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What an awesome product for C5 users. Good luck with sales!

Hello Nice job. Question: is it possible to have advetising somewhere ?


Absolutely, what kind of ads are you setting up?

Openx and Google DFP

Sounds good. Third party products are beyond the scope of my support. Please follow the instructions on those sites to continue further.



I do not see the installation infos, only the one who showed the plug in already installed, in which Directory should I installed i ?


Good question. This is a Concrete5 package. As a result, it needs to be installed in the packages directory of your Concrete5 Installation.

For more information, see the included documentation.


In which folder is the documentaiton pleasee ?

The documentation can be found in the folder labeled “documentation”. Do you not see it?

After following instructions, it would not install. I noted that your controller.php does appear to be missing the install function—or am i missing something?

Specifically, I believe it needs:

public function install() { $pkg = parent::install(); Thanks

No, everything you need is there. Are you installing this in the block directory?

Nevermind, that worked fine.

I have always used the C5 community store, and am more familiar with manually adding packages vs blocks—and of course packages do have the install function as part of their controller.

It’s a bit confusing adding blocks vs packages. It would be great for the C5 newbies for you to mention that you copy to /blocks, or in the case of by bitnami stack,/opt/bitnami/apps/concrete5/htdocs/concrete/blocks (not /bitnami/apps/concrete5/htdocs/blocks/ or I believe upgrade would break it).

I have four C5 5.6 sites and just put up a 5.7 in test…hope they get 5.7 sorted out soon.

Thanks for the help.

Absolutely! Well put robogeek2. The new version of C5 is very different than the the others and is not very backwards compatible if you are upgrading. I will be providing a video in the near future to help users get started faster.

Thanks for your purchase and stay tune for any future updates!


Do you have the video installation made please ?

There is no installation video for this plugin since it is so easy to set up already. Have you set up a concrete5 package before?

No I have not, never use that.


My apologies on the delay, I just got back from vacation. Do you still need assistance? If so please follow the link below to show you how to install a concrete 5 package.

Concrete5 Package Installation



Hello xxcriversxx,

Great script! Could you email me showing me how to limit the amount of pictures to display. I would like to only show 5.

pablorojo@mendozainternet.com Thanks!

Sure, send me a message using the form on my profile page.

Message sent. Thank you very much!

Hello! I purchased your Instagram Concrete5 package today and I’m having some trouble with it appearing on the site. The instagram photos appear in the editing view right after I configure the module, but once I publish the page, they don’t show up in the regular view. How do I get the block to show on the published site?



Thanks for your purchase. Hmm, this is a new issue. Which version of Concrete5 are you using?


No worries, I should be able to resolve your issue quickly if you can just send me a link.


I’m having difficulty installing your block. I placed the concrete_instagram_fancybox folder in the root/blocks directory, then I logged in to the dashboard and navigated to “Block Types” and installed your block. Now I am trying to add it to a page on the site and it does not nothing but display a loading gif. I have read through all of your comment s and documentation, what is the exact installation sequence? Which directory are you dropping the block into? I look forward to you response.


Ahhh, thanks for clarifying. Ok, this typically happens when there is a java script error on the page. Can you send me a link so I can run it in my debugger?


I found the javascript conflict and it works now. Thanks for you help.

HI xxcriversxx,

We installed the block here. I configured it to link with our janeswalkTO instagram account and take all posts with the #hojw tag. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work. How do I get the block to show up? Thanks for your help!

No worries, I can build this for you tonight or tomorrow. Please send me a private message so I can email that over to you.

Hi xxcriversxx, can you send the PHP updates? We’ll still need to deploy them when they come in.

Just responded! :)

Hi there,

I purchased this plugin after you confirmed I can use locations however I am having several problems.

Firstly on trying to get the access code I was presented with the following error:

{“error_type”: “OAuthForbiddenException”, “code”: 403, “error_message”: “You are not a sandbox user of this client”}

I tried signing in with several instagram accounts that I use with other plugins to show a feed and got the same error each time.

Then I got the access token from a 3rd party site but could find nowhere obvious to enter the location on instagram.. I tried to paste the ID into the ID box but got error messages on loading the page.. The plugin isn’t even working to display hashtags, nothing shows up… I’m guessing it could be a problem with the access token but there is very little feedback.

The documentation that comes with the plugin states:

“This plugin features an array of options including animations, fade transitions, effect speed, effect delay, feed modes and many more. Upon purchasing this plugin, you will be provided with a well explain document that explains further. Enjoy!”

But I don’t seem to have this.

Could you help me to fix this error and get the plugin working.



I’ll be happy to assist you. I’ll need to update link to my new tool. Try this:

Instagram Token Tool


Thanks, that seems to work but it only addresses part of my message.. I got a token with your too but am still not able to display the feed from my location….

There only appear to be options to add users or tags… The promised documentayion on how to use the options is not included. I only have a version of this page in the documentation folder:


Could you provide more detailed instructions on how to add a location?


Hi, apologies—this build actually doesn’t feature a locations option. However a promise is a promise so I’ll be happy to provide you with an upgrade doing what you need.

Please send me a message using the form on my profile page and I’ll be happy to get this over to you.



Hi. You helped someone limit the number of photos on a page for this add-on but I can’t find the answer in the comments. Could you give me some help on this matter too, please? Thanks.


Thanks for supporting our Concrete5 version of the plugin. I’d be happy to provide you with the same upgrade. This feature will also be added to the next release of the plugin.


Concrete5 5.7 ?

Hello, thanks for reaching out. This version is actually designed for 5.6. I have a version designed for 5.7 and 5.8 which can be purchase directly from the Concrete5 marketplace using the link below.

Instagam For Concrete 5

Why you did not just upgraded ? I already bought it. I am not goind going to pay twice for the same software !!

Of course not! No worries, I’ll provide you with the upgrade but you’ll have to pay the difference. Please fill out the form on my profile page and I’ll get that over to you.

Best Regards!