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Very great idea! GLWS Add integration with Notie.JS and I’m in!

Thanks for the comment! I will certainly consider integrating Notie!

Following your suggestion, Notie has been integrated in the plugin and can be selected in the Notification style settings, along with the duration in seconds :) You can try it out at ivanciric.com

Would this work with Woocommerce and adding new products? An example is when a new product is published, send out a notification letting customers currently browsing it’s been added with it’s name and the category it’s published displayed under the name or something like that. The ability to click the notification or just the name so it would link it to the product would be nice too.

Not at the moment. That’s a good suggestion, I will try to implement that functionality and let you know when it is available.

Like the idea! Can I change/translate the phrases easily? Also, my website is RTL, can the text be made RTL with CSS?


Hi DrHariri, there is no translation option currently. You can target the css easily if you like, and customize the look and feel.

I have a few questions. First, are the notifications responsive and work well on mobile phones and tablets? Secondly, the last notification plugin I used had issues with W3 Total Cache and kept showing the notifications all over the place. Thirdly, is there sound when the notification is displayed? I have more questions but I don’t want to flood you in one post.

Hello Bark, The Notie style of notifications is responsive. Even the InstantLy style looks good on mobile, you can check it out at ivanciric.com. There is no sound for the notifications. As far as W3 cache is concerned, I would have to do some tests and get back to you on that. Happy Holidays!

I guess I have to get a product key for this to work by emailing you. I did so and now I wait. Very unorthodox way of enabling the script.

Hello Jim, I’ve sent you an email regarding your purchase. Thank You!


OK, I’ve finally enabled this plugin and now, when trying to send a notification noting happens + there is a line that says “online: getting info…” like it’s trying to authenticate my license or something but I already did that. Please help!!!

Worked through some things with the author and I’m glad I hung in there.

I’m sure that there are many uses for this plugin but if you’re running an ecommerce site then this is going to help you a lot. There is nothing like it. Here’s just one example of how I use it. When running a sale and you have a lot of people on your site I just push a quick promo. Kind of like a blue light special that K-mart used to do. Like I said, there really is no other plugin like it. It’s awesome!!!

5 big stars!!!

Thank you @jimisme, glad you like it! I appreciate the review!

Can’t even get the demo to work, Message just sits and the send button does nothing.

Just checked. Mind that the text editor needs to be in ‘Visual’ mode. Please, try again.

is there a way to have notifications show only on specific pages?

unfortunately, this feature is not supported for now.

demo is not working. i need to test it first before i buy

Good job bro