Discussion on Instagram Scraper

Discussion on Instagram Scraper

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hey there I built am instagram extension which able to auto follow, auto like, auto unfollow and looking for someone to sell it you can resell it unlimitedly any where as you want. if you are interested then feel free to reach me then i’ll give you a video of this extension. Regards

it was, probably requires update

sorry wrong app :)

I wanted to delete my previous message but it wasn’t possible

no issues mate

I have a .NET Winforms App using .NET 4.8 and need to get popular hashtags from Instagram for a seed keyword. Does your application do that? If so, if I buy it does it come with source code that I can use the code in my application?

You can not integrate the app with other winform apps. My library is not ready for other people use.

but i have a feeling that you can not use the app for scraping related/ nested scraping. The app is straight forward low level scraper with much features.

In most of the cases users do not have the required tools to do advanced scraping.

Thank you.

“Comments+Comments” tab is not working. please check. I was trying to scrape comments of

IF you are into 6 month period your issue will be resolved by an update soon. Please send me the log as asked. Thank you.

“Comments+Comments” tab is not working. please check.

inside appdata \sthinstagram\logs

I suggest you to communicate through email mentioned above. Thank you.

I had sent the log file zip day before yesterday. Did you find the issue.

Update : you have been contacted 2 time and got no responses :)

Purchased the Instagram scraper however i cannot generate cookies for any account.. I’ve tried 2 accounts both open a chrome window and then immediately close within a second

It would be better if you have reached us through the email. For a faster response.

You need to replace the chrome driver with latest driver. Upon doing that you will be able to generate cookies and perform the scraping. :)

Hi, How are you? I have a few questions. Does your script scrap comments please? if yes could you help me set it up after purchase?

Thank you so much

It does scrape comments. Sorry for the late reply. contact me at if you need anything else as well.

Is this still available to buy?

I need desktop software for scrapping emails from Insta accounts. When I add some hashtags and software find account from recent posts and scrape their emails. Is that option available it this software?

hello, ive purchased this tool and did all requirements that you asked.. i have net framework version 4.8 (the latest) and i updated chrome to latest version (91.0.4472.77)

when im clicking on generate cookies in your software its open the browser and close it right after 1 second.. its seems that its not working properly.. can u please help with that ?

Look here

You will see the info in the about section. Just download the latest chrome driver and replace with the existing one. If you do – you will be able to use it.

Hello, 2 presale questions:

1- ¿can i use this with a VPN rather than proxies? im looking to install this in virtual machine, and then use it with a local country IP so instagram doesn’t look my activity as suspicious

(already Im using another system to generate likes for some local business, it also emulates browser navigation)

2- ¿What are the specific benefits of scraping users following or followers of an account?


1. Yes you can. Use of proxy is totally your choice!. IF you do not add proxy then the program will use local connection / WIFI or whatever you set for the Machine or virtual machine or environment. No issues there at all.

2. Honestly there is no specific answer left but if you need you can scrape followers / followings to watch your growth or data scraping from bio or connect the specific niche audience who are interested in your niche etc etc. The area is too broad to answer.

Hope this helps.

Ok, and how the location based scrape works?

I need followers from my town, in mexico, is that possible with your system?

1. Insert location url and expect to see location based posts being scraped.

2. You can get a popular post from mexico and scrape all the likers + commenters and then follow them by your system :)

Hi, I have a custom requirement for IG scrapper. It is for hashtag search posts. I need details(more columns) of hashtag based posts. At present your current software gives two columns only. Let me know if you can make such changes in your application. We can discuss further then

Please provide your requirements with details to us via mail or PM box. I will have a look on it if IG provides the data i can add that as well.

i tried to download comments of a post which have mor than 800 comments. the link is but it is giving me less that 30 comments. Is there any issue ?

Tried and tested

On first try it did not scrape more than 30 and then tried again and scraped all the data.

Not sure why happened but the program has nothing to do. If IG sent wrong data the program stops if send correct data the programs keeps scraping. :)

It is working fine as i checked right now.

I checked it again and again (multiple times) but it did not was not downloading all comments. It is happening for some other links too. Please check if anything can be fixed

I have checked it and it totally upon IG. Sometimes IG does not send the required details so no more scraping. As i said i have checked it when i saw your first comment and confirmed that the program has no issues if it had you would get a fix. I suggest you to try with other accounts to see if it is working.


hi i have just bought the instagram scrapper and the problem is when i try to add the account and generate cookies it opens a browser window and in a mili second closes it …. what theproblem ??? i have all the latest requirements here

my id is neelNMN and my email is

or pictures how to do that

You can do little google search or youtube search. The process is simple.

How to manipulate data by excel =>

data import =>


Its working but the emoticons are showing ???? this mark likea question .. now what to do

I have following requirements 1. Find Post details of a instagram users (link, datetime, likes count, comment count, post text, .. etc) – export in CSV 2. Download (in CSV) all comments for any instagram post (comment by, comment Text, date, ...) 3. Search posts by hashtag

Does your tool support above requirement? Can I get the demo software?


1. This question is broad and hard to answer. Can you ask specifically?

2. IF public or friend the account used in scraping then YES

3. YES


This is one time download product and all the CAN and CAN NOT is mentioned in details. If the program fits your need then buy else do not buy. AS i can see here is no trial system available so i’m sorry.

Hi. Can you extract the list of people that a user follows? I need to extract followers from different accounts. that can be easily done with this application?

1. Yes, That is following of some user. It can be possible. 2. Followers scraping is possible as much as you want as well


hi! good job! one question! im making an app in nodejs with interface and rest api. can i make my app send requisitions and return information from your app? thank you!

No that app can not get data from my app because my app is gui based and has no hook to get information in json or xml or like that. In fact the process is not in process layer but directly in GUI. Do you need anything?

Shoot me an email at :)

Will this scrape all available posts for a specific hashtag? Or is it susceptible to being blocked by Instagram? Instagram is notorious for blocking automated systems. How many posts were you able to scrape with it so far? for example can it scrape up to 5m posts related to a hashtag?

I will be honest with your question.

There are a few parameters. IP, account quality, scraping interval.

1. The program can handle longer scraping job 2. If you fear the instagrams behaviors on accounts doing scraping then just use higher delay – IG will not say much and put you in trouble. 3. You are not limited to scraping on anything. The program has delay functionality. Set it to 10-15 seconds and scrape as many as you want.

4. If you think your account is low quality then add more account and create more instances of the program and run different source scraping

5. The program emulates browser activity so it is safe and unless scraping happens in short time span you will not face issues at all as per my findings.

But, you know how IG works. :)

For this to be useful it needs to be able to scrape user bios and contact details for business accounts. Can it do that?

It can scrape user bio. Anything available in bio is scraped but if you are looking for email scraper then that is not specifically added. It can scrape available in bio regardless.

So I conclude from your reply it scrapes user bios, but not contact details in business accounts. I would be interested if it could scrape contact details as well.

if the business details is written in plain text you will get them. If you want to scrape the email and pone number hidden in button in IG app then no it is not possible. But you get whatever mentioned in the BIO not contact field. Anything contains in bio are subject to be scraped. NOT the under button call / email details. To help you the program uses browser profile and anything available in browser version of the profile will be scraped by the software.



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