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Is it possible to insert this search bar into a post ? ex: i am writing an article about Machine Learning, at the end of the article, i want to show people recent jobs on Machine Learning & want them to search also.

Can this plugin detect the user location & show jobs without asking users to enter location ?

You mean a Wordpress post? You will need to add the html code to a page or post. <form> ..</form> tag

good dayI

have a question. How and where can I change ?page=1#jobresults with me that does not show on the jobsite

Thank you

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<?php if ( $paginator->items_total ): ?> <?php $paginator->paginate(); echo $paginator->display_pages(); ?> <?php endif; ?>

This returned from the API. Please send email through contact form

Hey I just purchased the script. Could you assist with installation? Thanks a lot

I emailed you.

Wasn’t aware of no admin access to customize the script

Yes, but not a job script.

Ok thanks vidal you have been very helpful, love the script but the changes I need I can not do on my own as im not familiar with editing files. An admin would be much easier on your buyers.

Thanks, you are welcome. The has been changed a lot overtime since v1. Yes an admin panel will be added in v4.


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Indeed is not paying affiliates anything, what is the benefit of buying this script still ?

CareerJet API makes you money, Adsense. We will add new affiliate in update 4.0

Is there any rough ETA of the updated version?

No sorry.


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Please help on installation…

What is the problem, send me email through contact form.

Is there any way to sort the results on the job search, for example into newest posts, or closest within X miles, or by most popular, or by best match, etc.?

my search is not working why? and plz check ur email also.


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Hi Vidal, I put some share buttons on the listings ( ).

This helps to increase affiliate earnings but it doesn’t help the site traffic. So what I would like to know is that if it’s possible to put variable anchor tags so I can share a particular listing and the the visitor goes to that particular listing when they click the link I shared.

I just want to know if it’s possible. Thanks!


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Any news on this update that’s been going on for over 6 months? Waiting to be able to use ziprecruiter? Does until further notice mean it’s never going to happen??

What’s the wordpress plugin about? When I click the link it doesn’t work. This come with a wp plugin now?


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How do I show the full or complete description (snippet)?