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Will this work if I don’t use Cornerstone? I purchased it and didn’t realize that Cornerstone was a requirement for it to work!


Thanks for reaching out. Since this is a cornerstone element, it requires cornerstone to run. However, since I work to have happy customers I’d be happy to figure something out to give you a rebate our my wordpress version. If interested, send me a message using the form on my profile page so I can get your refund initiated.



Hi, I just purchased and downloaded the Zip file. Upload of the zip file using wp-admin/plugin-install.php?tab=upload did not work.

I repeated download, and same result, below.

Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.

I’m an infrequent user developer of Wordpress. There does not appear to be a Readme.txt included so could you please remind me of the basics; I then FTP’d the unzipped folder named “codecanyon-14599204-instagram-element-cornerstone-element-for-wordpress” ? But the plugin did not appear on the Plugin page.

Or should I have tried FTP’ng the enclosed folder “instagram-element-package” ??


Correct, there is not a readme file but there is a documentation folder included with this plugin. Please open this up in your favorite web browser and it will have diagrams and installation instructions. Let me know if you need additional support.



I have the same problem … i bought cornerstone instagram element. i wrote to the author in between minutes after i paid .. but no answer untill now. i wrote an email april 28th

Just get your copy of Journal and send me a message via the form on my profile page for the partial refund.


ok… bought it just now and wrote you a message thru your profile. pls refund me .. thank you

Perfect, I will be able to process this shortly.

Hello… Just purchased Elements yesterday. VERY excited to set it up to showcase my IG feed, only to learn it requires Cornerstone. This was not clear in the description of the plug-in.

Can you please issue a refund asap. Today is May 3, 2016.

Thank you.

Hello, I’m not able to issue refunds. Please contact envato support.

According to Envato, it is the author who issues refunds of the item is not as described. It was not clear that Cornerstone was required to operate this plug in. http://codecanyon.net/page/author_refund_policy#not-as-described

Hello, it actually was clear that it a cornerstone plugin since it actually says “cornerstone element” in the title. Like I said before, there is no refund button in the interface for authors. You will need to take this up with the Envato support team.


Hi, so I FTP’d the instagram-element folder into the plugin/cornerstone/includes/elements folder,

dragged the Instagram Element in Cornerstone into a page, pasted my Purchase Code (your Access Token I assume…?!) I had copied and saved the Purchase Code text. I got the message “the access-token provided is invalid” Twice.

Same result on a new page just for Instagram

What do you mean by private replies?

private replies are used for the X theme support, (i.e Cornerstone). So that lets me give you login details to enable you to check problems more easily. E.g. ” I’ll update this thread with a private reply with the login credentials.” https://community.theme.co/forums/topic/updating-x-error-revoking-license-doesnt-work/

No, I typically just take private replies via the envato marketplace. Please send me a private message using the form on my profile page.

Hi There,

How do i:

- centre the instagram feed in a page using cornerstone. - stop video overlay from being red in colour - remove username from overlay



Hello, see my second message.


Would it be possible to recieve a refund for this item please. The quality of this plugin is not as described and does not allow the level of customisation required or advertised.

Rollovers cause a judder, videos only allow a red overlay, the text for rollover is broken and does not inherit styles properly.

Please respond as soon as you possible.

Many thanks,



I will be happy to assist you. However what you are describing is not true.

1. Rollovers are designed to be smooth and seemless as displayed in the demo.

2. The video color is customizable to any color you’d like.

3. It inherit styles without affecting the main theme. This is considered best practices for wordpress plugins since styles need to be product specific.

Any issues you are experiencing would be on your end however I will be happy to show you how to achieve your goal. If you wish to discuss this further, please send me a message using the form on my profile page.



Do you have installation instructions for someone working on a PC?


I will be happy to assist you. The documentation that is included is not operating system specific. That said, if you follow that guide it will show you exactly how to get started.


I made a mistake and bought this for js query and I need it for wordpress instead. Is there some kind of exchange I can do?

See above. :)

hello there! Please i chose the plugin, but doesn’t work because need the Corner Builder. But i don’t see in the preview this request, and i don’t want buy it. Please could you help me in upload plugin? is it possible without Corner Builder? Thank you for your kind answer.

This is the purchase code to verify 12f3ab8c-f6c6-4a20-a918-4e3ad7fff161

Hi, if you send me a private message I’ll be happy to comp your purchase. :)

Hi i sent a pvt message. Thank you

Got it thanks!

Do you have any documentation on getting an Instagrm Token?

Yes, but to save you some time—you can just go here to grab your token.

Instagram Token Tool

i just want to place this within my content. will it take up the whole width of the page or the content area just like the sample or is this just meant for an entire page for showcase?


I will be happy to answer this. It will just take up whatever space the content area allows. Let me know if you need any help getting setup.



awesome! thanks :)


Oh dear, it looks like I’ve done exactly the same as some other buyers. I’ve never heard of Cornerstone, so I purchased the plugin thinking that the name of the plugin was Cornerstone Instagram…I do not use Cornerstone, and it is not compatiable with the site I’m working on…what can you suggest? Refund? Thanks, and sorry :(

Hi, I will be happy to assist you. Would you like to do an exchange to the jQuery version?

Hi there! Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Will the plugin work with wordpress? if so, yes please!

Yes absolutely, I will be happy to install it for you myself.


Hi, How can i limit the number of instagram photos shown? Do you have any API documentation? And how can I get two feeds from 2 instagram accounts on one page. Here’s an example of how I’m using it:

$(’.gram’).instagramElement({ mode : ‘user’, userID : ‘xxxxxxx’, accessToken : ‘xxxxxxxx’, galleryMode: ‘classic’, video: true, showVideoControls: false });

Hello, I will be happy to assist you. Yes, this is included in your download. Take a look at the available options and let me know if you need anything else! :)


tlauen Purchased

Hi! I just bought your plugin, and got it installed. But how do I find my access token? There was nothing in the video tutorial showing where it came from…

Hi, you can get your access token by using my premium tool below.

Rivers Premium Token Tool


wellwet Purchased

hello! after install elemect we have seen Fatal error: Call to undefined function csl18n() in /var/www/p444717/data/www/welwet.ru/wp-content/plugins/cornerstone/includes/elements/instagram-element/definition.php on line 11

wordpress 4.5.2

Hi, I just responded to your email.


I installed Cornerstone, and Instagram Element as shown in the video, But I cannot see this element in the element tab within Cornerstone. help :)


I’ll be happy to assist you. Can you send me a link so that I may take a look?