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Ok, I think the author will never update this item anymore most likely forever.

2 month ago I’ve asked the author before, he said he will update soon within 1-2 weeks. And then I asked again about a week ago about the updates he has promised us. No respond at all

In the item details tab, the author say Next update is scheduled for 27.02.2017 includes: 1) rebuild new image from instagram ratio (done at 75%). Now is 15.05.2017 and still no update at all.

What is your opinion, sir Sominus? Don’t you feel ashamed for not keeping your promises? :)

I sending update for moderation :)

Sorry I just be able to reply back your comment today. Ah that’s great, finally you’ve updated it. But by the way, maybe this is a stupid question, where did you send the update?, via email, via downloadable page in my account dashboard or via anything else?, because in my download page it’s still an old one version and in my email’s inbox there nothing from you sir Sominus :) Thank you.

Update sent to moderation, I think today or tomorrow will approve


cgsimao Purchased

Custom Post Type can be be filtered? I mean, can I choose which ones can be auto posted, in the settings page/area?

Yes, those you work with will go


microhub Purchased

Hello, I purchased your plugin and installed on my site, it just perfectly sent images to Instagram but after 2 days it stopped sending any image. When i manually click “Resend to Instagram” it only shows sending to Instagram but never sent any image successfully, where is the issue indeed.

Is your plugin a totally useless or waste of money

Please help me out to fix this issue asap

My purchase ID: fc430e30-6088-4c29-9de5-d849a542fb05


Plese try relogin your account instagram for mobile device

Dear Sominus,

New version solved problems in blank Spaces between Category names and tags? for example my tag is “sample tag” after send to instagram is changed to “sampletag” . is blank space replaced by underlie? ”_”

thank you.

Dear Sominus,

Do you know that three new options:

'empty' => __('Replace the space of empty', $this->domain),
'accentuation' => __('Replace space underscore', $this->domain),
'not' => __('Do not send automatically', $this->domain),

does not work and not defined in your codes???!!!!!

and other thing:

instgram resize images and accept image in any aspect ratio. your new version CROP image and we loss part of image sent to instagram.

would you check it asap?

thank you Amir

Instagram does not take too wide or too high images, it gives an error of proportions.

As for the separator, I will check and correct its work

Dear Sominus,

Image crop work on any images and crop my images that was sent to instagram without Crop! (in old version)

as other problem, instagram now support any image. too high or too wide. do you see instagram posts? see this post . too wide image is used and not cropped.

wait for your reply. thank you amir