Installer - Responsive PHP Based Installation Wizard

Installer - Responsive PHP Based Installation Wizard

Installer is an application extension that allows you to inject database connection into your web application. Installer includes Bootstrap Framework that will allow you to have responsive capability. Use PDO connection for security purposes, very easy to integrate with your application header, Google hosted jQuery API, cross platform, HTML5 & CSS3. Installer also captures all server settings to appear and compare them with your application requirements. iCheck is also available for more User-friendly input options.

Please view each page in following links, for security purposes we could not provide Database Connection Information. Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3 | Step 4

For “In-Stock” License of Installer, please contact us directly after purchasing the Extended License, That way you can use installer for one single software and distribute that software as many times as you want (no developer License allowed in your software)

Update 1.1.0

- Generate SQL Script & Run it to Database (No .sql Needed) 
- Check for Config.php (Create one if it doesn’t exist)
- Awesome Font (CSS) Added (CDN) [UI Feature] 
- Minor Fixes
    - Improve Error Handling

Update 1.0.2

- Bootstrap responsive activation (minor)

Update 1.0.1

- File permissions to 644 
- Folder permissions to 755 
- Minor Bug Fixes
       - Session Error 
       - MySQL Cliental Server