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hI, It is not running your plugin you can check please? I do not understand why it does not work.

4f52799a-4746-4ec3-8ccb-8ac266e06abe – 26 Sep 2016 REGULAR LICENSE

please send me your site link.

Hi you still havent responded to my reply nearly 2 weeks ago (see page 1 comments)

please check your mail.

Hello, I have just installed the plugin in carousel mode. Some of my Instagram images are formatted in landscape or portrait. Is there a way to display those images as thumbnails, so the look is consistent? The thumbnails are consistent when I select 150×150 resolution (squares), but the images are blurry. When I select a higher resolution, the thumbnails reset to their original aspect ratio. Thanks for your help!

instagram api give uploaded image. if you same size image display please add image size using css.

what would that css code look like? Thumbnail works fine in the 150×150 configuration but not the other configurations you have offered. Thanks!

Can you add this to visual composer or did I get the wrong one?

this plugin no need visual composer plugin. it is only wordpress version.

Hi, your plugin, as I active It conflicts with the home of my web site you can check thanks

Hi, I have a problem when Active your plugin The home does not work well. You can control Thanks

Hi, sorry I moved the site permanently in the actual link but it does not work you can help me? Thank you

Great program but after working with it. It’s not what I’m looking for. Can I get a refund?

Thanks G

please send me your site link and what you need excently..

So i have installed and activated the plugin along with getting the token. How do I make it so its visible on my wordpress?

Hi I have visual composer, but accidently purchased the plugin just for word press itself rather than with the visual composer. Can I get refund for this one? Thanks!

Hi There,

We are having some problems with the plugin displaying instragram photos in the grid that are no square on instagram. We end up with images falling to the next line and a whole ton of white space in between. I am guessing that this isn’t supposed to happen since instagram is now allowing different size images that aren’t square. Any suggestions on what we can do to make sure this doesn’t happen?

For now we have used CSS to make the images the same size, however it distorts the images so that is not a great solution.

Thanks for the help.

you have add wrong css. please remove your css and apply below css

remove this css
.insta_img {
    width: 295px !important;
    height: 295px !important;

add this css
.social-feed-element a {
    color: #0088cc;
    text-decoration: none;
    height: 295px;
    display: block;
    overflow: hidden;

Thank you!

purchase code : 6d4f8a64-9366-486e-a0c3-e244fd96200d

installed on homepage of and does not show up. plugin shows in the backend but not in the frontend? should be under the top stories below the two illustrations middle of site..

i have not found any instagram feed on this site please send me link where are you setup this plugin.

The IG feed isn’t working any more See footer

please send me proper link where are you setup this plugin. i have not found IG feed in home page.

i found you have added correct user id but not add correct access token.

instagram not allow diff account access token and diff acoount user id. please add same account user id and access token.


bmbuke Purchased

The gallery is not responsive, it only shows 1 image on mobile version. Can you please advise me on how to fix this?


bmbuke Purchased

Any luck on figuring out the problem here?

mobile version in automatically set 1 image because mobile display is small. you want how many post display in mobile.?


bmbuke Purchased

maybe 3? the one is super grainy and you can’t scroll through.

I wouldn’t mind if it was just one image if it would scale size properly and if you could swipe through the other images depending on how many you are showing on desktop. Does that make sense?

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please send me your site link where are you setup this plugin.

Of course I’m not using the plugin right now, because it doesn’t work. It just keep showing the loading sign. It would be very bad experience to use your plugin while waiting for your answer.

I want my money back. I bought an Instagram gallery that is supposed to be functional and display my Instagram gallery.

I want my money back or a fully functional plugin as I bought.


please both plugin not working, please refund . the money for both plugin


1-Visual Composer – Instagram Social Stream Grid With Carousel Item Purchase Code: f41c6229-c593-4427-9d46-3be081dad823

2-Instagram Gallery with Carousel for WordPress Item Purchase Code: d83c0771-798a-4555-85ba-f8de82d02f52

Regards Shvan

i sent


still waiting!! please there is some problem with your plugin, i cannot contact you every time, !!!!!

hello! im still waiting for your reply!

please refund ,, if you cant fix it please refund my money



lee7462 Purchased

Hi there, I installed your plugin on my site, but it does not seem to be working. Please could you have a look


lee7462 Purchased

Also, I am looking to buy another license for a different site: I tried it on this site, but the “tagged” option does not seem to work. Is this based on #hashtags? or @mentions? I tried both, but I get nothing through…


lee7462 Purchased

I get this error on the site when I try to use tagged images:

Uncaught Error: Error from Instagram: This request requires scope=public_content, but this access token is not authorized with this scope. The user must re-authorize your application with scope=public_content to be granted this permissions. at Instafeed.parse (instafeed.js:101) at

yes i check your site. i found you have not used authorize access token. authorize access token is approve instagram developer team. and it is use for hash tag data. currently instagram normal access token not allow public content. like hashtag data. please send me mail so i have give you authorize access token.