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Hi, is it possible to show more then one photo in a single instagram post with your plugin?

Hi. If you mean Slideshows (when single Instagram post have several photos) – yes, the plugin supports Instagram slideshows

Hi, just bought your plug-in: It´s simply awesome! One quick but important question for me: How can I disable (or change) the colorful preloader before loading the images? Thanks a lot & best regards!

Hi. Sorry for the delay. There are 2 types of preloaders in the plugin:
1. preloader when loading the whole gallery (it’s working quite quick, so you might not eve noticed it)
2. preloader for each image
To modify the first preloader – it’s quite hard, but the second is here: /wp-content/plugins/ingallery/assets/images/loading.gif
So you can replace the image and you will have your own preloader. But there is one thing: after updating the plugin the preloader will be replaced with the default. You can keep always your preloader by adding custom CSS rules with your styles.


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Gallery items don’t appear to be loading for me anymore. Is there an issue with the plugin? Nothing has been touched. Here’s the domain in question – http://www.ho-st.co.uk/gallery/

Thank you in advance.

Hi. I see that its working well (the link you have provided).


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I know! I’m so sorry to have bothered you, I updated the plugin and it now works great. I’m very sorry to have wasted your time, I was just in a bit of a panic :) I really appreciate your prompt reply, thanks for that.

Don’t worry. Glad that you’re ok.


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Hello, I installed the plugin for a client on this site, http://djcharlieclean.ca I created different categories which filter by the feed by a hashtag. The problem I’m having that the plugin doesn’t fetch each category equally which creates some empty categories as you can see on the link above if you go to the gallery section. Is there a way to fix this? Or improve it? Thanks, Karim

Hi. Sorry for this, just checked – installed on WP – everything is ok.
I need to see what exactly is happening on you website.
Please try first to delete all the plugin files via FTP and upload new ones. Then clean all caches.


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If I delete all the plugin files would I lose the gallery that I created?

If you delete all the plugin files via FTP and upload new ones – your galleries will still be there.

Hi, Great looking plugin !

I have a couple of presell questions:

1 – How many accounts can the plugin handle, I don’t have much now but expecting to eventually have 1000 feed/shortcode?

2 – How slow / fast will it be with as many accounts?

3 – Will it work smoothly with RTL languages and translation (Arabic)?

4 – I would like to know how the plugin works with Instagram API and the 5000 limit. on another plugin, I’ve read that “each Instagram account creates an extra request to Instagram when the plugin loads”. I just want to confirm with you if that’s the case with your plugin. My interpretation to that was if I have a 1000 account / shortcode and a user opens a page that has one Instagram shortcode it sends 1000 requests out of the 5000 limit? So if 5 users open that same page in 1 minute, I hit the limit.

5. Will the feed work well with ajax?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, Thank you for replying so fast.

1. I saw the demo and understand that I need to create each gallery and get the shortcode from their. Can I edit the gallery after creating it and will the shortcode settings be auto updated?

2 and 4 : Perfect. That’s great. So I don’t have to worry about limits

Can you please answer my remaining concerns :)

3 – Will it work smoothly with RTL languages and can I translate it with loco translate or PoEdit (Arabic)?

5. Will the feed work well with ajax? I’ll be putting the shortcode in a tab that loads with ajax?

Also, Can I hide the caption that shows when I hover over the image?

1. When you create a gallery, you will get a shortcode that refers to the gallery ID. So all the changes you will do in that gallery will be automatically visible in all places where you have placed that shortcode without updating the shortcode itself.

3. Honestly – don’t know, but i don’t see any reasons why it shouldn’t. Yes, you can translate with any tool that manages .po files (.po files are included in the package).

5. The feed as already working with AJAX. If you will put the feed in the tab that is loaded with AJAX – there may be problems, because the AJAX loaded is initialized when the page is loaded. By i can make a JavaScript API method with which you can call AJAX to load the feed.

Yes, you can turn off the caption that shows when hover over the image.

Hi there – none of my galleries are working. I have used the # and the @ but it wont source any of the images. http://website.oversharer.com.au/show-page/

Hi. It’s a CSS styles problem. I have already fixed it and uploaded. So the update will be available as soon as codecanyon will approve it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Hey I build a tab for categories to avoid the duplicated images. unfortunately the gallery switches “sometimes?!” to mobile css and sometimes not.. just try on neulich.org and use the tab bar a few times. Happens in Chrome.

The problem is still the same: IF i was in vietnam and i want the tags: vietnam, travel and all pictures … it still duplicates because some of the pictures with travel has vietnam, too. .

And its not an option for me to exclude everytime everything else, because it wont work. i cannot show vietnam and not travel, because vietnam shall also include travel but travel when i search travel i get other pictures if i search only for vietnam.

So please i need a solution for it. I want your gallery because the style is still the best, but i cannot fix this damn problem. - since month.

regards Manni

Have you updated already?


HamZta Purchased

hello yeah i updated it, but its still changing to the mobile css . is there something i need to do ? i seen an undefined – option in the plugin

Hi. please send me admin access to your website – i will check everything and fix if needed. Please send using the email form on this page: https://codecanyon.net/user/maxiolab

this looks identical to the instashow plugin on here, even the user interface

Maybe it looks identical, but my plugin has albums which instashow doesn’t, And my plugin has many display styles and two layouts.

Hey I ordered your product InGallery some months ago and I updated the plugin to the newest version.

I used Carousel to show my ig feed on my page, but it says it´s not included and I need to upgrade to the pro version.

I already paid for that feature. What can I do to use the Carousel? Can I use the old version? Btw, the feed on my page looks crappy at the moment. It´s zoomed.

Best regards, Sebastian

No, i mean it looks strange that you had the message about PRO version.

I thought it was another IG Gallery plugin. I´m so sorry…

Ahhh… ok :)

Does this work with Buddypress Groups? Does it add a tab to the Buddypress Groups toolbar/menu?

Hi. No, it doesn’t add a tab, sorry.

Hi there,

I’m wondering is it’s possible to display a grid with 6 cells on desktop (4 columns, 2 rows), but only 3 cells on viewports with a screen size of 414px and smaller? Thanks.


Hi. There is no configurable responsiveness in the plugin, sorry. The automatic responsiveness collapses all columns into one on small screens.

Ok, thank you. Is this a feature that you plan to add in the future? A 4×2 grid looks great on desktop, but stacking 6 cells in responsive layout creates a mobile site that requires too much scrolling.

Yes, i want to add that feature in the future, maybe in the beginning of the next year.

Any problems with the plug-in, maxiolab? After updating wordpress it is not working anymore. Thanks & best regards!

Hi. No problems with the plugin and the latest WP (4.9.1)
Maybe you have problems with other plugin and it affecting the InGallery, or the problems are with the theme?