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does this work for multi store? For instance we have different instagram accounts for different stores


Hi, yes it can. You just have to disable any cached loading of the section that loads the feed. for example, if the feed is in the footer, then you have to dynamically load this each time, else magento will cache the feed and apply the same footer across stores. This is the only issue I know of, and it may be that it does not aply to your setup, but I have seen this before. Hope this helps.

Hi, i will like to buy this extension, i want to know if its still okay for me to buy this extension, and if you still have support for it.

I hope i will get the exact display as it is on the link i sent you.


Yes, it is still ok to purchase and you will get support. The gallery does look very much like that.

and secondly, can this extension display all photos that has my Instagram brand hashtag

No, this plugin does not support hashtags.

How to change natural size 150×150 of thumbs in mini sidebar gallery? I have changed size in admin to 200, the natural size was stayed 150 for all thumbs.

Hi, sorry for late reply. The image size should come through at 306×306px for thumbnails (low_resolution from instagram API). Could it be a css setting?

No. Css is Ok. The troubles with photo path like Natural 150×150 site

I see, could you email me through my profile page and I will send you some code.

Hi, do you know if this widget is compatible with ultimo theme? Cause I used the Neklo Widget and its not works.

Hi, it should work. Setup is simpler than the Neklo widget but my plugin only displays your feed and you cannot use #tags. Hope this helps. Thanks.


boraso Purchased

Hi, we are buyed this module for Magento project of our client.

The version of module is:

- in file config.xml 1.0.0

- name of tgz buyed “CDL_Instagram_1_4-1.4.0.tgz”

I unfortunately found 2 bug in installation your module:

- the install script not work because the resources is “cdlinstagram_setup” but the directory in sql is instagram_setup, so the install script not executed

- the function “adminSystemConfigChangedSection” in class Observer.php generate this error “Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry ‘bellissi-1-cdl_instagram/instagramcarousel/gallery_left’ for key ‘UNQ_CORE_CONFIG_DATA_SCOPE_SCOPE_ID_PATH’, query was: INSERT INTO `core_config_data` (`scope`, `scope_id`, `path`, `value`) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)”” when we save the configuration at website level. The problem is the variable $scope: this variable contain the website code or store code and not scope “websites” or “stores”. We are change the function _findScope and add the function _findScopeId for get the id of website or store.

Can you update the module for solve this issue?

Thanks in advantage

Hi Boraso, thank you for your feedback and bringing this to my attention. I will look into these issues and release an update when I can. Thanks again.

Could you please let me know what version of Magento you are running. Thanks.


boraso Purchased

The magento version is