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Would you instagram work with Magento ver.

Hi, it’s quite possible that it will work with that version, and if you have any trouble I will do my best to help you get it working. But my reccomendation is to update Magento to 1.9.x if you can.

We have installed the extension but its not fetching the images from Instagram. Its keep showing check your settings. (check left sidebar)

We haven’t used any shortcode , its what we get default.

Here is backend setting

We have already succesfully done the integration and got the userid/ Accesstoken

Hi, can you double check the User ID and Access token are saved in the correct fields, this could be a cause of the problem. Otherwise I cannot see anything wrong with your site. If thats not the issue then please contact me through my profile and we can look into it a bit further. Cheers.


Can you please develop a Magento extension similar to (shopify).

Basically create Shoppable Instagram feeds on Magento with popup lightbox having buy button which redirects to product page.

You can see the demo on that page above.


Where can I translate :”View More Instagram Photos” and “load more”

Hi, you can translate these on the following pages app/design/frontend/base/default/template/cdl/cdlinstagram/photosets/view.phtml and app/design/frontend/base/default/template/cdl/cdlinstagram/photoset/view.phtml

I’m using your extension on multiple webshops and it’s all loading apart from one.. There hasn’t been changed a thing so I’m not sure what the problem is. The url is It keeps “Loading”.. What could be the problem and solution?

Hi, like you said, nothing has changed with the extension. So could be a configuration proplem at your end. An error report is generated by Magento when you load this page Check the error report and see what it says.

hi i’m perched it few days ago and it’s not works on footer and also i want to show it statics blocks so can u send me documentations and where i’m submit a ticket for my issues

thank you please quick replay

Hi, all documentation is in the readme file included in the download. Remember to clear your cache after making changes to static blocks and layouts.

If you cannot get it to show after trying the code in the readme file please email me thorugh my profile with some links and I will try to help you.


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Hi – will this extension work with Magento version

Yes it will.

Hi there, we’ve had the feed running on our homepage for a while but has recently stopped retrieving the images from Instagram. Is just say “please wait’. Any advice? Thanks.

Hi, are you able to messabe me through my profile with some links to your site. Have you installed any other modules or updates recently?


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Hi I want to add a slider on homepage Instead of the load more, I want to have left-right arrow that when clicked, it shows another sets of instagram images

Hi, this can be done but it will take some personalised customisation. If you wish to discuss options then please contact me through my profile. Thanks.

Can I display the feed at the bottom of selected product pages instead of in the website footer? Also can I have a feed displaying photos using certain hashtag(s)?

Hi, yes you can display the feed anywhere you like. There are instructions for placing the feed using static blocks or php in the readme file. Sorry, hashtags are unsupported at this stage.

Just curious before purchasing. Does this module also return information about each Instagram image such as # of likes and # of comments?

Hi, yes it does, but will take a small bit of coding to display them. I could possibley help you with that if needed.


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I am using your Instagram Magento module. We have two different websites: (Slovenian language) (Croatian language)

Each website has its own Instagram profile. It is possible to show on each website own Instagram profile posts?

We have tried with different User ID and Access Token for each scope but it is everytime showing the same profile on both websites.

Thank you.


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Doesn’t help. Same problem if we set the cache to 0.

Does clearing the magento cache allow you to load the other account? Could be that magento is caching the block and UserID as static html. If you would like to email me through my profile then we can work together to figure this one out. Cheers.


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Hello, I have PM you.

Dear support i installed and config the instagram gallery. It remains alwais in waiting status can you help me

Hi, can you double check the User ID and Access Token are correct. Maybe even reset them and clear both the instagram cache and magento cache.

Hello, I notice for the mini gallery, the Instagram images load at 150×150px even if I set the thumbnail size to 195×195px in the config. The images will display the right size but blurry, because the source image remains 150×150px. How can I increase the size of the source images for the mini thumbnails?

you can email me through my profile with links and i will take a look

Thank you. I’ve just send you through the access details in a private message.

Working as requested now. Thanks.

Hello, I’m having an issue with the layout of this module. When a post is on light box, the “X” to close the lightbox is barely accessible. It’s even a bigger issue on mobile. Also, is there anyway to customize the CMS page for this module? I tried adding a custom banner but it won’t work. Thanks.

Hey, have messaged you. Will also post solution here once we figure it out. Thanks.

Hello Author, One of our Instagram plugin purchased from you stopped working day before yesterday. Domain : Location : Footer Error Screenshot :

Could you please provide a quick fix. There was no changes in code or insetting. What it says is Invalid domain as in screenshot -> Not sure what is this and might used in extension code.

Hi, could be that your instagram name or password has changed, or something similar to make your token invalid. Please delete your current token from Magento settings and go through the process to get a new one. Let me know how that goes.

hii, i want to show instagram gallery on home page. how to do this??

i called through this code: <?php echo $this->getLayout()>createBlock(‘core/template’,’instagramgallery’)>setTemplate(‘cdl/cdlinstagram/photosets.phtml’)->toHtml();?> on home page. but it shows load more button loading… and never stops. it shows this error: Uncaught Error: Error from Instagram: The access_token provided is invalid. at Instafeed.parse (instafeed.js:81) at

Where did you get my plugin from?

i bought it from here .

Not according to CodeCanyon. Did you use your current account? If you did buy from here then all the instructions are in the Readme file.

i did not bought it from this account. My client bought it from his account. I am his developer. I have followed the read me file. but the gallery is not loading on home page, please see the attached screen shot.

However it is working here.

You have a few js errors on your homepage. maybe a conflicting instagram script as well. Fix those and the images will load.

hii my instagram not showing any feeds. its showing only “please wait” and show this error:

(index):891 Uncaught ReferenceError: userFeed is not defined at (index):891 GET 503 (Service Unavailable)

site url:

Hi, I would say that the auth process did not work properly or you may have placed the ID and Token in the wrong fields. Please double check that you have these correct. Also, if you have changed your instagram password recently, then you will also have to get a new token.

I checked my id and token placed in right fields. and password is not changed. what to do now?

Just checked your links and it’s working.