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We just purchased. Installation failed. Not sure how or what to do from here.

Installing Theme from uploaded file: codecanyon-11593035-instagram-journal (1).zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

any help?


To resolve your issue, please open the zip file and find the directory labeled “wordpress-plugin” and upload that to your site.

To make it much simpler, please take a look at the included documentation which has a 2 minute installation video. This shows you how to get started much better than I explain via text.

Let me know if you need anything else! :)

Is this theme compatible with any 3rd party plugins that offer multiple ‘Featured Images’ for the Home front page?

This is a Wordpress plugin and Theme. What are you trying to accomplish?

I would like to able to have a slideshow on the home page rather than use the “Featured Image”.

Hi, no worries. Are you referring to the collage slideshow?

Hi there – couple of pre-sales questions.

a) with the classic layout, when the image is clicked on it opens a viewer at the top of the page – then when the ‘X’ is clicked it closes the viewer – is it possible to get it to scroll back down to the image that was opened?

b) does the feed support user & hashtag together?



Apologies for the delay, I was away the past couple of days. See my comments below.

a. Yes absolutely. This is just for demo purposes. Furthermore, the plugin also offers a nice Fancybox2 popup to appear with an array of customizable options.

b. Yes, the feed supports all features of the API including user, hashtag, and location.


Hi – thanks for the reply.

In classic layout, can the number of columns change depending on the screen size? In the demo it remains 5 columns even when the screen is only 600px width.

Yes, this can be easily customized using the plugin options. If you purchase today, I’d be happy to provide you with a complementary installation.



I have the plugin on the site with the contest mode. The is no alt=”**” on the image attribute. It would be good for seo ans accessibility : how is it possible to add a alt to the images ?

Thanks !



It doesn’t appear that you are a customer of mine. Please message me from the account that you purchased with.


Hey, When I instal the theme, it says that is Version 1.2. Is that correct? At the Theme Page on Theme Forests says that have a Version 2.4 – July 22 2017.

Hi, Thanks for reaching out. This is correct! The theme is separate from the plugin. No worries, you are definitely up to date! :)

Thanks man! Another question. In the Classic Layout is it possible to make the page auto load another posts without having to click on “Load More”?


Yes, there is a way to setup lazy loading but would require a custom upgrade since that’s not how the core plugin is designed. Please send me a message using the form on my profile and I’ll be happy to do that for you.



Having a very hard time just installing the plugin to display my instagram feed in classic view, stretched across my home page. Can you help me?

Hi, I will be happy to help. Would you like a free installation?

Please let me know how you can help me get this installed?

Sure, see my previous message.

Yes, very much. Can you email me to tell me how you can help?

Hi, I will be happy to help you! Please send me a message using the form on my profile page.

hello I have problems installing your theme. It says installation failed. I also can’t find the documentation installation video you refer to in another video

Hello, are you installing the plugin or theme?

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

hello ! sorry now i managed to install, but when I try to get the shortcode and the preview the brower says I (as a client) am not allowed to access this resource. Any idea?

Hi, where did you get your access token?

Hi – is there an images limit when using a combination of username & hashtag?

Does the plugin load images quickly even if they are older photos in the instagram feed?


Thanks for your interest and patience, I just got back from vacation. No, there is no limit to how many usernames and hashtags you can combine.

And yes, it loads photos very quickly but it varies based on internet connection. Let me know if you need anything else!


Does not install and you don’t support installs. Please refund.



There must be a mistake, I definitely do offer support and free installations. Would you like one?


Sorry, but the site makes it clear that you do not support installations. I moved onto another plugin. I have never had a problem with a plugin not installing so that is very troubling anyway.

I’m very confused on what you’re saying. “The site makes it clear that you do not support installations”. Where are you reading this?


You wrote: >Also to take it one step further, this plugin comes standard with the Instagram Journal Wordpress theme. URL:

Does it exist a “Instagram Journal Wordpress them” ?

I would like to buy is a theme with all included in order to have your demo

Please let me know the procedure to operate ? Should I install whatever theme, next install your plugin …

Thank you LD

Hi, correct. This plugin includes the theme used in the demo site so if you purchase the plugin, you will also receive the theme which is very simple but does everything you need to get started with Wordpress. Let me know if you need assistance with installation!


I purchased your plugin/theme and immediately have been trying to install it. I now wish I looked at the comments. This plugin/theme is not installing and I cannot find an instructional video anywhere. I was sold on how quickly the preview loaded because I thought this would be a no-brainer….boy was I wrong! HELP!

I was away at a conference (which was why I was trying to get this completed), so I’m just now getting your message. I will still complete the form because the site is still not working correctly, so I’m having to use another theme until we get the issues solved.

Hey there…I sent you an email message as you asked, but I haven’t heard back from you. If you don’t want to help me anymore, I need my money back please.

Hi, please have a little patience. I’ll have you sorted out today, I just received your emails.

Lovely plugin and the theme is a nice perfectly! great support…thanks!

Thanks! :)

Hi there, ive finally got the plugin installed (had to do it manually via FTP) but i can only see one basic screen asking for competition info, and my access key. There is no video as mentioned in the documentation folder, and no instructions (the index.html file doesnt open)... can you help guide me as to what I need to do to get setup? I just want to use the plugin to display our company tag in a one page feed. I’m not sure I understand how the competition aspect works, but I am sure I can use it to do what we want. Is there more settings that I should be able to see somewhere re: layout, account, etc?

Hi, I’ll be happy to help. If you open the documentation file, the first thing you will see is the quickstart video. Is the doc folder not included with your download?


is it possible to force all photos to show as a square because when a user uploads a rectangular photo into Instagram it messes up on this plugin, looks bad, see

Thank you

Any chance you could send me a live link?

Sure. I’ve had to set up a new page with just this on it as I can’t have it showing currently on the main site, please use pass test123 to access it

Hi, I just logged in and your page looks great! I think you’re just seeing a cached version. Try doing a hard refresh or use a different browser.

This will do the trick! :)


Just purchased and installed instagram journal. Using the shortcode builder on a page results in the collage carousel arrows to show but no instagram feed.

Also, when trying to use the shortcode in a theme .php file, it doesn’t work at all. Here’s the code I tried: <?php do_shortcode(‘[instagram-journal mode=”user” user_id=”00000000” gallery_mode=”collage”]’); ?> and <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[instagram-journal mode=”user” user_id=”00000000” gallery_mode=”collage”]’); ?>

Hi, can you send me a link so that I may take a look? It looks like there’s a conflict with fancybox. I removed duplicate calls to the fancybox script and that seems to work, although there are still some errors in the console.


Apologies on the delay, I have been away for the past couple of days. I’m ready to provide you with exceptional support!

I just went to review your website and It appears to be no stylesheets loading. Can you let me know when it’s back up so that I can resolve this for you?



hi! i’ve one question about this item. I want to make one website with contest system with the same situation: - user register to website and make the login on instagram (for remember the user) - partecipate to the contest with the hashtag ”#contestxx”and all photos of their user are visible in the admin backend and is possible to select it for pubblish to website.

is possible it?

Hi, yes you can run contests however there is no login functionality with this plugin for visitors. Like most campaigns, the contest will happen directly in the instagram account. Does this make sense?

Hi, i just install the new update beceause of the square performance but they still show different size. is it possible to look square all ?or is there something i did wrong with the update?

See other comment.

and….when you click on a photo, a big photo shows with text below and i want a smaller photo with the tekst on the right site like the demo. Is that possible? see link : and click


I just reloaded and it appears that you were just cached. Try clearing your cache or refreshing several times and you will see that your images are displaying properly. :)


THank u! everything is perfect again! xx