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Would you instagram work with Magento ver.

Hi, it’s quite possible that it will work with that version, and if you have any trouble I will do my best to help you get it working. But my reccomendation is to update Magento to 1.9.x if you can.

We have installed the extension but its not fetching the images from Instagram. Its keep showing check your settings. (check left sidebar)

We haven’t used any shortcode , its what we get default.

Here is backend setting

We have already succesfully done the integration and got the userid/ Accesstoken

Hi, can you double check the User ID and Access token are saved in the correct fields, this could be a cause of the problem. Otherwise I cannot see anything wrong with your site. If thats not the issue then please contact me through my profile and we can look into it a bit further. Cheers.


Can you please develop a Magento extension similar to (shopify).

Basically create Shoppable Instagram feeds on Magento with popup lightbox having buy button which redirects to product page.

You can see the demo on that page above.


Where can I translate :”View More Instagram Photos” and “load more”

Hi, you can translate these on the following pages app/design/frontend/base/default/template/cdl/cdlinstagram/photosets/view.phtml and app/design/frontend/base/default/template/cdl/cdlinstagram/photoset/view.phtml


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I’m using your extension on multiple webshops and it’s all loading apart from one.. There hasn’t been changed a thing so I’m not sure what the problem is. The url is It keeps “Loading”.. What could be the problem and solution?

Hi, like you said, nothing has changed with the extension. So could be a configuration proplem at your end. An error report is generated by Magento when you load this page Check the error report and see what it says.

hi i’m perched it few days ago and it’s not works on footer and also i want to show it statics blocks so can u send me documentations and where i’m submit a ticket for my issues

thank you please quick replay

Hi, all documentation is in the readme file included in the download. Remember to clear your cache after making changes to static blocks and layouts.

If you cannot get it to show after trying the code in the readme file please email me thorugh my profile with some links and I will try to help you.


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Hi – will this extension work with Magento version

Yes it will.