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Does this play Instagram videos?


Can I display a feed based on #hashtags?

Unfortunately no. This was an option in earlier versions but Instagram changed it’s API policy in June 2016 and a lot of instagram extensions, including this one, were shut out. This extension is approved by Instagram, but we were not given the extra ability to use #hashtags.

I get the error “NetworkError: 503 Service Unavailable”

This is either an Auth issue or a naming conflict with another module (instagram). Double check your Auth Token is correct and saved correctly. Clear the Instagram Cache (bottom of instagram config page in admin). If that did not work then it could be a conflict. ver 1.4 of this module has addressed the naming convention conflicts, ver 1.3.x or earlier should be updated to latest version. Or remove the other Instagram module.

I get the error “Fatal error: Class ‘CDL_CDLinstagram_Helper_Data’ not found

You may be using Compiling, you will need to re-run the compiling process in Magento Admin. System -> Tools -> Complier. Best practice is to deactivate the compiler when installing new modules.

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