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Nice work GLWS :)



Right mouse click > Save us…

Not i have this picture and dont have pay 14$ for a Script.

you can paste other link for download.

100 times better than this

i can’t do that, illegality terms of service.

my script can download image, video and show recent download, you can try it and this script update feature soon.


lowpage Purchased

can you please tell me how to ass ad code above or below “download file” link

please be patient, It’s already released waiting for codecanyon team to approve.


unasir Purchased

Hi, My server only supports pHp 5.3. Is there any way you can send me file applicable with that version? I have bought the script

i’m testing for php 5.3 that is completly. do need some help? please use support form, you can send error or screenshot to me.

Hello, i have buy this script but no work please check the website link Please reply ASAP

script before you modify work or not?


haedriq Purchased

Are there any new updates? my web

Sure, update coming soon.


haedriq Purchased

My friend was having a niche when Yvonne enter the phone and put the link and press the Tweet Get! Show I have a problem ( Sorry, this link is not available) I photographed the problem that I face

your url instagram correctly? in testing is working on mobile phone.

Hello! I still love this script, but do have a question/request. When I copy an images “Share URL” via the Instagram app, it doesn’t include “www”. Unfortunately the script currently does not download an image without www. in the URL. Most of my traffic comes from mobile and many use this “share URL” from the app. What modifications to the code should I do to allow it to download images and videos without “www.” in the URL? Thanks!

i have fix in next version, plase be patient for v1.5.0 approve.

Awesome! Thanks so much!

That’s an awesome idea! Good luck.

Can you make something like this one? vibbi .com/instaport I can pay if you can customize this in the same version or I can buy if you can make it in new version.

new script look like vibbi coming soon.

Just update me whenever its done.