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There might be some SA feeds, If you can find some rss feeds, they can be added for sure

Can it pull from major real estate sites like trulia, zillow, etc. If not can they be added?

Trulia API only pulls city stats, but not real estate listings itself. Zillow, I don’t know yet, but I’m working on a Real Estate Monitor app at Maybe I will add Zillow API too ;-)

Once I get the your Job Plugin installed and working then I might also be purchasing this as well…...............

The installation is easy to install.

Okay. Please give a few details of installation through mail as I have never installed a PHP script. Are UK and UAE among the 58 countries.

I can assist you on the installation, yes are supported, but I don’t know if there are Real Estate sites in AE with rss feeds.

Morning, Can this be scaled down to aggregate only data on your own website?

For sure :) make sure you have an rss feed.

Hi Support, Does this software have the ability to add my own HTML or Java lead capture code to get a visitors name and email…?

Hi, there is no lead capture. You should have to build this in. Though, you can add you own code to index.php

That is good to know. I have my own propriety capture code that i own. Would it be possible to add it to all of the search results pages similar to the placement of how you added a Mortgage Calculator, but instead can I place the capture code at the top of very page for the search results…? What PHP page would that be..? If i purchase your install software could you help to direct me as to where to place me ode for this type of result…?

You can insert it above the search results yes. There is only one page. All other urls are dynamically generated.

Can this show commercial real estate listing as a category option…?

You can add as many categories as you want, the search query is injected in the data feeds.

Hi Support, I just uploaded the “Instant Real Estate Search Engine” script with and without any edits to the config and index files. The site works fine with any other html code uploaded, just not working with this particular script.

When i visit the domain, i get the following error. – This webpage has a redirect loop – ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

here is the website with the install script: –

Is there an updated script that I need..?

Please Advise.

Great Job, Thanks again…. ill start working on it now that its up and running.

Hi Support, Where can I edit the Tab titled Craigslist SFBay..?

Id like to take out SFBay…

Hi support,

I was able to do a search and found where to edit the multi language feedlist.php files.

currently when i click on the category link nothing is displayed, I would like to create a commercial category listing. Can you help me to find where I can create categories for the site…?

Please advise…

thanks for your continued assistance.

Got it working. It was very easy to upload to cpanel. Just a couple of questions. 1. Is this only rss feeds? 2. Can it scrape a site and not the feed? 3. I cannot not make posts so that i can do seo and have my own info as well. Any way i could do this? Item already purchased. Hoping these options can be modified as rss feed programs are free. Thank you

I can seem to add other search words. But when zip code is put in stuff from all over the place comes up. I really like the theme. Is there a way I can just get the theme with search and mortgage calc instead? I can do my own rss and then do categories and blogs. Thanks

Well you can remove some stuff from index.php if you only want search and mortgage calc. The search does a wildcard search in the rss feeds, so sometimes if you search for zip you can get other results.

HELLO, Dear Author, i want the three option : Mortgage Calculator, Top Searches, Locations to be placed above the “listing” option on index page. is it possible to be? As i am interested to buy it. if possible plz tell me…

hello why u r not replying me ?

I already helped you and said which lines to move.

Dear i have sent you email…please check and reply me.

how many affiliate programs this script can support now.

Recently Google Maps require an API key to make the map work You will need to create an API for the Google Maps Javascript API in Google Console and then add the key to your index.php in the footer you see a line

<script type=’text/javascript’ src=””></script>

Please try and the map will work.

Added but it shows blank. Please advise what wrong is that or how to delete map and just use image slider instead. Thanks

Hi, I have it around line 1168

<script type=’text/javascript’ src=””></script> though it should work.

If you want to delete the map, you remove it on line 200

<div class="carousel-map" id="map-canvas" style="height:500px"> </div> <div class="container"> <div class="carousel-caption"> <h1><i class="fa fa-home" /> Real Estate Search</h1> <p>All-in-one Real Estate Search Engine</p> <p><a class="btn btn-large btn-primary" data-target="#myCarousel" data-slide-to="1">Learn More</a></p> </div> </div>

I have a question Is the API Ready in the script Instant Real Estate Search Engine How many API Thank

It uses RSS sources for data. No API

I mean The script is ready data RSS There are works by RSS You do not need me any RSS

Yes, it has rss feeds by default.

Hello, has support for Chile, CL? thank you

hi, i still have problem with google map shows on frontpage, some feeds don’t show, category link broken, is that possible to have files of your demo site? so it might be easy just change the setting. Thanks.

Hey, Ok, that is strange. Cause the live version is also on codecanyon. Send me an email please.

Instant Real Estate Search Engine can be in Portuguese and included Portugal;i wanted to know if it works it real estate agencies or


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Hi, can you have wordpress plugin real estate search?


flords Purchased

I bought item and i write email to you, thanks for support

when is planning any update?


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The .htaccess file is not working. It returns to the home directory of the domain. For example, I want to put in, but it returns to


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I renamed the .htaccess_for_subdir file, changed the “sub” to “meulugar” and it did not work.


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Adverts it states “Add Extra RSS feeds),” pls how can i add the rss or where should i put the rss url?

Yes, you can look at the other examples added, copy the parser file and edit the url.


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Hi Vidal, Can this be made city specific? ie just for New York.