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You have very beautiful and helpful plugin but we don’t know how it will be looks like on browsers at a real website, if you make some demos showing how this will be in a real browser showing your options, will be great to give us a full picture for it.


In the mean time please feel free to check out the video preview on youtube

Thank you, will check it :)

You are welcome! :)

Not actually seeing a live demo anywhere on the live demo link. Is it just me?

hi please take a look at the video demo and tutorials to see exactly how it looks in the browser and what you can create with Instant responsive menus here you go

Hi, the demo do not appear to be working from the download. Can you look into it? excepts for the first few all the other ones are not working

Hi Thanks for the purchase. Please scroll down all the way to the bottom of the 01-demo.html you can find the link to the demos here. The actual demos are placed inside the demo folder. An update will be released later this week. Please shoot me your email i’ll notify you about it.

Hi I have sent you an email with more info.

This menu system looks nice in the video, but the problem with video is we only see what you want us to see. I cannot buy this without a live demo. Also, the demo should include multi-level with actual pages.

Thank you Web Trooper. At the moment only a video demo is available I hope I can add it in the next update. :)

Hi the live demos are available now!!

To view live demo of the menus please visit and goto the the demo section :)

Hello Dear,

I have purchased your plugin yesterday.

Its more than an awesome piece of code, but I need 1 thing, When clicked outside navigation, dropdown menus and sidebar menu in responsive view should automatically closed.

I hope you’ll help me and consider this functionality in your next version if possible.


Thanks for the kind words, Yes i will try to add this feature in the next update. :)

Hi, I really love your work here! I’ve been looking for a versatile and lightweight menu “framework” or whatever you want to call it for some time, and I think this is as good as I have seen!

I like how the menus are simple and not weighed down by tons of code, but I do have a few suggestions if you’re interested.

First, I have to agree with the ashfffaq above that clicking/tapping off the dropdowns to close them all would be nice, but to add to that, I think clicking/tapping anywhere on the page to close the slide-in menu, instead of just the close button, would also be good to have. Additionally, I’d love it if dropdown menus could optionally open and close on hover. I realize that can be tricky with touch screens, but I think it would be alright as an option, maybe with room to refine it for touch later.

You might even consider allowing submenus to fly out from the side of vertical menus (something like this, except I don’t like how the submenu overlaps the parent menu items).

The slide menus are great, but it would be a welcome addition to have push menus also. They’re simple enough of course, just add a body class dynamically on click/tap that moves everything over.

All of those suggestions are extremely lightweight, but two others I was thinking would really complete things (at least for me) are mega menu support and drilldown ability for vertical slide and toggle menus, as demonstrated here. Neither would likely be too heavy, though, especially if you’re splitting things up with SCSS.

Anyway, thanks for listening and thanks for your work on this!

Hi czargyle, I welcome your wonderful suggestions. I think these features will make Instant Menus more useful for users. I’m building this menu from scratch and adding more features with a really cool menu builder!!! (No Coding will be required to build complex menus) May be in another week or so an update will be released. Except for mega menu all other features you mentioned will be a part of the update. I will surely consider adding a mega menu to this sometime in the near future. If you like this menu please show your support with a 5 start rating :)

Thanks again for your wonderful suggestions :)

Hey, you got it, I just rated it 5 stars! I’m glad to hear you’re already working on that stuff, and I am looking forward to the update! Thanks! :)

Hey czargyle, Thank you for the support! and you are most welcome. If you are interested to be notified when the update is released please leave your email address on contact form in my my profile page.


Purchased in December and just now working with it Very nice coding. your responsive slide menus are just the right solution to add a simple sticky Help Menu at the absolute top of a responsive Themeforest html template.

Support Request

I would like to use an Icon to replace the hamburger symbol. With desktops, laptops… a large number of these users do not recognize a Hamburger menu icon. Phone users always know what it means, but I have a wide variety of user profiles.

The behavior on Open would remain the same. A large X. Everybody gets that Close across all users and on all devices

Second reason is… you can’t have Two Hamburgers which is what happens with another responsive template. So and Icon like a circled question mark. Will identify the Red Button as a Help button

You have your css tightly integrated, so this will likely be modifications to several css files. So please give me exact code changes for the exact files to get an Icon symbol

Thanks, Jgreg

Hi Jgreg,thanks for your appreciation, this is very easy to do with Instant Responsive Menus. In the HTML markup remove class “hamburger” and add your own class with icons in it. May I know your email so i can send you the custom CSS. You can write to me from the contact form on my profile.


Sure can. Thank you


Thanks for the Wonderful menu.

I want sub-navigation , can you please provide demo for sub-navigation or how to create sub-navigation items

Hey thanks for using Instant menus. Subnav is already included please check inside the Demo folder > 01-basic >14 and 15.

Horizontal version :

Vertical Version :

Please support by rating this item. :)

Thank you , that’s great

Hi, the folder demo > 03-Slide-menu > 02-vertical > 04-left

Pressing the menu button, I want to slide menus with content based image.

You can fix it ?

Thank u

Sure, send me an email from my profile contact form I will send you the updated version.

Previewing the demos before buying I noticed that “FULLSCREEN FADE MENUS” links are not working and I need them since I’m looking for this specific menu effect.

For ex.:

“The page you are looking for cannot be found. Similar results are provided below, or you can try another search”

Thank you for noticing this it will be updated soon.

Hi Presale Question: How easy is it to add to my wordpress theme?


Hi, looks like an awesome script, nicely done!

The live demo URL is broken…...can you check the URL so I may preview the live demo?

Thanks! :)

Sorry, at the moment the demo is not available.