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I have sent you two emails regarding it not working correctly on OpenCart 2.2. Please check message and respond ASAP

See above. Update is there – plus new features!

please update to opencart 2.2

Yep, updated.

Hello Andre. Can you please update it to OC2.2?

I wish you the best - Jose

I have sent you a private message.

In my opinion this is a wonderful extension, I think you nailed it.

Opencart as commerce platform and as a community deserves people with skills like you, bringing new and fresh ideas. However, you have to be able to keep the work going.

That said, can you please bring this over to OC2.2. I think it might be minor changes.



Hello Andre. Can you please update it to OC2.2?

it’s urgent for us.



Now I’m getting worried. This guy hasn’t replied to my private message 10 days ago.

This silence can mean a lot of things and probably none of them are good.

Sorry… I didn’t get it the first time because it went straight to the SPAM folder, just checked.

I will try it in the next few days.

I just want to thank you for what you have done and I will let you know if any issue arrises.

All the best to you

Are you sure you have your e-mail configured right? You have replied to my email from a domain called “googlemail.com” and not from “gmail.com”.

Great! Just let us know, how you find the new InstaLoader.

Email is configured correctly, I suppose. That is just google weird stuff.

Hello i bought this product but when i apply to my website is not run why? I running in localhost…... and some of feature i remove like IDs…

Sometimes the installer hangs when there are LOTS of pictures, but the installer is non-destructive, so you can run it multiple times. If you are still experiencing issues – just drop us a line on esaulov.andrey@gmail.com and we will try to help you directly.

i need to product name only so ID is not important so i removed. How can i apply to my site completed….

Can’t say I understood the question, man…

I completed my project by custom full of my project and i need only one your plus in into my project to easy images uploading. Unfortunately, when i upload into my project is full override on my project. i don’t know how to resolve my project back…...

How to do?

I check your plus in description is not override code but when i upload it’s override why….

Hi there, our extensions DOES NOT override the core files of OpenCart – instead it is using the best practices of OpenCart development – and relies on VQMOD.

What VQMOD does is taking the cache files of the core files and extend them. The difference is – when you uninstall our extension – you get the unmodified version again. Furthermore, you can upgrade your OpenCart – without any worries – our extension will still be working, if installed.

If you yourself HAVE MODIFIED the core files in order to add / modify some fields – you are not following the recomended way to develop for opencart. And not only will you face the conflicts with our extension, but also you installation will likely breake with the next upgrade of OpenCart.

Please let us know – what is the case?

I purchased the module but dont got the installation file of opencart can you please send me the installation file for that version.

Does it supports the version ?

Yes it does.

Hello, supporter. Can i know about override code from this plug in?

because this plug in have “InstaLoader\version-2.0.x\upload\vqmod\xml file” for overriding code….

How can i reinstall some of part to my old version? because some of parts i edit and modified, after used this plug in have problem… i don’t know why but i check this plug in have “InstaLoader\version-2.0.x\upload\vqmod\xml file” for overriding, and now i want to know about resolve this problem…

That is quite easy. We do not directly modify the core code of opencart. Instead our extension is using the technology named vqmod – that allows you to make changes on the fly – not modifing the files themselves. That is why you are free to update OpenCart Version – and nothing will break.

When you mean to DOWNgrading – that is dificult. There is an older version of InstaLoader we can send you.

Hello, Supporter. I have problem … 1. I installed Vqmod and input file follow to your structure already 2. – Click add new product It linking to edit product. why?

OK, I try testing

I could imagine there is a different plugin doing this. But it’s hard to say for sure without knowing your setup.

Hello Supporter, I have problem when i used 2 languages in my website. “admin page” can not add product…. why? I mean when i click “plus button” for adding, it’s cycle loading that can not add every things in product.

Notice: language that i used, it’s clone from “default language”

Hello Supporter, now, I have problem because when i click “Plus button” for adding product not yet input everything in show message ” Success: You have modified products!” and “tap image” has no place for add image into.

Hi there,

I purchased this extension from Opencart marketplace. I created Tickets and also sent emails to your support team, but not get any feedback. It has been 4 days. Please, reply as soon possible. It is very urgent.

Thank you!


alpwe Purchased

please update it to

Hi Andre,

Is there an update for Oc2.3.0.2 and OC3.0.2.1? Will it be available?