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Now that Instagram has changed their apis, does this plugin still work?

Sure. There is no need to use their API for this app. And the Instagram itself doesn’t allow to use their API for this purpose.

Ok so it would only show my gallery and no hashtags and other user galleries?

It would show any user’s photos, photos of any amount of users, any amount of hashtags and even specific photos. And thats not all. You also can filter these results by showing only specific users or hashtags or even photos. And also filter what not to show (users, hashtags, photos). On top of all this you can also customize the look of the gallery on the go with the integrated visual builder.

Great job!

Thank you :)


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Did work this morning, but stopt working suddenly? Made a new shortcode, but still nothing but a empty page ?

First, try to set “cache lifetime” to 0 on every album. It must be cashed some wrong answer from Instragram.


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Did indeed work ! Thanks.

Created an update that improves stability of getting data. It will be available for download in 24 hours. You can now set the “cache lifetime” back to 36000 – it will lower the server load.

Great work! :-)

Thanks :)

does this use curl to fetch photos from a user since its not using the api?

The plugin uses WP_Http, so it can use either cURL or fsockopen.

Hello, interesting plugins. Have the following questions:

1. can we display just a specific album on a page with specific filter options without displaying “ALL ALBUMS” we created being shown on that page? For example if we created a Baseball Album, Basketball album, and we put on a sports page we don’t want other albums we created in Science like Physics album, and Chemistry album showing up. Is this possible?

2. Is there an option to be able to follow the instagram users feed you are looking at? If not could you add the option to follow instead of having leave site to go to the instagram users page?

3.Please explain the scheduling of feeds? Are the feeds showing immediately as the users and hashtags we set in the Album options make their posts to instagram(the it immediately shows on our site)?

4. On you demo you have the “In Gallery Styles” section where you show grid style rows. Are we able to set just rows instead of have to do a cascading feed on a page? Please give the styles we can show (ex. slider row, grid row, etc.)?

5. Could you add an options to just limit to feed/show video posts only with the addition of the exceptions rules?

6. Noticed that even if you select to limit feed to 1 row and 4 columns for example, you still have the “Load More” link and when selected it breaks out of the one row option set and shows a second row. Will you have a slider or load more option that just updates to the next feed on the same row and if you need to you can just go back. Having a right and left arrow option would be good for this as well as having the option to show the load more/more or back text button option. When could you deliver an update like this if you plan to do it or not?


1. so you are saying we cannot show different albums on different wordpress pages (ex. using shortcode)?

2. ok, we understand

3. so are you saying we can set the feed to be every 24hrs and we will get an update from all the hashtags and usernames we set at the end of every 24hr interval?

4. ok good, so carousel layout with direction arrows to scroll through album feeds will be released inside of this week?

5. This will be added by the end of this week also? So when we set feed to just video then the videos will load from selected hashtags and usernames we set?

6. ok

What other features will you be releasing in this week?

If the listed are definitely going to be released by the end of this week then we will purchase your plugin. We are using another one purchased on codecanyon and are strongly considering this one. Thanks for you prompt replies.

1. Albums are only to group items inside one gallery. You can create as many galleries as you wish and can show them on different pages and even all on one page.

3. Yes. 10 hours is enough in most cases. So your album will be updated every 10 hours. This is default setting in the plugin.

4. Yes.

5. Yes, there will be filtering keyword “videos” which you will be able to use in “only” filter or in “except” filter.

This week only these 2 features:
1. carousel layout
2. filter items by type=videos

I am always open to discuss new features of the plugin, so if you have some feature requests – please write a comment.

The update is ready. These are the features and fixes if this update:
- Added carousel layout. Carousel layout works without filtering by album
- Added filter by videos. You can now filter the feed to show only videos or except videos
- Improved HTML and JS
- Fixed popup when no content in right panel


Great plugin. Just bought it and integrated into my site just fine. Is there no mobile friendly options though? It’s not scaling what so ever for mobile?

