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Dear Sominus, first of all thank you for new version. woocommerce support and custom post type support is very good. i have 1 request. i used download host for wordpress library (uploaded files). any plugins works good and uploads in my wordpress library is transferred to download host. instagram auto poster has error when publish posts. can not find image files (can not found my changes and image file not found). i think the problem is temp generation of images…. is there any way to solve this problem? thanks

Dear Sominus, i have other problem. when use the {HTAGS_PRODUCT_CAT} and {HTAGS_PRODUCT_TAG} and othe tags. blank spaces is removed. for example “before after” is changed to ”#beforeafter” that is best to convert blank space by underscore ”_” . for example: “before after” will change to “before_after” . would you make changes in new version for 2017-01-10 ?

Hi why are the hash tags not working? I don’t see my posts when clicking the hashtags on Instagram. I don’t hope this is because Instagram’s policy to block automated posts. I read that you emulate an android phone. Could it be that this emulator is processing to much?

Sorry! It’s working just fine. I had to get some followers I order for the hashtags to show up in the search. Great plugin! Is it possible to share pictures to Instagram from Wordpress posts that already have been published?

Strange… It stopped working again? So first I thought it was because the account had no followers. I started getting some followers and the hashtag’s showed up. But yesterday I posted a picture via wordpress and the hastag’s stopped showing up in instagram’s search… Please respond on what might be causing this.

i tested everything worked nicely with some conditions ,i find also the reason why htags not working for some people and for me too :) ,everything working fine if the post or product do not exceed 30 tags (htags and hcats together if exceed 30 tags will not work and the Instagram post will show up blank ) ,can you please implement this limitation that the plugin to calculate and not exceed 30 tags if there are more then 30 this can actually happen pretty often and some clients maybe not understand way .thanks best regards Paul

comma sign need to be removed from htags this is a must to be posted corectly

i did it myself there are 3 places in the code where it says $htags .= ”, #” i modified with $htags .= ” #” please include this into the next update so will be posted correctly , comma is not desired in htags


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would be great to have an option on the post page to auto post or not auto post. Sometimes we don’t want to auto-post, especially when revising a post. Great plugin though, does what we needed it to do :)


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Just purchased this. There isn’t a tab for instagram at all in the WP Admin tool… every social media outlet except instagram… and nothing about instagram in the documentation… help!

Does this plugin allow you to post video from wordpress to instagram?