InstaLead - Instagram Email Scraper

InstaLead - Instagram Email Scraper

If you are into Instagram Marketing and looking for influencers who have mentioned emails in their bio, then this chrome extension will help you out.

Picking those emails by hand is very tedious task, but this extension will simply automate that process for you. Just paste list of usernames, enter your delay settings and hit start!


  • Easy to Use
  • Fully Automated
  • Custom Delay Settings

How it Works

Watch video preview to see extension in action

What you will get?

Project Files & Final End Product.

However, we do not provide any kind of support regarding compilation of the project files. They are only for your reference to have some transparency. Please do not ask or mail us regarding help or explanation of project files except bugs or issue with final end product provided by us, not created by you.

Support & FAQ

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  • Don’t flood with too many usernames at a time. However, you are free to make your own tests.
  • It will only scrape emails which are mentioned in bio.
  • Any major modification to Instagram platform may affect this extension’s functionality, which may or may not result in discontinuation of support or update.


This tool is not associated with any brand or website. We do not take any responsibility how you use this software. It simply automate things which you can easily do manually.