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Is this universal build or just iphones? Are u interested in freelance work? You can reach me on

Hi. Yes the app is universal. Regarding freelance I am available. You may send me an email if you like

Hi mclife,

When i run Xcode i get an error below unknown>:0: error: bridging header ’/Users/zoisavgerinos/Desktop/iOS_dev/FunkySwipe/FunkySwipe/FunkySwipe-Bridging-Header.h’ does not exist, Do you know the fix to this ?

Thank for you looking into it!

Thanks for the information i will give it a try and will get you some screen shot of the errors. Have you update anything on your side maybe that will patch it let me know .


Hi i am still having the same error here is the message ”<unknown>:0: error: bridging header ’/Users/zoisavgerinos/Desktop/iOS_dev/FunkySwipe/FunkySwipe/FunkySwipe-Bridging-Header.h’ does not exist”

Yes, as I mentioned before you have to change the path of that file in XCode to point to the file that exists in the folder where you extracted the project. In the project files in XCode click on that file and check its path. You can see it on the right column in XCode under “Identity and Type”. You can inspect there the Full Path of the file. It shouldn’t have “zoisavgerinos” but your username. Also send me some screenshots of your project if you like so I can help you further. And please ONLY by email, not through comments.

Before you buy would like to know a few questions: 1 is a pure Objective-C draft or Swift? 2 – before sending in the AppStore I need to take the API in instagram or everything is already included? and I need to just submit an app in the store? 3 – does the app Admob ? Thank you very much?

Thank U! Another question: Say this pattern is exactly the same as shown in the video? Or it corresponds exactly to the application in the AppStore, with all the same features and built-in share purchases? And is there any documentation on setting up? Thank you very much!

And whether the application is 64 bit? Thank you

Yes it’s 64bit. The AppStore version has more features. But the template is the same. So this is as shown in the video. It has also Inapp purchases as the AppStore version. Yes it has documentation. Thanks

Can you do some customization for the app for me? I do not have software to do it.

Hi. For customization of this app send me an email. I can only do this as a freelance work, just for you to know.


Could you customize this app? whats your email?

Hi, thanks for your message. I can customise the app if you like. Contact me at Regards

Just bought and tested this app, it is awesome.

There is only a slight problem where the photo description details is overlaying and blocking parts of the photo when tested on iphone6+ simulator and iPad mini. Can this issue be fixed? Thanks.

Hi. Yes, you need to play with the y-values in the method loadImage, for the ellipsis, the caption and the username. Practically, you can check the type of device and change them accordingly. I plan to update this in the future, but currently I cannot say when. Regards

The photos displayer to users are from hashtags i have choose ?

Hi. Yes, you search for a certain hashtag and you get the results. Thanks.

Would there be a way to say fetch images from a server rather than instagram? Layout is amazing and love the tinder swipe feature.

Hi. Yes. Cou can use another API to load other images. Regards

I followed the instructions but cannot get any images to load with a hashtag. I can login fine but when I type a hashtag nothing shows up. I just see the instaswipe screen.

Hi and thanks for downloading. As of June 2016, Instagram changed their API so you have to be first approved by them, in order to use their endpoints. Please check for further instructions. Especially check the valid use cases In short, you have to register your own application and set it for approval by instagram. When approved, you change your credentials in the code and it will work. As a hint, the code will work with other APIs also, so you can load pictures, but this needs more tweaking by you.


I signed up on instagram as a developer and have a sandbox account with full permissions. Instagram won’t approve an app unless I can show it functioning (they want a video showing how it works). If I can’t show them they won’t approve it. Any thoughts? Would you be able to assist on this?

Hi. Haven’t tried it with sandbox accounts. Cause if you have full permissions it should work. Can you tell lease check github for any updates on the library InstagramKit that the code uses? It’s very possible that they might have sth different for sandbox accounts. Regards



Hi, since last June, Instagram changed their endpoints policy, so pretty much you have to apply for permissions first. Initially, your app will be in sandbox mode so you can test it. The code however, can work with other kind of data source though, so definitely it’s not a scam. If you can code of course… However, issue a refund with envato and I ‘ll accept it, no problem.