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What happened to the wordpress plugin?


support RTL?

Is this script encrypted or can I change the source?

Hi This is an amazing script. I wish if we had the option when you hover the mouse on buy now and we get the option to choose the domain registrar for available domains. Although its in the button to select is there anyway to show it on the top. Also the pricing is not accurate either. Some of the pricing gone missing is that the domain registrar doesn’t support the tld

Why there isn’t any update since 2015 its been more than 2 Years Looking forward to your reply

When will this script be updated? What ever happened to the wordpress version? Is support dead? WTF?

is the support still here ??? or is no point buying this script

Somebody bought this script recently? It still works?

It works, but it’s slow. Any suggestions for speeding it up?

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This is not “INSTANT” at all ..

man you should mention that the affiliate programs are all through the samr comission junction so if one dont accept you they probably all will not as they did to me and i was already a member. Thats real cool how the buy button is laced with YOUR affiliate link . and you have to dig into the code to take it out …lucky were not jerks or else we would click bomb your links and get your account banned. just saying… good thing were not like that