Hi. Thank you for kind words. Currently there is no customizable options for responsiveness. Now the responsiveness works as follows: only on mobile devices all columns collapse into one column. But soon i will implement configurable responsiveness, so you can set how many columns you want to have for each device width.

Please don’t forget to rate the plugin if you like it. Good rating stimulates me to implement new features into the plugin.


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Hey, just to clarify. This is a WordPress plugin?


Hi. Yes.

I love this, it’s great! My only request is that in Carousel mode, you can set seconds and it automatically rotates posts. :D

Thank you for kind words.
These features will be in the net update.
Please don’t forget to rate the plugin if you like it. Good ratings stimulates me to implement new features into the plugin.

Hey I’m trying to use this on Digital Ocean, works well on my local but on the DO server it doesn’t load any content, I have no logs on the front end but not sure if it’s something breaking on the back, any insights?

Hi. I need an FTP access and admin access to your website to check what’s wrong on the server. Please send it using the email form on this page: https://codecanyon.net/user/maxiolab

I’ve passed you the info. Let me know if you need somehting else

It’s working. Seems like it was some sort of cache issue.


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I’ve installed this plugin for a client and it’s being quite inconsistent.

Everytime it loads, it shows the images in large format, then quickly changes to the grid layout … But sometimes it doesn’t change to the grid layout and stays as full, looking pretty awful and broke.

Do you have any idea why this may be happening? I’ve tried re-ordering the scripts so this loads first, but no luck.

Please advise?

Thanks Steve

Hi. Please provide a link to a website where i can see it. If you don’t want it to be public, you can send a link using email form on this page: https://codecanyon.net/user/maxiolab


modexs Purchased

Thank you. Sent!

Thanks, replied.

hi presales question 1) can i auto load more images or the user has to hit the load more button? do you have auto load? or infinite load? 2) can i disable comments section on the popup? thanks serendipity

1. Yes
2. Yes

Really beautiful

Thanks :)

Hello! You can add the option >> link to an external site. It is good for ecommerce. Good job!

Hello. Thanks. What exactly do you mean? Could you please describe?

Hello! I want to buy, but one question: can i use on different pages different layouts and feeds? With shortcode.

Hi. Yes you can.

Cuz I didnt see something about it in description or on your site.

You can create as many feeds/galleries as you want and you can use display them either on several pages or even all on one page.

Hi! I like you plugin. But I need to use shortcodes with “dynamic” usernames. I have website with custom users listings and they put instagram nicknames in listings. I used another free plugin with shortcodes like [instagram_shortcode user=”$username”]. Its the main thing I really need. Can you add this function? Or I shoud change your plugin( Thanx!

Sorry, but in the inGallery plugin shortcode is used only to indicate which gallery you want to display. All the gallery settings and configuration you customize using the integrated visual builder. So your feature request can not be done in this plugin. Sorry.

May be you can do this feature ([instagram_shortcode user=”$username”]) and update plugin? This “way to use” the most important reason why I bought plugin. And Im sure a lot of people want this ;) Another way I have to refund :(

How do you plan to replace the $username with actual Instagram username?

In PHP code. I have site with user listings. They put name in field and php takes it to shortcode to show correct feed

Sorry to say but i can’t implement this feature :(

This is getting annoying. I installed plugin and only 2 of my instagram pics are showing. I tried clearing cache and uninstalling/reinstalling plugin and still same issue. If this is not fixed I want my money back.

Nevermind, i put cache to 0 and saved then back to 36000 and it fixed the issue.

To put cache to 0 – is the only way to clear cache manually in the plugin. All other caching plugins may not clean the plugin’s cache.

Hi. When I try to create a gallery with a hashtag I am getting this error message:

Unfortunately, an error occurred WP Error: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 2001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received

Any suggestions?

Hi. Seams like your hosting server doesn’t have a connection to Instagram website to take data from there. Please show this error to your hosting provider.