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Rafael você está respondendo ainda os emails? Faz tempo que tento falar com você!

Olá wavrik,

Estou sim, vc pode reenviar?

Obrigado Raf


ras0ne Purchased

I have some questions in regards to configuring the plugin.

Some items do not match the documentation and some features just seem to not work.

Hey Raf, my Instagram videos play in the lightbox fine on mobile, but not at all on desktop. Please check out my site www.michaelbrooksre.com.

What do you think it could be?

Thanks, Michael

I figured it out- the comment box is blocking the play button.. so when I clicked on it it did nothing. How can I remedy this?

Hi rafsegat,

Well done on creating a great plugin.

I have a few questions, my website is http://www.silentpixels.co

1) How can I modify which social media icons showing when hovering?

2) Where do I add the actual links to my social media channels?

3) When viewing this plugin on my iPhone the viewer turns into like a slideshow and has downloads enabled for each picture. Can I disable this?

Thank you.