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You should make this, and the drawer navigation into wordpress plugins.

Not that easy, compatibility is a big issue! :)

any right rtl ????

It’s a mobile navigation template, that means it has no styling for paragraphs! :)

That’s not meant for paragraph. I’ve tried to manually redesign it. So thanks any way :)

It’s not that hard, we have a reset on top, you can create classes for anything you need! :)

How do I incorporate this into WordPress? Upload folders to server and add ref url? I’m assuming this has to be compatible with WP since your framework now is. Here is my purchase code:def405c9-87fa-4fde-b4e5-31d92b577834

It’s not made for WordPress, it’s a HTML component.

so i just spent $5 for nothing. Can I buy your Epsilon and use it then somehow?

We haven’t build Instanav for WordPress, no CodeCanyon element is or will be a WordPress plugin, as the first comment states. Please ask next time! :)

No Codecanyon element is or will be wordpress plugin is a bit confusing to us “non developers” since there is a specific WordPress category and even your company has wordpress themes compatible such as epsilon. So I’m not that ignorant to assume it might work which is why it was worth $5 to me to find out. Thanks for your quick and very technical direct answers. Sorry if I’m not educated enough. Just trying to make sense of it all. Thank you.

Can i load embeded urls and compile with phonegap for ios and android?

edit : Ah ok its only menu component..

Yes, HTML indeed! :) Sorry, our server had a hiccup… we gave it some water, it’s back to normal now! :D