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Excellent and very useful script, good luck with sales! :)


Useful script. GLWS!


hello, I can use the install script to distribute my software on the internet to more than one person / company with the ‘regular license’?

Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for – Regular License

Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for – Extended License

here is the link to agreement.

Thank you,:-) The source code is open and can be implemented? Other languages ??are supported?

Yes, code is open source and can be implemented, only in English for now.

Hello, how can I implement this with Laravel framework and Composer?

Upload the folder as external (public) directory example: ”../installer” aside from the app folder. then you include something like this in your app


Hello, where do I update the sql file link thats used to populate the database?

Whats the point of a installer that doesn’t install :) ? Even the 6 dollar script does that… On another note, it is well written and organized and looks great, nice work. Wish I had time to fool around with it. Thanks for your prompt response, have a good night.

Sorry if it didn’t work out for you. We will have another minor update really soon that will provide minimum database query injection just for installer fields (admin, password etc). But again we didn’t put it there cause you never know what people want to inject into database.

But your first person raising the question, so defiantly will take it as consideration or include the injection process in document :)

We have made an update to Installer. Please wait for Approval. :)

...Was about to purchase the extended license until I stumbled upon netcrafts comment :
”..Whats the point of a installer that doesn’t install :) ?..”

Please correct me if I’m wrong :
- This installer is for me to create an automated installation wizard for my own software to my own customers
- Regular license > If I’m to publish a single free software to all my customers.
- Extended license > I can charge all my customers with my single software for sale.

Sorry for that comment if it misguided you, the only thing is missing that Netcraft wanted is the query to database that generate .sql file feature. We didn’t include that cause of open options user can have (adding new fields, change sources, etc). We will make an update within the next week for this feature.

Yes, if you purchase extended license and let us know then we can just make it “In-Stock” License for you and that way you can charge your clients as many times as you want (1 software).

We have made an update to Installer. Please wait for Approval. :)

This is the best installer on CodeCanyon by far…

It’s a blessing for someone like me, who does not have the time to develop and design a custom one.

Will purchase it very soon, keep up the good work ;)

Thank you, We are glad you like our product, cheers :)

Very Nice so far. There is only a small issue when resizing the screen. Underneath a resolution of 992px in width the Bullets who are on the right to corner and telling the actual wizard step, are vanishing. Its a bit a pitty

We will fix this on next release :)

I just purchased this item. The script it is installing, needs a folder to be writable. But your installer still allows people to continue to the next step, even if the folder is not writable! Why is this. I thought this installer had functions like this.

It doesn’t have that function, but all you have to do is open index.php and add if condition base on file writable.

hi, I need to create subdomains for every installation, is it taken in charge by this script ?

You mean the Price?

I mean can the script be configured to create subdomains (using Apache and Bind) ?

I mean can the script be configured to create subdomains (using Apache and Bind) ?

So how can i add a sql file? i don’t see any documentation

What you mean by adding a SQL file? The SQL file gets generated on completion, you need to use that to excuse it in database base on your app.

Hi, I’m interested in this script. Would it be possible to integrate a validation license window/field? Also,is this script PHP 5.6 or 7 compatible?

What you mean by validation license window?... It’s 5.6

Is there plans for next update

Not at this time. Please request any change you would like to see in future?

Hello, can you tell me when your next major update will be released?

I think its time to update your script! You have had no updates since 2014


Vito227 Purchased



Vito227 Purchased

When will your next major update be available? Do you have a specific date?