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mrafeeq Purchased

Indeed has stopped paying. This is a big blow to small job portals which have to perish

Yes, only qualified publishers, however, Careerjet still works.

Is there a way to not auto redirect the visitor to the job results section?

Please try not to set a default keyword.

Hello! I want to buy now , but can you help with the installation?

Thanks, also I need the app for it… Will you do that for additional fee ?

Ok fine, but the app is not included. However, there are many easy tools to make this iTunes/Android Apps

Will you make the app for me ? Please send your email


LinkPro Purchased

Email sent, hope to receive a reply soon. thanks

I wouldn’t have bothered you if this could be done, you have the ready files all you need to zip assets/lang file. Same I will unzip and upload for the result I needed. FYI your both site are diaplaying content, one is completely displaying only Indeed jobs.

Just share the feedlist php files of

Then you missed a character. I will send the files from jobsaggregator to your email.

Hello Vidal, I mistakenly purchased this script when i meant to purchase your plugin. Can you authorize an exchange for me?


nydamon Purchased

Hi Vidal, we have integrated your code on our CI Application but it seems to throw incorrect results even on the test links hotsted at Codecanyon results are incorrect, When we search for “Credit Repair” and 07012 zip code it throws incorrect results in All tab, furthermore CareerJet doesnt has a result and Career Builder is hard coded with results from Atlanta, GA. Please look into it.


crob09 Purchased

Some links are broken, I’ve tried everything but can’t get them to work, it’s the country that creates an error, so I leave default country off but still the search won’t work; always “domain/jobs/CA/#categories” redirecting me to the top directory landing page, | domain/jobs/#categories gets me back to the web page but won’t list the categories. I changed the Htaccess file, made all the changes you requested and more, even took the PHP.INI from my WAMP to get this working the way it is now. Anyway I hope you can help me get this search working properly.

Hi we never tested with MAMP, isn’t there a way you can test it online instead of your local environment? Seems some modules are not working. Modrewrite?

How can one run this script on a subdomain so it points to and not when i install on subdomain and access the url it displays no jobs. but when i access it displays Jobs. Please how can i resolve this problems so it works as and not

You can exclude the in the feedlist files in /assets/lang


viantea Purchased

please i can see that i might need carrierbuilder details ,api how do i get this pls?

No, Careerbuilder does not need an api key.

im interested on this script but I want to see the admin side or portal to see what we need to configure in case. It also support location like Philippines and United Arab Emirates?

note: I already purchased your Top list script and this will be my second project.

There is no admin panel yet in 3.99, however, v4 will have. Now you can configure it with a config file.

Does it have its own rss feed?

No, because there are no detail pages.

How to remove Monster, CareerBuilder etc jobs, just wanted to keep Indeed jobs in feeds. Like your site @

Why don’t you reply to the queries?

@Vidal: I am interested in either of the below:-


My requirement is fairly simple. The plugin should be flexible enough to incorporate any new job site like indeed just by feeding in the API details. It shouldn’t be restricted only to the supported sites.

There should be a provision to acquire users through your plugin i.e visitors can see the job but to be able to apply, they will have to register with our site. (this registration should be optional and we should be able to turn it off if needed). Do you have any such plugin ? Let me know


kdal Purchased

Hello, Is there a way to prevent latest job listings from showing up on the homepage only?

In this version it’s not possible to hide the jobs on the homepage. I’ll make a note for the feature list.


birde Purchased

Hello Vidal,

It would be awesome if you could implement Ziprecruiter as indeed not paying out anymore, Is this something you have planned to do as its just as good as the others you have currently?


Hi, Yeah indeed vanished, so I need to add ziprecruiter and maybe some other ones too. I’m a little bit busy on other products, but there will be an update for sure! I hope this or next month.


birde Purchased

Hello Vidal,

Thanks for getting back to me

Would be awesome if this could be added, I for sure will buy many more licences should ziprecruiter be added :)


Hi , will the new upgrade etc , support niche job sites ? , like in the uk ?