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Hi! I recently bought the plugin, I have a problem with the images, do not complete the box, you can see the inconvenience here …





oktikart Purchased

Hi I’m using version 4.6.1 and see the following error: “Instagram Gallery Exception: Error: Cannot retrive photos from Instagram….” on the shortcode page. Widget works fine, it’s just via the shortcode – tried both by username and by id but still no luck. Any ideas? Thank you!


oktikart Purchased


Hi there – I just uploaded the upgrade and all i get is

Instagram Gallery Exception: Error: etc

can you please help me>

Do you have any documentation on how to use this with Visual Composer? Getting the same error as your other customers regarding the access token. Its completely unintuitive how to get this working.

Additionally, I continuously get redirected to a blank page after clicking the “Authorize App” button.

Still unable to get this working. Even though the app has been authorized its still not working.

Can you help us sort this out?

Hi. I have bought your Instagram Gallery app. My friend uses this with no problem.

I just get this error message each time: Instagram Gallery Exception: Error: You don’t have an access token, have you configurated correctly the plugin from here?

Do you have a solution?

I work with the latest update and the 7 Wordpress theme. Best Regards Lasse Fagereng.

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Yota Purchased

Hi there,

Love the plugin so far but have some problems with location_id parameter. I tried to create the location-based Instagram gallery but after use your shortcode to find the location_id, it wasn’t there.

My place is a restaurant in the shopping mall so, that latitude,longitude is packed with a full list of the restaurants in there. Mine is not the most popular one so it can’t make it to the first list (even though, it is not the new place, nor unknown). Is there anyway to extend the list of result to probably 30-40 places?

Thanks, Yota


comprocon Purchased

We’re trying to verify two things

a) the credentials we’re using for the instagram feed are supposed to be for the publisher of the content (not the viewer)

b) how do we control whether we are showing the “public” or the “friends/private” feed. we would prefer public feed only.


webd001 Purchased

Hi, After Authorizing on Instagram it redirects to this page: i ommited the rest of the URL as code canyon is publishing my details publicly it seems I see a blank page when it goes there and nothing happens. I tried this several times, logged in and out. Seems like your website is not redirecting back to my wp to fill in the credentials… Please check, thank you!