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hi Vidal, how to can generate again link $url = ‘'.$keyword_filter.'&itid=3162&token=3626A1246C8BF6EEA09FF2945A79A0A2BC3036D43B28EEB3AE8B2364F6F975E3339A80';

please help me guide how to create link again, now above link return empty always

Hi, I’ve looked into the issue a week ago. Zanox has moved to Awin a while ago. I’ve been looking for this function too, but It seems there is no datafeed at the moment. I think there in a transition with there tools or something, but there should be an option soon I hope. I will keep checking this.

Regards Vidal

I’m building a site for someone who has a Zazzle page. She wants to show her products on her Wordpress site. She doesn’t want to show any other products but the ones on her page. And she’d like them to show up when visitors click her “shop” page on wordpress. When visitors arrive on the page, the products should be there without the need for them to search. I noticed on your demo site that there are multiple tabs with search options and other things. She doesn’t want this. She just wants the products to appear. Will this plugin do this? Can she simply tell the plugin her Zazzle page before making it live and have the page show the products to visitors? Thanks.

Hi. Your script is a nice script, overpriced though! Very simple peace of code. For that money i expected something more complex! Anyway, i have created a peace of php code that imports products into mysql and then search from mysql. The problem is that your script fetches only 100 products. I have changed limit to 1000 or 2000 or 3000 but always i get only 100 products, whatever keyword i fill in! Is there something i missing? Your help will be much appreciated! Regards.

Sorry you feel like that, but there is no other script such cheap. Anyway, we are working on update with more providers and hopefully we can add some api as well. I will check out the limitation, but rss feeds are limited to the feeds items in the feed. Please send me an email with your site demo.

Hello vidal. I feel like that because all of the script that makes the job is the source files (5 php files). I can build something like that within an hour. I hoped that your script will save me some hours of hard job! I have build such a project like yours for a customer of me for a Greek price comparison website and it is a very simple peace of code. Anyway it helped me for my next BIG project which is an affiliate price comparison search engine that fetches product prices from different sources and compare prices! The only problem is the limitation of the products (only 100 products and not more!). When i finish my project i will send you a link to check it out! Regards.

Ok, sounds a bit superfluous 1 hour haha :)), but anyway. 26$ is still cheap. As we work here for 60 euro ($85) per hour here in the Netherlands, even that is cheap compared to webdesign offices that charge you over 100 euro per hour. I’m out of country for a few days and will check out the code what is limiting the 100 results.

would this work to ?

Do they have Affiliate RSS feeds?

can add own sources?

Yes, if it’s rss


our affiliate network used xml feeds to import products, did the script work with xml feeds?


No, only rss. Future release will support xml

There is a client using, he will be banned by eBay using “eBay” trademark in domain name.

This Zanox does not show products for me. Can it be removed from the site in an option?

Can be removed from the RSS feeds list so it won’t be displayed on the site.

When clicking through the menu at the top on the demo I notice that the items do not scroll for me to where they should. I am using Google Chrome browser. I noticed when I clicked the “start new search” button under all the items as it does not work either.

Is there any way to get the script to load to the main page at the top, instead of how I see it load here, where it scrolls down a bit to show the results at the top of the page?

Yes the start new search link is just missing. Will check it out. There is some javascript to be removed to stay on top. so yes it can be done.

hello can you please comment to the above. thanks