it’s working properly it’ll throw 404 error. It means that your web server is working and now you just have to connect your app with API. Api can only be accessed by app and no other browser.

Hi I\m interest buying this app. Does this app has social network login. and Different language setting.

There’s no social network login but you can add it by your own and yes there’s language settings available within the project.

Hi.. nice product!! It´s possible to hire you for some custom adds after I buy? Thanks

Yeah sure.

with actual project.. it´s possible to manage “premium” memberships to user that pay using paypal?

Not sure but I’ve to search for it.

Hey i tested the demo i added post but in my profile is says i have 3 posts but pictures are not showing on my profile..

Press ListView button located right after the GridView button.

I know then it shows … but why is that like this so everytime people need to do that?

It’s not like that. It only happens when image is taking too long to load.

Its possible show posts of all users in the feed? Even if you are not following.