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Is it possible to use a separate image of the Featured image?

Yes, Sure

I need this feature

Ok :)

Thank you


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The Hashtag, Doesn’t work with me why!

hello, write to me on the mail as you send, check

Hi, Does the current version support video postformats to be posted on Instagram?

hello, not yet, but I’ll do it, how do you want the video to snap to the post?

Honestly i’m not sure,I was just asking if it was available.

hi i saw your demo show the post format follow: tags as hashtags- #berlin #fotograf categories as hashtags – #uncategorized #sth #sth2

i would like to know if possible like :

{title} {tags}

or just


which without the tags as hashtags and categories as hashtags?



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Yes, now it works


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BOUGHT! GREAT plugin. two feature i suggest to: proxy setting and image cropping, About Crop the image ratio 1:1 ,can you add feature that the crop not focus on the center if i can choose crop the photo a bit moving upward which is good for those photo by vertical shooting.

i hope it done soon and thx for the plugin.

Is it possible in the next version separate [POST Message text format] and [Product Message text format]? The way to call someones attention must be different. Thanks in advance

hmm, good idea, I think I can do this

I’m about to buy this, I have a blog with thousands of posts, can I schedule this to simple post a random images to instagram at specific times? rather than only post when I publish a post?

Just bought this, got an error on install, please see my support request on email

Is there an option for video? if not, is this on the plans?

yes it is in the plans

Is it only to post one picture?

Hi! I’ve just bought it, and it gives me an autorisation error… what shuld I do?

try relogin your account from mobile device

Login into Instagram you say?

Will this autopost works on existing post?

yes, you can send old posts to the instagram